How To Unlock Creativity For Business Alignment 

Join me and my dear friend Tracy Gaudet, as we explore the intricacies of the creative process. Listen in as Tracy shares her journey with entity clearing and how it has not only transformed my own Mastery & Ascension Spiritual Business Mentorship but provided a weekly sanctuary for so many in my community to combat stress and anxiety. 

We talk about balancing the yin and yang of creativity; where structure meets flow. We tackle the challenges that come with creative droughts and the societal pressures amplified by social media.

I open up about the lessons learned in embracing structured creativity, sharing how recognizing the universal yet personal nature of creative expression can lead to more authenticity and productivity.

We also celebrate the playful aspects of creativity in business, recognizing how it can rejuvenate our inner child and spark innovation in the most unexpected ways.

In this session, we discuss the pivotal role of trust in the entrepreneurial spirit. As we unravel the creative instinct in daily life, I reflect on past successes and encourage embracing ‘what if’ scenarios to bolster intuition and imagination. So tune in, as we uncover the subtleties of the creative journey and the profound impact of trust and play in both our personal and professional lives.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • 03:33 – Creative Freedom and Trust in Business 
  • 15:52 – Unlocking the Creative Process
  • 21:46 – The Importance of Structure in Creativity
  • 33:07 – Inspiration and Generating Ideas in Nature
  • 41:33 – Creating a Weekly Abundance Plan
  • 51:27 – Finding the Right Strategy and Energy
  • 57:18 – Analyzing and Utilizing Past Creativity
  • 1:01:28 – Finding Inspiration, Developing Creative Process 

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00:02 – Emily Aarons (Host)
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Warm welcome to the aligned and unstoppable podcast friends, happy New Year. I am your host, emilyarens, and this is the aligned and unstoppable podcast number 442. I want to say a humongous thank you. I am so grateful to all of the new listeners here, all of my loyal listeners. We’ve hit some pretty big milestones in this podcast and it’s been we’re coming up on five years. So thank you for being here. It’s just getting better and I have something very special to share with you after the end of this podcast, but before I do, I want to say this episode is really special. I have a special guest with me, tracy Goody. She’s been a dear friend for years. She’s definitely somebody who I rely on as a friend, as a peer, as a healer and as somebody who brings a lot of insights and wisdom to building your spiritual business. So I know you’re going to love this episode.

We talk about unlocking your creativity as an entrepreneur to stay in your highest alignment. So we’re going to talk about Tracy’s process, a little bit about how you can actually make your own creative process for yourself. And this is especially for you when you hit a little bit of like a dry spell, a little bit of a drought, maybe feeling a little depressed, not feeling inspired. This episode is going to help you to, number one, realize you’re not alone. But also here are some strategies for how you can overcome this. We’re going to be helping you so that when you build your own creative strategy, it’s going to help you to feel more free, feel the flow, feel more ideas, feel more connected and when you feel all this, you’re going to start trusting in your own timing, trusting in your process, trusting in your signals, trusting in your intuition so that you can let go of fears.

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Let’s get into this week’s episode with my dear friend, tracy Goody. You’re listening to the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast. I’m your host, emily Arens. I’m an entrepreneur and highly sought after energy healer with over two decades in practice. I’m a mixture of high vibe energy and cutting edge strategy with a little dash of unfiltered real talk, making this the one and only podcast that gives you a down to earth approach to business and spirituality. Tune in each week to get out of the stress of overworking, so you can build a brand in alignment with your soul’s purpose. If there’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way, it’s that you have to stop looking outside yourself for the answer and start looking within. We all have a unique path and it’s time you start trusting in yourself. The truth is, you already have everything you need. You just need to learn how to access it. Now let’s dive in. It’s time you experience business and soul alignment. Hey listeners, welcome back to the podcast. This is going to be a treat for everybody, myself included, maybe just mostly, because I’m selfishly inviting my friends back.

So today’s podcast I’m joined by my dear friend, tracy Goody. We’ve known each other for a number of years. In fact, you might even know her name because Tracy was one of the originals on the Aligning Unstoppable podcast. Years ago she was on episode number 43. And today we are like 400 episodes later. So we’ve grown. It’s been four years and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to invite you back. But we still talk. We talk all the time and Tracy is one of my friends that we met a while ago in a spiritual course. We connected. We do this funny thing all the time where I get this weird spiritual hit, the psychic hit that I’m like, oh, this would be a cool thing. And then I start talking to her, just to conversation. She’s like I had this hit and I’m like, cool. So it’s the same hit but your version and my version. This is awesome. But more recently, folks who are listening, who are inside of Mastering Ascension, you will definitely know Tracy’s voice Because back about a year and a half ago, when I started working on my Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training course, I was getting hit with a lot of energy and I was like I need to reach out to Tracy because it feels like I’m having thoughts that are not mine, they’re not helpful, they’re very much sabotaging thoughts, and I even said it to my team one day, I’m like I’m having these thoughts that are just not even they don’t even feel like me, and I was like, oh, ding, ding, ding, it feels like entities.

And while I know how to clear entities for myself, it was like I need to pull out the big guns, I need somebody else and I need to talk to somebody about it, who’s not going to think that I’m totally batching crazy. That’s a small mix of people. All right, it is, and you know, my little network has gotten bigger over the years, but it’s not something you just broadcast to the general public. You’re like, so I’m having these weird thoughts and voices in my head. So when I reached out to you a year and a half ago, we started a great conversation.

You recorded this beautiful entity clearing for me and then soon I had all of my friends reaching out and like listen, I’m having this experience that it feels like I don’t know if I should quit my business. I don’t like I’m having this feeling. I’m like, oh well, I have this entity clearing that my friend did for me, like it’s for me, but maybe you could benefit from it too. And people did. And then soon I was like OK, hang on, I think this is bigger, and I reached out to you again. I said would you be OK doing an entity clearing that I can share with the people inside of Mastery and Ascension who are already listening to my guided meditations? They’re already ready for that next level of healing. They’re already spiritual entrepreneurs. They could totally benefit from it. You were so gracious and so generous. You made us three. Yes, it was awesome. So the entity clearings that you made are so powerful.

