TBT How To Manifest Anything You Want In Your Business And Life

TBT How To Manifest Anything You Want In Your Business And Life

TBT How To Manifest Anything You Want In Your Business And Life

In today’s Throwback Thursday episode, we revisit episode #181 where Emily speaks to Dani Faust and they have an amazing conversation about how to manifest anything you want in your business and life.

Dani Faust is a dynamic, intuitive life and wellness coach, writer, and speaker based in South Florida. A certified life and wellness coach, Dani helps busy women manifest the lives they have been dreaming of. As the candid voice behind OKDani.com, an award-winning wellness and travel lifestyle blog, Dani’s writing can be found across the web on topics ranging from spirituality and healthy living to travel and parenting.

Dani has been tapped by magazines such as Parents, Essence, Redbook, Health, Good Housekeeping, Forbes, and more for her perspective on all things lifestyle. In her signature “real talk” style, Dani presents down-to-earth advice to crowds around the country on wellness topics and the business of blogging.

In this episode, they talk about why it’s a mistake to think that your manifesting button is broken and how every day you are already manifesting even if you are not aware of it.

Emily’s goal today is for you to learn how to manifest anything you want in your business and also to remind you that you are always manifesting

Highlights you won’t want to miss:


  • What is manifesting and how you can start doing it today.
  • Understanding that you have manifested everything around you, you are always manifesting.
  • Why anyone can manifest what they want, but the key is to be in alignment.
  • Why it’s a mistake to think that your manifesting button is broken.
  • How to get into alignment so you are feeling happy and in flow.
  • Why, when you are feeling bad, you are out of alignment.
  • Why sometimes you are also manifesting the things that you don’t want.
  • Why it’s so important that you learn how to recognize when you are in and out of alignment.
  • How self-care practices can help you get mindful and start manifesting the things that you want versus those that you don’t want.
  • Why it’s important to understand that manifesting is a daily job that requires frequency shifts every day.
  • The importance of learning to be grateful for your big goal, even if it’s not happening.
  • Why it’s essential to recognize that there is always a flow of abundance, love, and joy of whatever we want and you need to learn to allow things to come to you.
  • Understanding the importance of celebrating and slowing down to be grateful.
Shareable Quotes:
  • “You’re already manifesting. Always. It’s really about being in alignment.” – Dani Faust
  • “If you can see it on your timeline, you can believe it is possible.” – Emily Aarons
  • “You are always manifesting. Look around you. Everything around you, you manifested it.” – Dani Faust

About Emily

Emily Aarons is a business alignment coach who helps entrepreneurs use their intuition to grow their business.

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​31. On Fire: Everything is working exactly as planned

You’re doing exactly what you should be doing and everything is working exactly as planned. If you have any tiny bits of doubt, please release them to your angels now. You’re fully in alignment and things are moving easily and effortlessly, don’t question it, just enjoy! All of your hard work is paying off!


27. Commitment: Step out of indecision

Have you been wishy-washy or stuck in indecision? It’s time to fully commit to this. Not 50/50 but 100%. Think back to a time when failure wasn’t an option, you had to become stronger than you ever knew, you had to put boundaries around your time and energy, and you had to say YES or NO when it was hard. It’s time to guard this time with unapologetic commitment.


13. Simplify: “How can this be easy and fun?”

Ease is not a 4-letter swear word! You might be in a little pickle, friend. Please close your eyes and simply ask, “how can this be easy, how can this be fun?” What comes up for you? Frequently, we think we HAVE TO launch a certain way, but just because that’s the norm, doesn’t mean that’s the only way. You deserve for things to be easier, but you must choose ease daily. Struggle is a choice as much as ease is a choice. Nothing is happening TO you, it’s all happening THROUGH you. If you think life/work/family is hard, it’s time to shift your story. Enjoy this moment, invite more well being into your day, and so be it!



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