How to Get Into Action in Your Business



Episode 131

In this episode, you will learn how to get into action in your business, even if you don’t know where to start.

If I were to answer all your questions, I would tell you that underneath all your questions there is always a fear of judgment.

This fear stops from writing emails, posting in social but above all it stops from getting traction in your business.

Today, we are diving deep into the importance of letting go of judgment so you can learn how to get action in your business.


Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • The importance of understanding that the reason you doubt yourself is that you have fear judgment.
  • Why you should not let the fear of judgment stop you from sending emails or posting on social media.
  • Why you never know the real reason why people unsubscribe.
  • Why it’s a good thing when people unsubscribe because you are not here to be everybody’s best friend.
  • How would you show up in your business if you were not worried about the judgment of others?
  • What would you say and how convey your message if you were not afraid?
  • Why it’s critical that you commit to create valuable content and share it with your audience.
  • The mistake you are making when you think that there is only one way to communicate what you do.
  • Why, when you are really committed to helping people you are willing to do things you’ve never done.
  • The importance of understanding that the only way to get better at communicating what you do is getting out there and helping people.
  • Step 1: Start by answering the question: if I didn’t care what people thought of me and I wasn’t worried about the judgment of other people, how would I show up today?
  • Step 2: Ask yourself the following question: Am I committed to one person today?
  • Step 3: Get really good at answering the following questions: who am I? What do I do? Who do I serve? What’s the transformation I give?
  • Why you need to let go of the worry of judgment because the people that are going to judge are not your people.


Shareable Quotes:

  • “We are not here to be everybody’s best friend.” – Emily Aarons
  • “Ultimately, if you’re not showing up right now, you probably are afraid of what someone is going to think of you.” – Emily Aarons
  • “The more we dial in our messaging, the easier it is to market to people, the easier it is to say I can help you with these things and I’m the best at it.” – Emily Aarons




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