I do them myself almost once a week, sometimes more frequently and sometimes less frequently, depending on how I’m feeling. Sometimes first thing in the morning, if I’m waking up with feelings of like stress and anxiety and I’m like what the hell is my day going to shit already? I just like stop it right there and I listen to the clearing and it just I’m the same. I listen to them too. Yeah, it’s good. So the other thing is I recommend them to everybody who I’m working with through my certifications because, in effect, my IEA training is cracking people open. The stuff that we’re working on to learn as students is also opening up this whole another energetic level and realm for them. So it’s like listen, you might think you’re coming here for one thing, but you’re also opening up, like all of your shit is going to come right up to the surface. So I encourage them every week to listen to it. Of course, the members and Master of Extension are loving it. They all. They’re like oh my gosh, I’m so glad we have it. Thank you so much. They are big fans of yours.

So, all of that to be said, I wanted to bring you back because there’s some really cool things coming up this year. Happy New Year, everybody in 2024. And next week is the start of one of the biggest events I’ve ever done. It’s only happening inside of Mastering Ascension and it’s basically a seven day live event where people are going to have experience with energy work and business training and strategy sessions. You are going to be teaching a class inside of it, which is really what we’re going to talk about today about unlocking your creative process and helping your creative process, sort of like, come to life. So Before we get into this week’s podcast and before I blow up your head and your ego too much here, I would love for you to also introduce yourself to the listeners.

14:35 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Wonderful. Thank you so much for all of that. Thank you also for asking that question of that entity when that came up for you, because that recording that I then followed up and did has been so beneficial to me too, like when I wake up in that energy and I just pop it on and it’s as easy as like taking a pill, right, so you do it. So thank you so much for that, because I always find that when somebody asked me the right question, that’s exactly what I need and then from there everything can really spiral. So, hi, anybody who is new to me, who has not heard my voice before, I’m Tracy Goody.

I’m a practical ascension guide, so I’m all about taking these really high-level spiritual experiences, high-level spiritual information, and then breaking them down so that we can use them in our everyday life, that we don’t need to go off to a mountain retreat which is also beautiful and do that if you can do it, but we want it in our everyday life as well, because this is what we are opening into, this is the ascension energies, this is the awakening. So everything to do with that, with intuitive awakening, everything to do with empowerment, ascension, your pathway of moving from the wound itself to the true self is my jam. So that’s me really quickly in a nutshell.

15:51 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Love it. So when we were talking about unlocking the creative process, you shared some really cool things with me that I’m ecstatic to do live with you next week. We were just talking about it. My whole body was lit up. I was telling my team about it and every hair in my body was saying I’m like this is going to be so great. We’re so excited about it. So let’s talk about a little bit. What is the creative process that you use and why would you want to use it?

16:26 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Yeah. So I’m going to backtrack just a little bit, because what is flowing through to me immediately and I knew this would happen as soon as we started conversation is we’re going to derail it immediately. I love it, we’re going to get into it, but we’re going to derail it first. So when I’m looking at the creative process, I want to highlight my story of my creative process a little bit, because it has been a rocky road and I just recently finished up maybe two years ago, I finished up a period of a lot of dryness, a lot of creative dryness, and I don’t know how anybody else feels, but when I’m creatively dry, I’m depressed, I’m anxious.

It doesn’t feel good when I don’t have that creative flow and I recognize that that was such an important part of my own well-being. So that’s when I started to really take it seriously. So, even beyond my business and of course I know this is going to benefit my business because that’s where my creativity is really channeled but even beyond my business, for my own well-being and my own ascension, my own awakening everything, I realized that creativity is such an impactful piece. So that was really what prompted my prioritizing that and previously the creative process was fun, it was good a business idea would come or a download or something whenever it did, and then I would run with that, I would work with that and that was okay, but I was being taught a really clear lesson to add a little bit of structure in that, which actually created more flow.

17:57 – Emily Aarons (Host)
So, coming back to your question, which was what I’m not really sure, Well, I’m going to keep going with that, because when you say creative dryness, what do you mean a little bit? Can you elaborate a little bit more what you mean by creative dryness?

18:12 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
So what I mean by that is nothing was grabbing me, like nothing was inspiring me, like previously, whenever a business idea would flow through, I know it’s the right one for me, because I can feel it in every cell of my body, because I’m excited for it, because I can see the potential, because it all feels good. But whenever it was in this creative dryness, it wasn’t that like I’d write down an idea and I would feel so detached from it. It wasn’t clicking.

18:38 – Emily Aarons (Host)
And I feel like that is very common because, especially with social media, like you can have access to everything and sometimes, looking at other people’s stuff, you can be like, well, it looks like they’re doing great. And that can sometimes feel more deflating when you’re trying, when you’re looking for inspiration and things to go with and especially people who are newer to business, where you know you’re not really sure what your niche is and you’re not really sure what your offers are and like how to put it out there that if you’re not really like Jonesing, excited and lit up and activated and turned on about something, it can be like it can just fizzle so fast. And then you’re like, oh, next thing, next thing, next thing, I don’t know, maybe I’m just, maybe I just suck and you internalize it.

19:22 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Exactly, and then you spiral off in the opposite direction and it’s just like you said when you mentioned that social media. Another thing I find as well is you could be like, oh well, I should do what they’re doing, or I should do this, or I should do that, and then you’re just, you’re shrinking that, you’re creative essence, and from there she’s just like feeling so ignored and then, well, that’s, I think that’s what began. My spiral actually is feeling like, oh well, I should be doing this, this is where my business is at, so this is what’s logically next.

19:50 – Emily Aarons (Host)
So I was really turning away from my natural intuitive flow in that sense, hey listeners, I wanted to hop into this week’s podcast to share something that I’ve been using for about a year now and I’ve just been so in love with it, which is FLFE Focus Life Force Energy and what it is is a service that provides a higher level of consciousness directly to a mobile device or to a property. I personally love it on my phone because I can do a boost before I go live. I can use it when I’m going to have a tough conversation, just to get a higher level of consciousness as well as EMF mitigation. So it’s kind of like taking a bubble of positivity with you, and it’s super supportive, not just for your energy, but also for your health, for abundance as well as relationships. So, as a podcast listener, I want to get you to try FLFE completely free. Now. This is an amazing opportunity to get a 15-day free trial. You don’t have to enter a credit card. That’s right. You can try it for free without entering any information. So head on over to EmilyErenscom. Forward slash. F-l-f-e. That’s Focus, life Force Energy. You can learn all about FLFE and the multiple benefits that it provides. This service is so incredible. I’ve actually recommended to all of my practitioners to help them to raise their level of consciousness so that the work that they’re doing out there in the world is amplified. I know you’re here for a reason. I know you’re here to help more people and to make a positive impact in the world. Flfe is absolutely a great way to do that. Again, emilyerenscom, forward. Slash FLFE to start your 15-day free trial today.

