Spiritual Awakening And Tapping Into Higher Dimensions with Sara Yagoub

Spiritual Awakening And Tapping Into Higher Dimensions with Sara Yagoub

Spiritual Awakening And Tapping Into Higher Dimensions with Sara Yagoub

I’m so excited to have Sara Yagoub with me on the podcast. Though we hadn’t met before recording this, our paths had been crossing for years and it felt like we already knew each other.

Sara is the founder of Renegade Revolution™ and she’s not holding back when it comes to talking about awakening, accessing higher dimensions, which dimension to SKIP, and so much more.

This conversation goes multi-dimensional real quick!

If you’ve ever felt like a weirdo, the black sheep, or like you just couldn’t be “normal”, you will feel right at home with us.

We also cover higher dimensions, astral projection, and even touch on how we’ve seen this impact our children.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [1.01] The backstory of Sara’s spiritual awakening.
  • [4.30] Trying to feel “normal” for people but feeling like a “weirdo” instead.
  • [6.42] Deciding to go within when Sara couldn’t find the answers externally.
  • [10.14] Discovering there are different dimensions and timelines (meditation counts for this!)
  • [14.10] “I don’t think good spirits get that mad at people…” Sara’s encounter before she had protective boundaries.
  • [18.08] Sara’s explanation of the different dimensions and timelines.
  • [25.08] Multi-dimensions with our kids!
  • [33.25] Sara explains “If we want to stay chilling with earth we need to go along with her or we get dragged”.
  • [39.40] Why Sara created the unplugged challenge to explore what we’re consciously consuming.
  • [45.18] Our experiences with darker energies and what to do to create a safer space.
  • [55.15] Social media and energetic cords.

Resources to take you deeper:

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:


Try Sara’s free Unplugged Challenge! It’s a great addition to your self-care routine as you align your biz.

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About Sara

Sara Yagoub, The Intentional Entrepreneur, is a wife, mother, businesswoman, referral marketing expert, speaker, author, investor, founder of ‘The Referral Circle’ & host of Renegade Revolution Radio™ podcast.

You can find her here:

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Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast October 12

Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast October 12

Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast October 12

It’s a 4-letter word and you might think it’s a swear…also it might be the scariest thing ever…REST.

Yup, I said it! This week your guides are acknowledging that you want to grow and REST is the way to do it. Listen to the full forecast for tips on how to make it the BEST!

October 12 Energy Forecast:

19. Integration: Plan to rest.

If you’re afraid to take your foot off the business gas pedal this is your first warning sign you need rest. The Universe is telling you THIS is the time you’re supposed to be taking a break! You don’t need to take 2 weeks off to Bali, but you do need to book a massage, energy healing, a walk-in nature, a visit with friends, a solo lunch date, or simply a couple hours “off”. It’s in the “exhale” when we get the most amount of inspiration and alignment. You’re literally hustling yourself OUT of business!

18. Gratitude: Give thanks for all you have

Give thanks to all that IS and all that is coming. If you’ve been complaining about lack, now is the time to shift that energy into gratitude. Did you know that gratitude and abundance are connected? One does not appear without the other. Take a minute to write down 5 things you’re thankful for right now, 5 things you’re thankful for that are coming in the future, and 5 things you’re grateful for from your past. Practice connecting into your heart center at bedtime, and imagine you’re sending love and light out to all of those places. This practice is especially helpful during the launch period. For those who’ve already said YES to your offering and those who are about to.

4. Flow: Let go of control

The angels are asking you to let go of control. Surrender to divine outcome and divine timing. You’re working too hard right now and no matter how much you hustle and push, you’re out of alignment with what you truly desire. Take a deep breath in, and on your exhale release your worries to the angels. Use the affirmation: “I fully and completely trust that everything will work out even better than I imagined. I surrender my will to God and the angels to create miracles inside of me and all around me.”

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