Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast June 28

Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast June 28

Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast June 28

Episode 276

Oh haaaay it’s my birthday!

I’m excited to share the good juju of the energy forecast with you. It’s all about trusting how everything is coming together AND your angels want to remind you it’s safe to be YOU.

June 28 Energy Forecast:

31. On-fire!: Everything is working exactly as planned

You’re doing exactly what you should be doing and everything is working exactly as planned. If you have any tiny bits of doubt, please release them to your angels now. You’re fully in alignment and things are moving easily and effortlessly, don’t question it, just enjoy! All of your hard work is paying off!

37. Branding: You’re a unique snowflake!

Use your unique gifts in a way that comes naturally to you. Start to listen to how others describe you and hone in on your messaging. It may be time to hire an expert to solidify your brand colors, message, and who you serve. You’re on to BIG things and the first step is clearly identifying who you are, who you help, and what you stand for. If you already have a clear brand, it’s time for an upgrade! You’ve evolved so much from doing the deeper work, and now it’s time your branding catches up to you. Have fun!

6. The Golden Arrow: Focus on a specific target

Set your sights on a specific target. If you don’t have a goal in mind, create one now. You can’t get upset that you didn’t find success when you never had a clear goal, to begin with. Allow your goals to be touched by the healing light of source energy. Everything you wish to achieve is blessed. Quit playing small; whatever is in your sights can and will be yours!

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