And also, what you said is having a little bit more of a container, which we look as the masculine aspect. Your creativity is flowing, which is the feminine, and I feel like a lot of times with intuitives, spiritual folks, highly sensitive folks who are all of the listeners in the room, we are really leaning into our feminine and so it’s like I’m all feminine and all flow, and sometimes that can also look like if there’s no structure, then you’re flowing from this into this, into that, into the other thing, and there’s like did you even finish the first sentence of that first idea, did you? What happened? So I feel like what you’re saying too is it brings this intentionality to your ideas and it’s sort of like okay, so you can have this yummy, delicious, flowy, feminine, expansive, intuitive stuff flowing, but here’s sort of like a little bit of a boundary so that you can go forward with it instead of just sitting in it.

22:48 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Exactly Like you’re doing your creativity process for both your benefit of how it expands you, how it awakens you the new possibilities but you’re doing that for the collective and the people you’re serving as well, like you’re expanding them and you want that to get out there. So if you are staying only in your feminine and you’re just in the download phase, without actually allowing things to come to fruition with excitement, then you’re doing a disservice to your own self because you can feel so much more expanded when it’s reaching others as well as, obviously, those people that aren’t quite getting what you are capable of putting out.

23:27 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, and for folks who are like well, I’m not creative Pishposh.

23:31 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Yeah, yeah, we are all creative. We are like yeah, we are all creative in our own way and it’s going to look different for everybody. And this kind of segues back into our real topic here of the creative process. And this is why looking at your creative process and understanding how you flow with it and what it looks like for you because it’s going to be unique, it’s not going to be like mine, it’s going to be completely unique to you and anchoring into that and saying, oh wow, look what a little bit of structure gives me, is that I can actually tap into my creativity and get out of that thought loop of I’m not creative, I’m not coming up with ideas, that type of stuff.

24:12 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, and you’re making me think of. I posed a question inside of Mastery Ascension two weeks ago because I’ve been doing this sort of daily habit, some morning rituals that I do every day, even if I’m too tired or don’t think I have time and all the things, because when you have discipline, whether or not you’re motivated is irrelevant, so you just do it and you’re whole-bottom energy feel benefit from it. So I asked the question what are some of your daily rituals? And some of the responses, like I really don’t have any.

So I’m going to challenge that here, because whether it’s your daily rituals and your habits or your creative process, whether you know you have a process or a habit or you are just doing things out of routine, you have it. So you might say, well, I don’t have a morning routine. Well, you might not have a healthy morning routine, you might not have a meditation or movement or journaling process routine, but you’re still getting up and probably doing about the same things in the same order every single day, just totally unaware and unconscious of it. So this is bringing yourself into your consciousness, like I am going to bring myself to sit and do this creative process. So let’s talk about some of the benefits of having this sort of intentional focus for when you want to be creative or when it’s time to be creative.

25:40 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
And I see this also as a devotional practice, like a commitment to yourself. It’s really a commitment to like your heart space and your intuition and all that is already inside of you, all those like codes that are already inside you, to get them out, the benefits to this. Well, I want to start. I mean, I can look at it from a lot of different layers physically, emotionally, mentally, like before we even get into the business benefits of that. That was the biggest thing for me because, coming out of that creative dry spell, I needed that nourishment physically, emotionally and mentally, so, so deeply. So that was the very first thing is when I was feeling stuck or feeling depressed, creative energy was really like it’s really the solution for me and again, that’s not going to apply to absolutely everybody, but for me it reconnected me in with my, that divine inner child, that aspect of innocence, that aspect of joy, that aspect of fun, which is what was lacking, and so that reconnection was would be the very first benefit, I would say. And then from there, once you’re reconnected into that, then she’s a part of your business as well and she’s wild and she is free and she is so expansive, she’s so excited about what she’s here to create and she’s here to share. So for me, there is a lot of incorporating that divine inner child, that real joy, energy. And again, this is all just from understanding what does it. For me, understanding what does that and prioritizing that, devoting to it, like you said, discipline for it.

Again, moving from there, you’re going to have a steady stream of business ideas. You’re going to feel connected to the ones that are the best. You’re going to notice when ones are not connecting, because you’re going to see that contrast. You’re going to see, oh, this is a really good one because I can feel it, and this one is not so much. So I don’t follow it, and that’s okay, because I know it’s unlimited, I know it’s so abundant. You’re also getting into the energy of abundance. So when you realize it’s unlimited, it’s abundant, that these ideas are flowing through, then maybe that abundance energy starts to seep in other places, right? So I’ll leave it out there for now. There’s probably more benefits I can get into, but I’ll pause here for a moment.

27:57 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Well, because I think, as you’re saying, that too, it’s really obvious to me how much we need to play, because sometimes we take ourselves as adults, as business owners, as practitioners. We take ourselves so seriously, we want to be taken seriously, but we take ourselves too seriously sometimes and I know for me this in the last year, 2023. I started the year saying I need to get a life, not like anything crazy, but like I need to like get a life. I need to go do things, I need to go explore, I need to play, I need to dance. I remember I dug out my rollerblades in the springtime. I was like can I even do this anymore? My kids just, yeah, I got my kids, you know, secondhand rollerblades and roller skates and I was like they’re going to love this. And then they’re like can you rollerblade with us? And I was like, yes, I can, I have a pair from 20 years ago that I can dust off. And I was like, let’s see if mama still’s got it. And I did it and I had so much fun. You know, I noticed that when I was able to play more, to dance more, to take myself out for like a childlike playdate, to go to the playground, to swing, to like just play a song just for the sake of like belting it out terribly and like that, like finding our joy, because when we have that energy of joy and freedom, there’s not so much constriction and rule following. Like you know, we’ve been taught in an indoctrination to follow the rules and raise our hand and don’t get out of line, and that’s not really how you create stuff Like.

