How To Clear Your Energy And Raise Your Vibration In An Instant


Episode 179

In this episode, I dive deep into how to clear your energy and raise your vibration in an instant.

I am really excited to share this because I know many of you need this right now so today, I’m going to teach you how to understand how to protect your energy and how to clear energy and raise your vibration.

In this episode, I am going to answer all your questions about what energy really is, what our chakras and I will also share books and resources if you wish to go deeper.

My goal is for you to learn how to clear your energy and raise your vibration and why not doing the inner work and healing can keep you stuck in your business and life.


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Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • What is energy and why everything is literally made up of energy.
  • How I got trained as an energy healer.
  • What it really means to do energy healing work on human bodies.
  • Why not doing the inner work and healing can keep you stuck in your business.
  • Understanding that your energy system has cycles as well.
  • The danger of getting out of alignment when you don’t learn how to listen to your energy system.
  • How feeling worried, stress and anxiety is an indicator that you are out of alignment.
  • Why your natural state is joy, love, and happiness.
  • Why it is so important to understand how your energy system works so that you can pull in your energy for your own protection.


Shareable Quotes:

  • “If you’re too busy doing a gazillion things, totally not listening to your system, not even realizing that you have a cycle, you’re likely just pushing yourself out of alignment.” – Emily Aarons
  • “Raising your energy can happen in an instant.” – Emily Aarons
  • “My success isn’t just inevitable. It’s already done.” – Emily Aarons



Resources To Take You Deeper:


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