EP08: Intentional Marketing with Deb Laflamme

In our 8th episode of the Aligned & Unstoppable podcast, Deb Laflamme, Owner & Chief Ideapreneur of For the Love of Your Biz, busts some common myths about meditation and provides guidance on addressing anxiety and other overwhelming feelings. Deb reveals the evolution of her own practice and how gratitude and quiet integration have played a huge role in her business success. Deb supports a varied list of clients and businesses, from retail to real estate, including small local businesses, fitness and health coaches and solopreneurs. Offering you creative ways to tell your brand story is her main objective.

Episode Highlights:

  • Deb had misconceptions about meditation early on – thinking it was just a mixture of yoga and quiet time
  • Her meditation journey started with an 8 minute guided meditation that Emily made
  • You can be meditating while doing other activities such as walking; Deb considers herself a freestyle meditator
  • Deb practices being grateful for not only what you have, but what’s to come
  • If you’re new to meditating then start with just 1 minute a day
  • After the Karma Cleanse with Emily in January 2019 she felt “broken”, so in February she began doing a lot of clarity work
  • Being “Unstoppable” means you’re open and your arms are out wide and you’re ready for whatever is going to come your way; you’re not chasing things
  • Taking a pause allows you to be ready for that next level; this gives your body time to integrate where new energy wants to expand to
  • Deb hurt her back and she was laid up for weeks. The day she could stand on both feet without pain she developed the Love Your Biz map – 5 Elements you need in order to love your business
  • This map turned into a sold-out live event which then turned into her first long term mentorship program which also sold out and has since doubled in size
  • Give yourself permission for exhaling, pausing and not always being in creation mode
  • Listen to what your body wants and don’t fight it; when you fight it you get sick
  • Her life shifted when she began to realize that her gifts were really important
  • You can’t get out of the stuck and the worry until you give yourself time for a pause…time to integrate
  • Stop focusing on the minutiae of the “how”, and instead focus on how I can show up and serve people toda3
  • Intentional marketing is not about more content, it’s about being intentional with your clients
  • The secret of intentional marketing: if your message comes from your heart instead of your head then your business will grow exponentially
  • Deb Laflamme attributes her success to the meditations she started doing two years ago
  • She is more successful now than before by working less, being more intentional & clear about what her audience needs from her and what she can actually offer to them
  • There is a difference between having a relationship with negative thoughts (ex. depression, anxiety) and BEING those thoughts
  • It’s powerful when you, as the business owner, get to decide who you work with
  • By trying to be all things to all people (and not outsourcing smaller tasks), you are taking away money from your own business and energy from your clients

3 Key Points:

  1.  Meditating doesn’t always have to be guided, it can be freestyle (ex. walking the dog)
  2. We don’t always have to DO in order to GET; rather we need to be OPEN to RECEIVING
  3. Let your heart guide you and not your mind; if you’re thinking, that’s when you get stuck, anxious and worried

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Success doesn’t come from working hard” – Deb Laflamme
  • “We are always receiving whether we’re conscious of it or not” – Emily Aarons
  • “It’s in the exhale that you receive so much insight and wisdom” – Emily Aarons
  • “If you take the approach that life is happening to you then you are always a victim” – Emily Aarons
  • “Praying is asking; meditation is listening” – Emily Aarons
  • “It’s ok to ask the questions, as long as you sit and listen to the answers” – Deb Laflamme
  • “You will never be less than you are today” – Deb Laflamme

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