And I really love and value artists. One of my best friends is an abstract artist, jodi King. She’s back here behind me and her she teaches artists and non-artists alike the creative process and one of the steps in her creative process is this is shit. That’s one of the steps is like this is great, this is amazing, I’m having so much fun. Like this is shit. I don’t think I’m cut out for it, no, I think this works Like. That’s part of the process and don’t quote me on that, but that’s part of it.

And I love to see and I’ve read, or part of Rick Rubin’s book on creativity as well, and I can really hear how musicians, artists, painters, sculptures, how there is a direct correlation, just like there is an entrepreneurship, of your creative process. So, again, if you don’t think that you’re creative like you are. We have our own process, we have our own styles of creativity, and I really think that being able to tap into our inner child, that wild and free and little feral person inside of us, there is something really magical there, and I know there’s a lot of I’ve had guests on who talk about like sacred sexuality, unlocking that potential in that way too. It’s like we’re talking about different energy centers, but they’re all below the waist. So there’s something there.

Movement and so also you know, we’ve seen it so many times it’s like the real epidemic right now in our world is sitting, that people are sitting so much. So don’t you all notice, when you sit a long time, how depressed and how stagnant your energy feels? It’s like, and that’s why I start the day with movement, because whether I’m walking outside every single day or I’m doing Pilates, or I’m doing something I’m dancing like I am doing something that stokes the batteries of my physical body, that gets the energies moving. And so all of that leads into why I can create so well in business, why I have great energy in my business, why I’m inspired, why I like doing these things, why I can be visible and why I can share my message because I’ve charged myself in that way. So your creative process really brings all of those elements into when you create something.

32:04 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Exactly and you’re checking in and seeing which is right for me. Is this one aligned for me? For me personally, it takes a lot to get me moving. I am a lazy person and I do not like to get up and do yoga and do movements. When I do them, of course I enjoy them and after I did I’m like, oh man, this is so good, I’m going to do it every day, but I don’t.

But what I do know I do every day is I go up in the morning, I get the kids ready for school and I tidy up the house, so there’s going to be music on and I’m going to be dancing around as I’m doing that and there’s my movement. There’s the stagnation and even if not, even if for some reason the music isn’t on, just moving your body a little bit more, swaying, doing figure eight with your hips or something, just shaking it up, just like you said, it makes a huge difference to get rid of that stagnation. So if you are a lazy person like me, you can still incorporate it into your day in some way that really will work for you. But the more you do it, the more you’re going to want to move and the more you’re going to want to naturally incorporate into your day. I find anyway, yeah, and I see the same thing.

33:06 – Emily Aarons (Host)
You know, walking out in nature I find myself very inspired. I might walk out in the morning or sometimes by the like after the, before the kids get home, like I kind of stop my work day and I have a little bit of a like half an hour window before I turn back into a mom and I go outside. And so when I go outside it’s not like I’m like all right, I’m going to go outside and I’m going to have a new idea. I usually just go outside and start walking. Sometimes I’m listening to an audible book, sometimes I’m just listening to nature. A lot of times if I’m out in the woods I don’t want to have anything in my ears other than the sounds of the air, the wind, the animals I’m going to. I want to hear things around me. If, like something, you know, my dog is with me, someone’s going to attack me, you know, usual, that’s what my dog is for, he can hear everybody. But it really it tunes me in. And so when I’m really tuned in and I start to move my body, then all of a sudden there’s like this stoking that happens and suddenly there might be just like an idea that pops in. It just sort of happens organically. And I think part of this where I’m kind of going, which is if I just keep having idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea, I need to do something with that. And I know that there’s different places that we talked about. You know where ideas come from. Whether they’re ours, they come from other places. How we tap in. I mean, I just used the example and when I introduced you like, we sometimes will tap into the same vibration. Very often, yeah, very often, it’s calm. It used to be comical, now we’re like, obviously we just normal now. Yeah, it’s just a standard.

Tuesday, when I transitioned out of the brick and mortar in my healing business and started to transition online, I found myself really confused and trying to figure out the solution to make all of these ideas of mine work together. I wanted to sell meditations, I wanted to have a membership, I wanted to be able to take payments that were reoccurring and to send emails and to create websites, and it seemed like I had to invest in so many different systems and sometimes they wouldn’t even work together. Well, that all changed when I found Kajabi. That has been such a life send. I love Kajabi because it’s easy to use, it’s super user friendly, there’s great reporting and it makes it seamless for my customers to find me and to buy any of my products or services. I highly recommend Kajabi and if you want to check it out right now, you can head on over to EmilyArenscom forward slash Kajabi and you can take a test drive, see if it’s something that works for you. But I know you’re here because you’re ready to take yourself and your business seriously and really Kajabi is the easiest place to go to start building your online business. Again, emilyarenscom, forward slash Kajabi and get started today. But I feel like opening up to have a process for everybody, making it your own can go okay.

So I’ve got all these ideas percolating. Now how do I ground them? Like, what do I do with that? So what would be some ways that we don’t want to. We don’t want to give away all the goodies, because that’s what we’re going to do next week. We’re going to take three people actually through an exercise, through a process, move some energy, find out how your ideas flow into you If they’re jammed up. Like, what do you do when you have a jam, when you’re like I got this idea, I don’t know what to do with it. So we’re going to do all that next week. So what are some things that people can start to do, like in a practical way, to just like, now that they’re aware that there’s ideas and there’s a process, how can they be more intentional with stoking that creativity and starting to find a way to make a process for themselves?

37:10 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Find it simplest to look at it from the masculine and feminine perspective, like divine masculine and feminine. We know that divine masculine came in when you made the decision. I’m going to devote to this, I’m going to discipline to this, I’m going to go ahead and do this to create that initial inspiration which is going into the woods, moving whatever it is for you. We created that with the masculine. Then the feminine comes in. When we’re in that activity, when we’re open, that’s great. Okay, now we’ve got a seed of an idea. So now let’s move back over to the masculine. Now let’s create the structure and let’s create the space where we can bring this forward. Then this is where I find that a lot of self-observation, self-reflections, self-awareness really comes in. Because if you’ve got that seed but you find that nothing’s going on with the seed, then it’s important to check in with yourself. Number one asking does this feel right for right now, or am I just bringing awareness to it, planting it and leaving it be? Sometimes the answer is going to be to plant it and leave it be. If you can trust that, which is challenging because we’re linear and we’re saying no, I’ve got the idea, now I got to do something. If you can trust that and let that really germinate in you, then it’s going to naturally evolve. Then that inspiration is going to keep flowing in. So then you keep doing that same flow that you were doing to get inspiration and it’s going to keep building.

