4 Reasons Intuition Should Run Your Biz

4 Reasons Intuition Should Run Your Biz

4 Reasons Intuition Should Run Your Biz

There are four, what I call “no-no’s,” that I see so many entrepreneurs fall into. They’re pitfalls that I’ve personally been tripped up by and it’s where so many of my coaching clients get stuck.

It got me thinking… I need to share them with you so that you will know when you come up against these “Oh ya, Emily told me this would happen” moments and you’re prepared.

And then my friends, you can do something different! You can make more productive and supportive decisions for your business that leave you feeling more energized and less depleted.

It’s where I highly recommend you use your intuition instead and see what magic happens as a result.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [1.34] The first “ego-based” way of goal setting that can leave you feeling like you failed.
  • [3.08] It doesn’t mean anything if you hit your goal or don’t hit your goal. It doesn’t mean anything about you.
  • [4.18] Where most entrepreneurs get stuck (been there too! ?‍♀️)
  • [6.01] How to know you are receiving that next phase of your alignment.
  • [6.56] The third pitfall to watch out for.
  • [10.35] My least favorite pitfall! (also the most common)

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:

Pay attention to these 4 pitfalls during your work week this week. Where are you falling into these patterns? How can you connect to your intuition more to access to make business decisions and avoid getting stuck or using more energy than you need to? Write it down and try following the insight. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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About Emily

Emily Aarons is a business alignment coach who helps entrepreneurs use their intuition to grow their business.

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Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast September 21

Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast September 21

Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast September 21

Oh girl, let the healing begin!!

This week’s forecast is SO good and SO perfect as we step into Intuition Week! Let your old self be released and healed so the POWERFUL you can be fully expressed!!

September 21 Energy Forecast:

7. Healing: Schedule healing work!

This is a hard stop, drop, and get some healing work done. I don’t care if it’s a visit to the sauna, a spa day, or an hour-long massage or energy healing session. Your system is overloaded and underloved. There’s something going on under the surface and your angels want you to be aware of it…and you can’t do that alone or by working harder. You must stop to listen to the call. If you continue to ignore it, the call will get louder, and you may not enjoy being laid up from work for a long stretch of time. Better take care of yourself now. Pay now or pay later! A small investment of a day off will pay off in droves…just you wait and see! There’s someone in heaven watching over you and they can hear your silent prayers. Think of this card as a gift to have someone take care of you.

34. Power: You’re the expert

You’re the expert; OWN IT! Your guidance is asking you to stop looking outside yourself for validation. You are ENOUGH. Please stop comparing yourself, your business, or anything else to other people. Chances are you’re not even comparing the right things anyway! They don’t have what you do, sister, not even close. Maybe there’s a part of you that doesn’t fully trust in your own uniqueness, but your angels do. If you’re open to it, they’d like to reveal it to you now. Pulling this card also means you’re on the brink of stepping into your power on a whole new level. It takes courage to be you, are you ready to go to that next level?

11. Responsibility: “I am NOT a victim”

The universe isn’t testing you, it’s reflecting you. It’s time to take full responsibility for everything happening within you and all around you. If you aren’t happy with the way things look, change them. Remember, whenever you point your finger, there are three pointing back at you. Time to look at your own stuff a little deeper and notice the stories you’ve been telling yourself about this situation. Start by saying: “I choose this, I am NOT a victim.” The more we assume responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, energy, and circumstances, the more those things begin to improve.

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