2022 Annual Astrology Forecast with Kim Woods

2022 Annual Astrology Forecast with Kim Woods

2022 Annual Astrology Forecast with Kim Woods

If you haven’t listened to my annual astrology forecast with Kim Woods, you’re in for a treat. You’ll want to take notes and have your journal ready because Kim is here to walk you through, your whole year ahead!

She shares which months have the best energy for launches, which months you’ll want to slow down, which ones to amp up your efforts, and even shares a “theme” for the year… all based on the stars.

Not to mention, which crystals will support this year’s energy and which animals you can call on to help you.

Her annual forecasts have become so well-loved and well-known they’ve been shared by more than 490 media outlets.

Kim and I always have a great time as we look at the year ahead and you can also come back to this podcast and listen again as the year progresses

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [3.57] Background for Kim and this 5th annual forecast.
  • [7.37] The word of the year and how you can apply it to your life.
  • [8.35] How to stay in alignment with the truth of “you” and what you value (stay in the eye of the storm!)
  • [12.05] A month-by-month look ahead for 2022.
  • [20.24] When is the best time to launch? Kim dishes about it.
  • [25.56] Starting in May, don’t succumb to this. What to do instead
  • [35.00] Crystals and animal energy to support you in 2022.
  • [42.35] This year will be a little “swirly” but this is a year to do a deeper pause internally.

Resources to take you deeper:

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:

Try the 2022 Ritual with Kim Woods! Set yourself up for the year ahead (also if you are listening later in the year too). It is a support tool any time that you happen across this or need a little extra something. You can find it here: 2022 Ritual with Kim Woods.

About Kim

Kim Woods,The Intuitive Business Strategist, helps business leaders shed the expectations of others to live their true life purpose. She combines her powerful intuitive gifts with 30+ years of business experience through her revolutionary Do You Know, Like and Trust ™ Process, that literally turns the traditional KLT factor inside out, so instead of customers needing to know, like, and trust you, YOU know, like and trust yourself.

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2021 Astrological Forecast with Kim Woods

2021 Astrological Forecast with Kim Woods

2021 Astrological Forecast with Kim Woods

Let’s start by saying 2020 is over! Yay! “Everybody do a shimmy,” as Kim Woods says in this episode.

Let me tell you, Kim and I have been doing these astrology forecasts together for several years now and she never disappoints.

This year seems even more important than ever.

The energy of 2020 was tight my friends. It felt hard to move and it felt like the pressure just kept building.

That’s gone.

Let’s take a minute to take that in… the energy of 2020 is gone!
It’s not all light and breezy going into 2021, but there is “tremendous good fortune in this year”, according to Kim.

Kim is so great about sharing how the energy of the upcoming year will help you and what tools (think crystals, flower essences, and animals) will support you to keep you grounded.

Be sure to stay tuned for the big awesome ritual toward the end! Skip forward to it if you have to because it’s the magical and practical together.

Don’t forget your 2021 forecast goodies!

This podcast episode has so many valuable resources mentioned.

We’ve compiled them for you in a handy pdf with links to each. Download your 2021 Astrological Forecast with Kim Woods guide here.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • 2020 Is gone but it’s going to be clingy. We’re going to have to figure things out.
  • Find out what the word for 2021 is.
  • This year is a “five year”, Kim explains what that means for us
  • Expect some technology snafus but it’s not Mercury’s fault this year (Kim tells us whose fault it is!).
  • The important question to ask yourself to stay focused.
  • Why you would benefit from giving yourself SPACE.
  • The importance discipline and collaboration will play this year.
  • Ecliptic times are really good times to set intentions (or any new moon).
Shareable Quotes:
  • “The truth is always in the middle”. Kim Woods
  • “How do I want to respond? DON’T REACT”. Kim Woods
  • “What does your heart say?” Kim Woods.
  • “People think of fear with uncertainty, but I think of the possibilities and the miracles that can unfold”. Emily Aarons
Resources to take you deeper:

About Kim

Kim E. Woods is a certified Master Level Astrologer, apprenticing with Steven Forrest, an internationally celebrated Evolutionary Astrologer. Her lineage goes back to John Dee, who was an Astrologer to the Queen! She’s studied with Linda Howe, a leader in the field of Akashic Studies, and has worked with John Holland, renowned Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher. Ultimately, she’s a revealer of your truth, potential, and magic. You can check out her work at kimwoods.com.

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Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast January 11

Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast January 11

Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast January 11

The cards this week are reminding you that you can’t run your business the way you used to, and in fact your angels are reminding you that in order to have that breakthrough year, you MUST get into your energy and intuition!

January 11 Energy Forecast:

4. Flow: Let go of control

The angels are asking you to let go of control. Surrender to divine outcome and divine timing. You’re working too hard right now and no matter how much you hustle and push, you’re out of alignment with what you truly desire. Take a deep breath in, and on your exhale release your worries to the angels. Use the affirmation: “I fully and completely trust that everything will work out even better than I imagined. I surrender my will to God and the angels to create miracles inside of me and all around me.”

43. Soulmate Client: Your dream clients are in your heart

Heed the call, my love. Your soulmate client is here and is desperate to connect with you. Close your eyes and feel gratitude in your heart. Allow that energy to expand and connect to your one soulmate client; the one who loves working with you and paying for your services, and you love them too. This is the perfect time to listen to the whispers and the little hints that you sense. If you’re having writer’s block, you’re not connecting. Imagine there’s someone out there praying just for you and your services/offers…they’re actually desperate to find you, their life depends on getting your help. Not the help from someone “like you” but actually you; please stop denying them of your gifts. Ask any of these questions right now: “What would you like to hear from me? How can I best serve you right now? Why do you need me and this offer today? What do I need to do so you can find me?” Now TRUST in the messages and take action!

36. Trust Your Gut: Your body knows the truth

You’ve been doing the head stuff for way too long! Overthinking, over-analyzing, and second-guessing. STOP IT! Get out of your head and into your gut. It knows the truth, but first you need to trust yourself. There’s no way to begin trusting others if you don’t trust in yourself. Your gut is like your body’s second brain. It’s also like a lie detector. It wants you to know something. Quit trying to make sense of a situation, and just go with the knowing of your brilliant gut instinct. You don’t need to justify yourself for having this intel, just roll with it. The more you take action and trust your inner knowing, the more your inner knowing strengthens. Your angels also want to validate that YES, you are strengthening your intuition by doing this practice. There’s really no risk either! How’s the alternative working out for ya?

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