So that’s one pathway that you can take is just knowing that I’m working with the divine feminine, the divine masculine, but I’m also really trusting the process and seeing how it’s unfolding. Just because it’s not spiraling open right away doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. It doesn’t mean necessarily even that you’re blocked, so it’s just about tapping in. A lot of self-awareness is what I’m going to say, because it’s really a unique process for you and you get to know yourself. You get to know, oh, I’m resisting something here, I’m not sharing this, I’m not moving forward, I’m not flushing the idea out because of a fear or whatever it is. But then you get to know the other times oh, I’m not sharing this right now because it’s still germinating, and that’s all right. So it’s kind of like a balance really is the first thing I would say.

39:25 – Emily Aarons (Host)
I just wrote those two words down trust and fear and so I’ll give a tangible example of exactly what you just described. So, at the end of the summer of 2023, this sort of idea was coming in around how can I do some kind of fun event that’s only for mastering ascension, that will be really engaging, get people really stoked, it’s really intentional on how to build their business. But it’s not just business, like maybe it could be wellness stuff, but maybe it could be like self-care practices and maybe we could introduce some like moving meditation and maybe some recipes, because, like I mean, this is what I think success is Is ultimately your health, is your wealth, and if you’re feeling really good, you’re taking care of yourself. It’s going to reflect in all these areas. So that was the seed.

I didn’t really know what it was, but it was like something is here and by I would say, mid September, it started to kind of grow in Germany and I was like it’s got. It’s called my most abundant year. That’s what it’s called. It’s going to be my most abundant year, it’s going to be 2024, my most abundant year yet really and it’s going to be a focus to help people to really harness their abundance in different ways. I started to talk to my team about this and then they got all lit up and they’re like OMG, this feels so good. We all felt really, really lit up. There was this cognitive resonance, right, our energy, instead of it just being a story that I was like this feels really good in my body and I like where this idea is going. I shared it. And then there was this energy that built even bigger because all of us were going yummy, I like this Collaboration that expands it so exponentially.

41:31 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
That’s amazing. Yes.

41:33 – Emily Aarons (Host)
And so we started to meet every single week. We met every single week. We’ve been meeting every single week to plan this. And some weeks we get really clear ideas and we go OK, in January it’s going to be business abundance, in April it’s going to be wellness abundance. And then we sort of build on it like, ok, it’s going to be this. Ok, all right, we’re seeing this progression.

And then the next week we go what is business abundance really mean? What can we define it? What’s included, what are some of the activities? And we start to kind of get that micro, itty, bitty, detail-y kind of stuff in there. But it really starts as this like you said a seed that starts to germinate, it starts to grow. It took months, it took months, but when you look at the big picture and you look back, you go it only took me a few months to do that. Like, looking back, it doesn’t seem like it took very long at all. We just created something out of thin air. And then here it is and people are doing it next week.

But I wanted to share that because that’s exactly what the process was for me. But, like you said, it is that sort of knowing yourself, trusting yourself and I’ve been doing online business for going on eight years now. So I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs and ideas that are good or ones that are kind of a flop, and even ones that I thought were a flop. Later on down the road I’m like, oh my god, that person who bought that thing they actually came from the thing I thought was a flop Exactly. So it’s not like I’ve got the perspective from this vantage point that I can see like, even if it feels like a failure, it’s never a failure. It’s always in your best interest. It always works out some way. So I have that perspective. So, folks who are brand new and you’re like, listen, I don’t even know, this is my first offering, I don’t have that vantage point, I don’t have that ticket for me, ticket from Tracy If you can just start to deeply trust like, this is a process.

The idea is the first part of the process and if we think about even just like law of attraction, the idea was here, it’s planted. So in the quantum field, it’s already a thing, it’s done, you’ve put it out there. The seed is out there, it’s growing, the thing that you see in your head of like, oh my god, this awesome event. That’s going to be quarterly and people are going to be super abundant. They’re going to have access to all this great stuff and everyone’s going to feel amazing. It’s going to be the best day ever. That’s already done out there, so sometimes we try to kill ourselves and work too hard to like grind out the juicy bits before the seed has even grown its first leaf, let alone any fruit.

44:19 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Exactly exactly.

And that’s when you said, like it’s out in the quantum field very much, so, right, and so we send it into the quantum field and we’re excited and that’s great.

But then we start to do it ourselves and then we can start to like put pressure on ourselves and then we’re like shrinking that vision back, when really all the vision wants is you to keep believing in it and just kind of be there to hold the space and be the conduit for it, and it can be so miraculous in that way.

And then, just like you said, even if, after you present it to the world, maybe your expectations were one place and how it is received is a different place, and again, if you shrink yourself, that’s still the quantum field being like no, no, just still give me trust, still give me trust Like it’s not over, and so the more that you kind of get to know that process, just like you said, hindsight, where we can look back and say, oh, I can understand that now. Oh, I can see that now it’s so easy. So, yeah, if you are just going into something, just trust the process and it is challenging, but keep practicing it, and I think that’s part of what the entrepreneurial journey does for all of us is.

45:26 – Emily Aarons (Host)
It helps us to build those muscles of trust, because I am not like 100% believing in myself 100% every single day. We are human, and I mean like, of course, there are days when I’m like could we just like not do this, like can I just like be so aligned, and so on it that, like every day, I just know and I’m so in the flow, but life happens and then, like, where I’m at in my cycle can determine where I’m at with believing myself. And I want to share a story because it’s kind of like popping up in my mind. I heard this really great story. I was listening to Esther Hicks on one of these like weird YouTube videos that they produce for her, and she was channeling Abraham and they were telling a story. Because what you just said was like all the vision wants is for you to believe in it. Like that gave me full chills and so I want people to play that for themselves, to hear you say that again. But remind me of a story that they shared, which was one day Esther was going to the kitchen to make hard boiled eggs, so she got out her pot.

She put her raw eggs in the pot, filled it, covered them with water and sat there, put the pot on the stove, started boiling, didn’t start boiling. She started watching it. And they made this joke like well, she already knows, watching a pot doesn’t boil, it takes longer. So she’s sitting there and she’s watching it and it slowly kind of starts to come up to temperature. It starts to boil.

