Plant Medicine: A Journey of Self-discovery



Episode 114

Today I am speaking to Liz Lee about her journey of self-discovery through plant medicine.

Liz Lee specializes in helping coaches, consultants, intuitives and healers make authentic connections with their potential clients online through WordPress web design, consulting, maintenance and hosting.

Liz goes beyond all “the tech stuff” to work with her clients holistically, helping them break through blocks and limiting mindsets that would otherwise hold them back from serving in their highest capacity.

In this episode, we dive deep into plant medicine and how it allowed Liz to connect with her consciousness on a whole new level.



Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Why Liz signed up for The Sacred Scotland tour with Ryan McKenna.
  • Why Liz was in a process of soul retrieval as a result of her recent trip to Costa Rica (Episode 17).
  • Why Liz was determined to reconnect with her partner after her trip to Costa Rica.
  • The dangerous habit of shutting down desire when you think you can’t get what you want.
  • The importance of understanding how desire fuels the universe.
  • The power of recognizing that there is an energy flow that happens in sacred sites around the world.
  • Why self-care is so much more than looking good in a bikini, it’s about taking care of your body so that your soul can live its best life.
  • Why keeping a promise might not be the best thing to do if it makes you miserable.
  • The shifting point that happened when Liz decided to surrender and had a conversation with her partner to acknowledge the end of the romantic connection.
  • How Liz came out as bisexual.
  • How Liz felt alive again by realizing that she could attract someone that was more sexually compatible with her.
  • How polyamory/polyfidelity allowed Liz to feel balanced in her sexuality.
  • How Liz dealt with being anxious and how became open and free of guilt and shame.
  • How to plant medicine helped Liz to connect with her consciousness in a way that allowed her to see parts of herself that she should have not have been able to see otherwise.
  • How Liz came out to her parents and disclosed the uncoupling.
  • How when you reach that point of surrender, you have zero resistance.
  • Why even though your head seems like the safest place to be, it’s really anything but safe because your brain will kick in and create stories.
  • Why you need to get into your heart because even though you may think it’s not safe to be in your heart, it’s the safest, strongest place you can be. Your heart intelligence has information for you that you simply cannot access if you’re just in your head.


Shareable Quotes:

  • “With the help of plant medicine, I have connected with this consciousness that reflects back to me my own consciousness in a way that I would not otherwise be able to see those parts of myself.” – Liz Lee
  • “When I’m in my heart space, the triggers are simply opportunities to do deep healing of past traumas.” – Liz Lee
  • “When you take self-care to another dimension, you’re taking better care of yourself, not to look hot in a bikini, it’s so that your soul can explore so that your soul can live its best life.” – Emily Aarons
  • “Everyone has everything that they need inside of them, we are all born innately whole and we forget. ” – Emily Aarons


Resources to Take You Deeper:




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EP17: Shifting Your Reality with Plant Medicine featuring Liz Lee


In our 17th episode of the Aligned & Unstoppable podcast, Emily talks with Liz Lee.  Liz is a web designer focused on helping Healers, Intuitives, Coaches, and Consultants navigate coming online, having a web presence, and bringing them “online” to their true selves. She shares primarily about her experience on a retreat in Costa Rica and what that meant for her healing work and moving forward.

Episode Highlights:

  • Liz talks about her journey and shares her recent experiences that have been life-long dreams.
  • She talks about what she had to do to prepare for the journey she was about to take.
  • Liz discusses her Quantum Re-write meditation.
  • Emily and Liz dive into what it means to “look back” and time-shifting.
  • Liz talks about another tool she used, the “Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer”
  • She shares about her retreat experience at Rama Organica.
  • Liz talks about how important it is to be aligned with people around and her clients.
  • Liz shares more about her experience in the Ayahuasca ceremony.
  • Discussion about how to work with our Ego and putting it in perspective  
  • Liz talks about resistance and what to do with it.  
  • She shares about one of the top 5 best experiences of her life, Nauyaca Falls.
  • Liz shares 3 words that spoke to her.


3 Key Points:

  1. It’s important to be aligned with the people around you and your clients.
  2. We have to re-learn who we are and connect with a greater intelligence.
  3. Get out of your routine, get out of your element and experience something different.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “They say that you can’t change the past, but I believe, in a way, energetically you can.” – Liz Lee
  • “When you release lower frequencies from your life in your memories, you can invite in higher frequencies.” – Liz Lee
  • “Anytime I’ve ever made a big decision in my life, everything will come up to the surface to be addressed and released.” – Liz Lee
  • “It’s humbling to know, when you show up as 100% of yourself, how you affect other people and give them permission to show up as well.” – Liz Lee
  • “One of my lessons now is to learn the importance of surrendering, consciously surrendering to my experience to life.” – Liz Lee.
  • “We have to work with our Ego, to put our Ego in it’s proper place” – Liz Lee
  • “We don’t have to depend on some type of external thing to have this  transcendent experience, we can call it in.” – Liz Lee
  • “Don’t be afraid to speak what you want into the universe.” – Liz Lee


Resources Mentioned:



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