Why the Solution for Manifestation Is Inside Us With Rassy Young

Why the Solution for Manifestation Is Inside Us With Rassy Young

Why The Solution For Manifestation Is Inside Us With Rassy Young

As a self-proclaimed former “people pleaser”, Rassy Young lost everything she was clinging to. Her family disowned her, her marriage ended and she was even expelled from her church!
Instead of giving up her passion, she chose to reevaluate her life, take charge and write her own story.

We’re talking manifestation, sharing your truth, and stepping into your power.

I really love this conversation because we’re real about how manifestation is simple, but not easy. The solution is inside us but it takes inner work to pull it off.

Both Rassy and I are living proof that you can embrace discomfort and become the conscious co-creator of your life.

This is for YOU. We’re giving actionable steps to show you how to know you’re good at something even when you’re not feeling confident about it and how only the sky is the limit from there.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • [00:02:34] Rassy’s hard-hitting truth about giving away her power constantly because she lacked confidence.
  • [00:07:12] The thing that people get wrong about spirituality is that it’s all love and light and that’s such B.S.
  • [00:08:42] The power of questioning everything.
  • [11:46] We’ve got to get control of that other voice that’s in there.
  • [27:04] “I feel sick when I think about how much I was begging people to buy what it is I’m really great at”. Rassy shares vulnerably.
  • [00:33:30] How YOU can build your confidence.
  • [00:35:43] A honest discussion about the freeing power of refunds!
  • [00:42:42] Manifestation is not EASY, but it can be simple when you understand these fundamentals.
  • [00:48:07] Our past feeds our present. We’re “planting” for the future.
Resources to take you deeper:

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:

Share one truth a day. After listening to this episode, you KNOW that both Rassy and I stepped outside of our comfort zones and continue to do so. We’re always a “work in progress”, but it’s changed our life by owning our story, sharing our opinions, and building our confidence along the way. Rassy is challenging you this week to “tell one truth every single day to someone, to a group of someones and start getting bolder in your truth”. Give it a try!

About Rassy

Rassy’s journey of self-discovery brought the realization that she had been following the path others had laid out for her. She dug and sifted through all of the programming and conditioning to uncover who she really was… an amazing woman with a fulfilling purpose! Now Rassy helps others gain the confidence to excavate their true selves, choose their soul purpose, and show them how to Make Happy Happen!

You can find her here:

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