10 Ways Tracking Your Cycle Will Impact Your Social Media Marketing

10 Ways Tracking Your Cycle Will Impact Your Social Media Marketing

10 Ways Tracking Your Cycle Will Impact Your Social Media Marketing

When Deb Laflamme realized that our cycles affect our ability to create social media content – it was one of those lightbulb moments!

Though she’d been intuitively creating and scheduling content – knowing when she had the most energy for which part of the social media cycle is what allowed her to catapult her results for herself and for her clients.

Everyone can chart their cycle (even if you no longer have a menstrual cycle) and today Deb and I are discussing why it’s so important and what exciting changes you can expect for your business when you do! (Hint: You’ll be able to STOP pushing yourself at the wrong times!).

There is a better time in your cycle to create, connect, chill, and go live for videos and after listening to this episode you’ll have a better understanding of it and know how to use your energy to the fullest.

I’ve known Deb for years now and I’ve witnessed how this realization changed her biz for the better and I know it can work for you too.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [1.45] About Deb Laflamme and how she connected her cycles to social media content to stop pushing, pressing, and throwing stuff at an audience.
  • [5.23] Upleveling – how Deb stopped saying “yes” to things that were draining!
  • [11.03] “I wanted to start being paid for the work that I love to do so that it was more of a valuable exchange”.
  • [11.47] Cycles, the four phases, how to track them, and what to do if you don’t have a menstrual cycle.
  • [24.10] The four phases of the content planning process: Curate, create, calendar, and connect and how they coincide with your cycles.
  • [27.48] There is the magic of that energy that you’re putting into your calendar.
  • [33.59] The 10 ways tracking your cycle can impact your social media.
  • [51.10] Your cycles and productivity – game-changer!

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:

Track your cycles for 90 days. Write down when you have energy, when you feel irritated, when you want to hang out with people and when you feel more introverted. Then you can use this information to schedule your time and your social media content! Let us know how it changes things for you for the better!

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Deb Laflamme is a social strategist by day and moon-loving mom by night. She guides women on how to share their gifts and shine their light so that they attract who and what they want. She’s a podcast host, marketing coach and has been called “an endless vault of creative ideas.”

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