What to Do When You Feel You Are Made for More?



Episode 134

Today my guest is Mary Sue and we have an amazing conversation about what to do when you feel you are made for more.

Mary is a former award-winning retailer, display artist and branding junkie who recently took a leap of faith and closed her boutique of nearly a decade to focus on helping creative, dog-loving women find more balance in their lives.

Her mission in life is to create a space for women to feel seen, heard, have tons of fun and fully be themselves- freak flags encouraged!

She lives on a farm with her husband Danny, rescue soul-pup Finley and two rescue bunnies Bon Bon and Tater Tot.

In this episode, you will discover you will learn what to do when you feel you are made for more and how dogs can teach us about finding alignment.



Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Why Mary considers herself a career entrepreneur.
  • What led Mary to open up a store to sell design services.
  • How Mary realized that she was out of alignment and why she felt like she living somebody else’s dream.
  • How without realizing it Mary became the person she thought she had to be as a store owner.
  • Why it’s so important in business to find flow and connect with your intuition and how Business Made Simple allowed Mary to do exactly that.
  • Why it’s so important to constantly take the time to celebrate all the stuff that you have done.
  • Why for many people is so common not to know what they are passionate about.
  • How Mary realized that people needed a way to ask themselves questions so that they could figure out what they want to do with their life.
  • How Mary came up with the idea of starting a membership site for dog lovers that shows you how to look at life through the perspective of a dog.
  • Why you can’t waste time or energy worrying about what others think of you.
  • Why it’s important to understand that people will always judge you no matter what you do.
  • Why should always lean into fear and not resist it.


Shareable Quotes:

  • “As a store owner, I thought I had to become all of these things to be really likable, l was a people pleaser, heaven forbid, I set boundaries.” – Mary Sue
  • “Through that whole process of trying to be somebody who I thought I needed to be in order to be successful, I just completely lost myself along the way. ” – Mary Sue
  • “As entrepreneurs, it’s our job to see things that nobody else can see.” – Emily Aarons
  • “Sometimes we think that we need to be this person so that people will like us, invest in us and take us seriously and it couldn’t be further from the truth.” – Emily Aarons



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