How To Use Journaling To Unlock Abundance With Lysandra McGregor

How To Use Journaling To Unlock Abundance With Lysandra McGregor

How To Use Journaling To Unlock Abundance

with Lysandra McGregor

I asked Lysandra McGregor to come on the podcast because she’s just launched her journaling club and I thought my listeners would love to know more about how to unlock your abundance – all with your pen!

And Lysandra really brings it to this podcast episode. She shares how you are the best expert on YOU. According to her, journaling is the best way to be everything for yourself. It helps you be consistent, know how you make decisions, and understand what you need.

Which, according to Lysandra, is what helps you create an “inner reality” that can manifest as what you want to experience in your “outer reality”. In other words, you can uplevel through journaling!

She’s sharing some journal prompts for the abundance that you won’t want to miss and you can also access them in a pdf format in the “resources” section below. Settle in for the solution-oriented way to unlock your abundance.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • [2.05] Meet Lysandra as she shares what brought her to create the journaling club (hint: it has to do with inner work and entrepreneurs!).
  • [6.04] Back in the day, how I used to “order up” boyfriends with my journal. (I didn’t understand what I was doing at the time or why it worked.)
  • [14.23] Being able to be everything to yourself is the most powerful and magical thing to experience.
  • [23.03] Lysandra’s journaling tip for cultivating that tangible connection to yourself.
  • [31.42] Connecting to your higher flow is where you really tap into what it means to be abundant.
  • [35.00] Journal prompts for abundance.
  • [46.03] How to know YOU manifested the good in your life. A way to gain “proof”.
  • [52.23] Having the problems you want to have as you work through the discomfort for what you want to manifest.
  • [57.00] Lysandra’s journals, why they are her favorite.

Action Steps To Align Your Biz


Start journaling! I’m sure you knew that is what I was going to say here but I really hope this episode does inspire you to connect to yourself and your desires in your journal. If you missed the prompts, click the button below to get your copy!


About Lysandra

Lysandra Mcgregor is an electrifying Luxury Brand Advisor for established entrepreneurs and the founder of The Journaling Club, a guided journaling membership for you to start and stick to journaling.

You can find Lysandra here:

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