She puts her lid on, she turns off the heat, and in that moment it occurred to her that she didn’t have a part of herself that doubted the possibility of the water heating up, boiling and cooking her eggs. It wasn’t like. I hope this works. I hope this works. It’s a done deal. She trusts If I put the water on, it’s going to give me this result. And what they said is what Abraham said was it’s kind of like that process where we’re turning on the heat and we’re watching it, but we keep turning off the heat and then we turn on the heat and then we turn off the heat and then on and off and on and off and off and on and so on. And so, number one some people end up with raw eggs because they don’t actually keep the heat on for all that long, and some of us, it just takes longer because we keep turning the freaking heat off, unless, instead of just leaving it on and trusting it’s going to do what it’s going to do.

47:54 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Exactly and like what we’re doing as entrepreneurs, that’s unknown, like that’s not like boiling an egg we don’t know for sure what’s going to happen. So that’s where trust comes in. That’s where that big trust comes in, because there’s a lot being asked of us as entrepreneurs in this time where we are shifting business energies. We are shifting the whole energetics of the way businesses are run, and that’s kind of a big deal and we don’t have to think about that right now because we’re all individually doing our thing, but it does mean we’re going into the unknown. So your trust is going to be really, really important as part of your creative process.

48:35 – Emily Aarons (Host)
When I was starting my online business, I realized pretty quickly I needed to build a funnel, and that was an easy way for people to opt in, to give me their name and their email address to join my email list and I could send them a meditation, a PDF, a workshop, a video or something really special that allowed them to start building that no-like-in-trust energy with me. And the best way that I found to do this was through using lead pages. Lead pages has proven templates that are guaranteed to help you with the design. You don’t have to have a blank screen and become a web designer suddenly. They have templates that you can plug and play your message with your images, with your wording, but they are really easy to use and I find that their chat support is really responsive as well. So if you are looking for an easy way to start collecting leads, build your email list, starting to build that no-like-in-trust factor as well, I highly recommend you check out lead pages. You can head over to emilyaronscom forward slash lead pages to get started today. They have a really low price, easy to start option and I know you’re going to love it as much as I do Now. I love lead pages for another reason. It’s because of their tracking. You can see when your lead pages are working by the conversion rates. They track the number, so you can see immediately if it’s working or if it’s not and how to tweak it, and they also have diagrams inside to say this has to change or this has to change. So it’s really easy to start using lead pages right away. So again, emilyaronscom, forward, slash lead pages and get started today.

You shared something with me yesterday that I think is really true for the way that the industry is shifting, which is we have been, especially as online entrepreneurs. Especially, we have subscribed and been taught by a very masculine model. Some people call it bro-marketing it’s a pretty good name for it but this masculine model, which is also reflective of our societal masculine model. There’s been a huge shift from 2023. And going into 2024, it’s like obliterated. That energy feels like. So this is part of why it’s so important, especially now, to be able to tap into what is your process for creating.

How can I be in that beautiful, yummy, warm, inviting, flowy, divine energy more often in my business than I’m in the masculine push? Replicate, follow this 10-point strategy, follow this blueprint, follow this framework Because, ultimately, for the folks who’ve bought into it and I’m one of those people who’s bought into it. We’ve all done it. What I have always found I know you’re the same exact way is you can buy into a framework, into a strategy, and then ultimately you just rip it up and go okay, this one piece I like. That one piece, that was a good piece. That piece, that one was real good. This piece, yeah, that I really like. It feels so good, not nothing else.

52:02 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
So Everything else can go. I think what we’re doing is we’re weeding out the wounded masculine of that as well and we are just pulling in the divine masculine, because the masculine’s not bad, just like the feminine’s not bad. They’re both fantastic in their divine essence. But when we’re working with them in their distorted field, in forcing, in pressuring, it’s not going to feel good and we’re going to notice oh, this doesn’t feel good to me, oh, that’s the distorted masculine. That’s not something I want in my business. I want the divine masculine, that one who’s taking action, that one who’s inspiring, who’s empowering. So, just like you said, it’s picking apart what’s going on and pulling the pieces that feel really good.

52:42 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, and I think sometimes it’s that you do need people who have had that vantage point to help you to find your own as well, and I’ve always subscribed to just a one-size-fits-you business model. We are individuals, we have our own blueprint, we have our own clientele, we have what works in our systems and what doesn’t. I know for me going into 2024 and for folks who listened to my last episode, which was all about I’m not using the launch model in 2024. I’m doing some other stuff. If you haven’t listened to it, it’s a real good one, because I want to feel joy, I want to feel ease, I want to connect with community, I want to have fun, and launching is not synonymous with any of those words for me. So I want to really allow myself to open up.

So if you don’t have the vantage point that Tracy and I have, that you’ve been in business for a number of years and you can really fine tune what feels good in your body and what doesn’t feel good, you’re still kind of like, listen, I’m a hot mess. I don’t know what up and down is. This is when you would want to lean in and find mentors that can help you to help yourself. So I have a program called the Spiritual Business Accelerator. That’s exactly what the program is. That’s dedicated to helping you build structure into your own flow. I don’t know if the doors will still be open by the time you listen to it, but we’ll put it, we’ll link it in there. Anyway. I know you have some mentoring that you’ve been doing too with people to help them. I’m trying to give people something tangible, because I know it can be so frustrating when people who’ve been at it for so long are like it’s so easy, you just trust.

54:35 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
That’s not true. I don’t think like, maybe for some people, maybe for those of us that don’t overthink and you are not prone to like, just like coming up with a million reasons why it was your fault or why it didn’t work out, maybe, maybe there’s people like that. I don’t know them and they’re not me. But I would definitely say the number one thing is remember that you’re human. Like the process that you’re going through is human and it’s messy, it’s not structured, it’s not, it’s not 100% divine, it’s not going to be perfect, it’s not going to feel good all the time, but if you can be gentle with yourself throughout it, you’re going to get over that hump and you’re going to get back into the feeling good. But gentleness with yourself throughout the process, like that’s the biggest thing.

