EP 91: Business Made Simple Student Success




“Before Business made simple, I had never launched an online because even though I had all the courses, I never truly felt aligned.

“Thanks to Emily I now know that in order to create amazing offers, I need to stay true to myself.

“The biggest thing that I learned is that now I know that I’m exactly where I need to be. Business made simple has been a life-changing experience.”
– Jacquelyn Rodriguez


“Before joining, I knew that I was meant for more, but no matter what I tried, I always ended blank minded, just like something was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.
Emily’s meditations allowed me to connect with my soulmate client and feel her pain and hear what she needed from me. I now have a much clearer vision of who I am working with, what she needs from me, and how to connect with her. I no longer feel the struggle of trying to come up with this on my own anymore. I have a sense of ease now, knowing that I will be able to accomplish my dream of reaching more women everywhere and helping them to feel beautiful on the inside and the outside.”
– Jenny Brereton


“Before working with Emily, I had been struggling with the how I could make my business work.

“I had fears and doubts about my self worth and I was afraid to show up online and be my unique self.

“Emily helped me release these fears, doubts and guided me through how I could make my business work. I’ve gained so much clarity. I have leveled up several times and I’m now confident enough to work in my business and be my unique self.”
– Allison Cotton


“Before a joining business made simple, I had all these ideas for my business, but I couldn’t really figure out how they fit together and what I should be prioritizing. So I felt very confused, I was getting tired and frustrated. And I also was getting discouraged by feeling like nobody around me really understood what I was trying to do.

“Joining business made simple was amazing because I not only became part of a community of like minded entrepreneurs who had similar, but also the meditations from Emily helped me to connect with my intuition and trust my decisions instead of just overthinking and getting stuck in my head wondering what I should be prioritizing.

“I was able to really tune in with myself and make a plan that is aligned with myself. I realized that everything was starting to come together when all of a sudden I could see how these different pieces of the puzzle would fit together into one business that really makes sense to me and fits with my vision and my goals, and that has also helped me be more confident. I now have a clear plan to reach my business goals and I will be launching my first online course next month. I’m so glad that I made the choice to join business made simple. Thank you.”
– Abigail Seeterlin


“I signed up for business made simple shaking in my boots because I didn’t have the money and I didn’t realize at the time was that I didn’t expect my business to be profitable.
Fast forward to the end of business made simple. I tripled my income. I tripled my client load. I doubled my Facebook page following and my group following. And I realize now very, very, very solidly that I have a place in this world and that I have a mission.

“So this class is really not just a course, but it’s a whole environment designed for you to feel free to be the person you want to be, to try on who you’ve always imagined that you could be, and then you realize you can actually be that person in the real world.

“So if you are looking for something that is going to not only move your business forward, but to catapult you to an entirely different level of being yourself. Then sign up. But be prepared to show up, because that’s where the magic happens is when you come full on ready to play.”
– Kristina Jensen


“Before I joined business made simple, I was going it alone. I couldn’t get my words out, and I was afraid to be seen and visible

“Three years ago, I had an idea of what I want to do for business and I joined a course where the content was excellent and the steps needed to take were very clear but for some reason I could never launch.

“So when business made simple opened up, I had decided I wasn’t going to join because I had that other course and I just need to buckle down and do it. On the last day before Emily was going to close the window on business made simple, I jumped in on her Facebook live. I mentioned I was having trouble getting the words out. I knew what I wanted to say and do, but it couldn’t put the words to paper or video. I was frozen. Emily replied that it sounded like it wasn’t connected to my sole client and I need to create that connection and then it would flow.

“What she said resonated with me so much and I joined immediately. I don’t think there was just one thing that broke me free from my silence. I finally found my voice and the courage to become visible. The coaching and spiritual guidance you receive from Emily in the community is unique and life changing.”
– Lori Mjoen


“I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2005 and I knew that the goals that I had set for myself in both my life and my business were not going to be achieved by doing the same old things I had been doing all these years.

“I now realized that I was missing was woo woo connection to help me get out of my head and more into my heart And the only thing that I can say that is different is that I was able to switch my mindset.

“The program is completely life changing and you are going to be so fully supported by not only Emily herself but the amazing community and the Facebook group that comes along with it. So go out and do it. You are going to love it.”
– Mary Sue


“Before Business Made Simple, I had a lot of doubt and worry and I always questioned myself.

“Now, I don’t have those worries anymore. The difference is that I really trust my intuition.

“The biggest thing I’ve taken from this class was it was the practice of daily meditation and connecting with my source and connecting with myself and taking that time. This is huge for me taking time to be quiet and be still and connect with myself. It’s been incredible! I am so grateful for you guys, you have been so pivotal in my business and in my personal life more than anything else. “
– Susan Henderson


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