How to Access Your Creative Self with Jodie King

How to Access Your Creative Self with Jodie King

How to Access Your Creative Self with Jodie King

Art was an “accidental” career for Jodie, born from following her intuition and painting what she felt like painting. She literally got discovered in her own home by people seeing her art on the walls of her house (how does that even happen???).

At first, she felt like she didn’t belong in the art world though. Art galleries felt high end, fancy, or off-limits.

Longing to be as free as possible – like “fling-paint-on-the-wall-kind-of-free” – Jodie found a passion for abstract art. What initially looked like a kindergartener’s attempt at painting, evolved to something much more. Through meditation, she was able to ground herself and offer a path for her creativity to come through in a way that you can feel. Whatever energy she has, becomes part of the art.

And not just for Jodie. She wants others to know about this too. Following your intuition, throwing paint at the wall if you want, or any way you choose to express your creativity, it all carries a vibration.

Through her desire to learn more about art, she discovered we’re all creative, we’re all artists and now she teaches others to paint from the same place of honesty that she does.

She developed “Honest Art Workshops” and talks about some of the transformations happening with her students in this episode.

This conversation combines intuition, creativity, and how everyone can access it.

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Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Intuition is not a roar, it’s a whisper. It’s a curiosity.
  • The benefit of going straight from meditation to the canvas.
  • Art has a vibration.
  • We can heal ourselves through art.
  • The 70-year-old student that felt so free she went off and got her first tattoo.
  • It’s a remembering of our magnificence.
  • What you put out comes back to you.
  • When we ask a question and just listen, we’re always going to be guided.
  • The six stages of the creative process.
  • How Jodie’s creative process applies to entrepreneurs.
  • With creations, you’re putting on the outside how you feel on the inside (good or bad!).

Resources to take you deeper:

About Jodie

Jodie King is an artist, an instructor, a speaker, a kitchen dancer… She feels her mission is to bring beauty to the world through her art and she helps others excavate their authentic power and joy through the use of art and creativity.

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