55:20 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, and the word that’s coming up is safety, and you know, it’s not that I want to criticize the bro marketers, because there was a bit of implied safety that comes with. Here’s the plan. Let me just give you the framework. Here it is. This is the plan. You’ve been missing it, and now here it’s yours. That’s their plan. That worked for them, for sure, but we can also create our own safety, and so the creative process that we’re going to be going into next week is really about finding what’s safe for you.

55:57 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Yes, Mmm, the safety, the all of that root work, all of that stability, that security, that safety so so key.

56:07 – Emily Aarons (Host)
So I would say, as a takeaway for folks who are like, okay, I still don’t know if I can trust my intuition, I don’t know if I’m as self aware as I could be, I would say maybe I’ll, I’ll, I’ll share what I, what’s coming up for me, and I’ll give you a chance to kind of think of, maybe, what you would say for folks who are looking to build their intuitive muscles and to strengthen that trust thing that we’re talking about, I think one of the first things you can start to do, just like I said, you know, when people said I don’t have a morning routine, I don’t have a morning ritual, I would start to look back, look back when you did create something. Or if you are starting to create something, what are you instinctively already doing? Are you writing it down? Are you drawing a picture? Are you making some like visual thing? Are you speaking it out into like an audio, like recorder? What are you instinctively already doing?

I think that’s part of like you know in, like you’re right out of high school and everyone’s like what are you going to do for the rest of your life? You’re like I don’t know. I’ve been told not to think for myself. What am I supposed to do? This is that next level of, like self-awareness. So, looking back at things you’ve already created, business or not? What do you do? How do you already process thoughts, ideas into I’m doing something? And one of the easiest ways to do this is if anybody has thrown a birthday party or a celebratory event. You’ve probably done some sort of creativity to think about what you’re going to do. You’ve probably or a meal, right. What is your process? How do you think? How do you take action? And like, what do you do?

I think that that’s a really great way to just sort of look back at what you’ve already done, think about what you have done and see if you can maybe write down what the steps are Like. Okay, like when I first started my business, I didn’t think really I had a process for anything until I realized, well, when I record a podcast, I go to this place and then I start in this and I save it to this place and then I upload it to that. Like, that is a process, and I think this is a great way to kind of, like you said, invite in the masculine to see, like, if I’m already doing this sort of thing already, what is it? What if I had to like list what I do first? Exactly that would I would be. I think that’s one thing that you can start with doing, to look back and then you can start to just listen to that trust of like okay, so this has worked out for me in the past.

58:42 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)

58:42 – Emily Aarons (Host)

58:43 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Dang, you’re empowerment. So much with that.

58:45 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, like I did throw a really good birthday party that time, or I, you know I did host that holiday and like it went pretty good. Like you’ve done it you’ve done it before. Or like you said, cooking a meal, and like you’ve you probably do it every day or somewhat frequently. Whatever you’re, whatever the day sparks, what would you say is some ways that you can start to build trust and sort of move away from the fear of the unknown.

59:15 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
I like to pretend is one of the things is okay, I don’t trust right now. That’s fine, that’s legit, that’s valid, that’s how I feel in my body. What would it feel like if I did trust? What would my body language be like? What would I be thinking, what would I be doing? How would I be looking at this? So, just kind of like pretending and using that imagination muscle, which is also your intuition muscle, to start to kind of create that image for the quantum realm, to put that out there. So I would practice pretending and just see, because if you can get your brainwaves onto that same quantum potential that you’re putting out there, then oh, wow, wait, yeah, that can actually come through really easily. Oh, I can actually feel that.

59:58 – Emily Aarons (Host)
But it’s yeah, it’s a feeling it, feeling it real type of situation I would say and yeah, that is so good, because sometimes we’ll say, well, I don’t know, and I don’t know is like a slam steel door versus like what if? What if I could pretend, what if, what if I did know the answer you need to come up with it right then.

01:00:21 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Yeah, what if I did know the answer and you’re going about your day and you’re doing a laundry or whatever you’re doing? What if I didn’t know the answer and you’re just, you’re just sparking that little bit of joy within yourself in order to to light the fire underneath you of the real inspiration?

01:00:35 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, I think that’s an awesome tip. For everything that opens, yeah, it tends to have closing you down. I think that’s also part of the problem is that when we get ourselves into that you mentioned, like this dryness, this depression, like we can stay in that energy and spiral with that, or we can say like, well, how does it get better than this? What if I did know a way out? What if, perhaps, like, we’re opening the door instead of closing it down?

01:01:03 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
And how the answer can come through to you is not necessarily limited to your own imagination, your own inspiration. Somebody could say something to you. You can be presented with noticing a plant medicine. You can be presented with, you know, a new relationship like a colleague or somebody else in business, like be open to how the universe is trying to assist you, because it’s not always going to be the way that you think it’s going to be.

01:01:28 – Emily Aarons (Host)
So, yeah, I’ve had times where I was inspired to like listen to an audio book while I was writing, which is like the wrongest thing in the world, you know, you think, and sometimes having it on the background, or music on the background, there might be a lyric that I’m like that’s exactly how I need to say it. That’s what this program is called, that’s what, and it’s like, oh, it hits you in ways that you would least expect. That is the trust muscle is like, like, like, if I just put the question out there, it’s going to come back to me. That’s just the natural law of things. It’s going to come back. So I love, I love that, pretend, I love that. So, folks, I know you’ve been enjoying this and you’re probably like chomping at the bit, like, well, what’s the process? Take me through the process. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do next week. Tracy is going to walk us through every step how to find your own process, how to tell where your ideas are coming from, to tell where they’re blocked. We’re going to go through our own exercise, where you’re going to really get into the energetics of your own creative process. I’m also personally very excited about it.

My whole team is lit up about this and you can join Mastering Ascension now. The doors are open. You can head over. We have the links in the show notes. It’s EmilyArenscom forward slash membership. We have a really awesome year ahead of us. We’re having these four live quarterly events that are really going to help you to have your most abundant year yet. I’ve also sweetened this membership so much that it’s not just energy healing. So folks who’ve been in Mastering Ascension before, you’ve heard me talk about it. It’s not what it used to be. It’s now a curated platform for healing and learning. I am loading it full of these classes, expert guest speakers. I’m actually throwing in three of my most powerful spiritual business courses in there. You can even get coaching with me this year at a fraction of what it normally would cost, and it’s really the only way to get at this rate is through Mastering Ascension. So head over to EmilyArenscom forward slash membership. You’ll get all the information to sign up. You can join as a monthly member, join as an annual member. It’s totally up to you and what feels right for you.

One of the things I hear all the time from folks in my community from online, from DMs, from emails is that folks who are in my community. You’re highly sensitive. You’re spiritual entrepreneurs. You want to help people. You genuinely want to help people. You genuinely want to make a difference in the world.

But sometimes you are kind of going about it backwards or in sort of the wrong order. Sometimes we think, oh, we have to only focus on social media and post social media content, and that doesn’t usually work for a number of reasons. And what I want to share with you is that, as spiritual entrepreneurs, we have to do things a little bit differently than other folks. We need to do it in our own way. It needs to feel like a heck yes, in our body. We need to feel lit up, turned on and excited about what we’re doing. Otherwise, it’s just not going to work. That’s why, when we follow other people’s strategies or systems or frameworks, it generally doesn’t work out for us.

So something I’ve kind of done recently is started opening the question well, what if there was another way? What if we could revolutionize your learning experience so that you could have access to me, my teachings, my strategies, currently, not just from things in the past, as a pre-recorded program, but really in the moment? So that’s why I created the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast. It is truly the first private podcast for coaches, healers and leaders. It is literally a whole new category of its own, so that you can really learn how to help other people, how to make a difference and really, in a nutshell, it’s how to attract more clients and how to make more money right now. So each of my bi-weekly sessions will progressively build on the next, so you can learn at a pace that works for you from literally anywhere. So, instead of spending hours on your computer watching pre-recorded courses, you can pop in your earbuds, your headphones and go for a walk out in nature or go sit on your meditation pillow or go lay down in bed whatever feels great for you.

The Spiritual Business Sessions podcast is an amazing opportunity to get unlimited access to dozens of expert trainings by me, directly to you and at the most affordable rate, so that while you’re learning the step-by-step process how to grow your spiritual business, you don’t have to spend a fortune and you also don’t have to take tons of hours to be able to learn it and then implement it. So I’d love to offer this to all of my podcast listeners. I know you love podcasts because you’re here, so for a special time, I’d like to open up the doors for you to join the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast. It’s only $8 a month. You can cancel anytime, or, for folks who decide to join annually, I’m going to be selecting three lucky annual members to receive a 30-minute live business audit with me and my COO, amanda, this year.

So head on over to EmilyErenscom forward slash sessions to learn more about this revolutionizing podcast slash learning experience and you’ll learn how to grow your business from literally anywhere. This is not a cheap inversion of classes. This is full-on workshops courses that I’m delivering to you in real time that are current and up to date with today’s strategies, what works and what doesn’t work, and how you can apply it right now in your own business. Head on over to EmilyErenscom forward slash sessions and join us today. The other thing I want to share before we go is that you are hosting a workshop series the Aligned Business Energetics of 2024. So I would love for you to share a little bit more about that, and I’m also a guest in this. It’s at the end of January, so you want to share a little bit more about that, absolutely.

01:08:19 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
So this is a series and it’s really just working with practical energy and working with the energetics as well. Anything that you’ve already done to prep for 2024 or that you’re going to be doing before the end of January is going to be building on this. So if you’re working on strategy, you’re working on structure, you’re working on vision anything like that bring that and we’re going to plug that all in to really flush it out, really expand the energetics of it, really expand what you want to bring forward from your creativity and from your business throughout this year. And, of course, I’ve got two of my favorites joining me. I’ve got Emily, of course, sharing her magic, and then another one of my business mentors for years, actually one of the most brilliant people on business energetics, polly Hersey, and she’s absolutely amazing. So check out the link for that, for sure in the show notes below.

01:09:12 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, we’ll have it all linked up. So if you’re out for a walk or you’re driving and you’re like, okay, that sounds awesome, We’ll have everything linked up below. Of course, Tracey and I always love when listeners have this like aha moment, If this episode sparks something in you or it helped you realize something that you didn’t realize before. If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot, share it on your social media. Tag me and Tracey will have our social links below. We always love hearing from you.

Send us a DM, Like I mean, I’m not unreachable. I want to know does this, does this something you liked? Okay, great, I’ll do more of that. And if it was helpful for you and you know a friend who maybe has gone through a dry spell creatively or maybe just feels a little stuck or blocked, this is a great episode to share with them so that they don’t feel so alone and they don’t feel like you know, it’s just another year and I don’t know what this is going to be like Like share with a friend. So thank you so much for everybody who’s here listening. It’s such a gift to be able to share these episodes with you all. Tracey, you’ve been such an amazing guest again and thank you for being here on the podcast and sharing your light and your beautiful words.

01:10:27 – Tracy Gaudet (Guest)
Thank you so much for having me.

01:10:29 – Emily Aarons (Host)
We’ll see you on the next episode.


Mastery & Ascension Spiritual Business Mentorship is now open for enrolment!!

It’s the first curated platform where you can receive master-level healing with business education and strategy for spiritual entrepreneurs!

And next week, starting January 8th I am hosting the first ever Abundance Week – it’s a 7-day live (quarterly) event within the Mastery & Ascension Mentorship which will help you focus on your business abundance. There will be trainings with me and my COO, Amanda to get strategy, hypnosis with my very own hypnotherapist Kristin Dwan, a walking meditation, health challenges, energy healings and SO much more!

About Tracy

Tracy Gaudet
is a Practical Ascension Guide, Personal Mastery Shaman and Wayshower of Awakening.

She works with powerful light workers/warriors and change makers through the ascension process, to help accelerate them into more of their Soul self and Soul level gifts.

She uses her combined training and intuitive connection to work multi-dimensionally through guided journeys, energy healings and activations, coaching and more to help expand people into greater possibilities and the next level that is open and available to them now. She works with a combination of energy, mindset and practical action to create Soul Alignment and Expansion.

With all these high vibes she is also firmly grounded in this 3D reality as a wife and mother of 3. Balancing the high level spiritual with the daily grounded presence and action is her jam.

You can find her here:

I’m a special guest at Tracy’s Aligned Business Energetics 2024 Workshop Series. This is for you if you are ready to uncover what is truly possible when you commit fully to yourself and your business alignment.

Register for the Workshop Series HERE. It runs January 17th, 24th and 31st 2024.

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