Angels In Your Biz Oracle Card Reading August 2022

Episode 405

This month’s LIVE forecast was about recognizing and celebrating your uniqueness more. You’re on the right path and things are happening, maybe not at the speed you like, but there’s a bigger plan…



? 21. Manifestation: You are a manifesting machine
? 8. Overthinking: Get out of your head and into your heart
? 37. Branding: You’re a unique snowflake!




Hey, everybody, it is Emily from

And this is Your Angels in Your Biz, live. The energy forecast for this month of August. So as you may or may not know, I used to do these every single week prerecorded, and starting in July, I started to do them live because they’re more fun for me. And that’s s what it’s all about if it’s a fun way to do it. As we get started and you can always get these on my website, any time. What I’m going to do is I’ve already cleared myself, cleared the cards, and I’m going to shuffle up the cards and I pull three for us to give us the best message to stay in our highest alignment.

And then, I’m actually going to pull an extra card for one lucky person here who is live with me. I tried sending an email this morning to my list, but there are literally five in the processing queue. I don’t know what’s going on with my email provider, if you end up with three emails in like a couple of days, that’s why I don’t know what’s going on. But I’m glad that the ones who are here are here with me. The replay will be available on different platforms as well. All right.

So let’s just get into the energy, and get you a card. So as you get here, say hi. Let me know if you’re new here, because I know there’s a lot of new folks around my community lately.
And also, I want to let you guys know I’m going to be doing a challenge in a few weeks called Intuition Month. It’s in ways similar to Intuition Week, but it’s very different in that we are going to be challenging ourselves to doing five daily habits to help unlock our intuitive abilities. And then every single Friday, I’m going to be doing a live Zoom call with you to take that practice even deeper. And I know that within 30 days you will definitely have magnified your intuition. So I’m super excited about doing it. It’s completely free, so please share it with your friends.

(You knew you were joining for Intuition Month. Cool.)
(Picked a good time to take a work break. Yes, you did.)

All right, let’s begin. So I have cards. One, two, and three. I’m going to read them individually and what they mean collectively. I’m ready. Are you ready? Okay.

  • Card #1 is manifestation. You’re a manifesting machine. So this card shows up, you know, to just remind you that you’re on the right path. Sometimes we can get in our heads and second-guess ourselves, like, I don’t know, is anything even working? You know? I know I can be like that, a little bit impatient.So this card, what it also shows me visually is kind of like when we and if anybody here is a gardener or, you know, enjoys plants, when you take a seed and you put it into the soil, you cover it with dirt, you water it, you give it sunlight and love, right?It doesn’t pop up. It doesn’t pop up for quite some time. And then all of a sudden, this little tiny sprout shows up. It’s not much. It’s not the flower or the tree or whatever that you’re expecting to start showing up. It’s like this minuscule thing.

    And so what this is saying for us right now is that there are little sprouts that are starting to pop up and that maybe you’re not recognizing it as like the full-blown manifestation that you’re wanting, but it is a signal that you are on the right path. So, celebrate that, okay?

  • # 2 is overthinking. Of course, get out of your head and into your heart. So it’s next to the manifestation card, it’s telling me, yes, there are things that are happening like literally above the surface. (Thank you for the little emoji of the plants.) That’s exactly. So it’s like these little sprouts are coming up, but then there are some in your head, your ego, not your higher self. Your ego is telling you that’s not anything that’s just barely. No, that’s not what I’m looking to manifest.So let’s say you’re looking to manifest $100,000 and you got like I was walking today and I found a dollar on the road. So, like, I thought a dollar. Is a dollar anywhere remotely near 100,000? Not really. It’s pretty far off. However, it’s a sign and it’s a symbol that I’m a manifesting machine. The money is coming easily and effortlessly to me. I didn’t try to find a dollar. I just was walking on my normal walk and boom, there’s a dollar.So this is saying. Shit is happening. You’re just overthinking it. You’re not recognizing it, and you’re certainly not celebrating how far you’ve come and all the work that actually is showing up like evidence all around you. It might be little, though, so. Don’t freak out that it’s not where you’re trying to get to. (Too much activity happening. So it’s cloudy, my brain.)And this is why we’re doing Intuition Month. Because I really feel, you know, spirit-led that this is about opening up the collective. Like we need to actually raise our level of consciousness and clear away that heaviness, that negativity, that worry, anxiety. The fear is like all of that good that’s been weighing on all of us. And as we shift that stuff out. (Sorry, I just had breakfast.)
    We had this other opening-up that’s starting to come to this next level. The next level of course is intuition.
  • #3. are you ready? Branding. You’re a unique snowflake. This card is telling me. It’s asking me to be quiet, so bear with me. It’s really saying it’s time to recognize. It’s time to see and recognize yourself as a very sacred being. I know it’s easy to feel into the illusion that you’re not scared, you’re not special, you’re not gifted, you’re not talented, because that’s what we’ve been programmed to believe. They’re also showing me images of like beauty in a traditional sense, in that these traditional beauty standards are outdated and that you need to see your beauty from within yourself.

If you can start to see how sacred and how beautiful and wise and talented and strong and brave, and to really acknowledge how far you’ve come to get to where you are right now in your life and really come from that place of deep authenticity. Nobody can take that from you. Nobody can replace that. And so when you can come to the table, like, listen, you’ve been banged up and bruised, you’ve been through a lot, maybe you’re not. Where are you trying to get to yet? But you’re on your way.

And the more you can really come back into yourself, share from that place of tenderness, of vulnerability and speak that truth however it needs to be spoken, it’s time to again. It’s back to the overthinking right in the middle.

And so this first card manifestation and this last card branding are making this like little bridge to like, your bright future. They’re like, it’s there, it’s built, you are ready. It is your time. Start looking around and recognizing all of the different little sprouts that are popping up and recognize how far you’ve come to get there. You know, because I know for me, like when we are planting seeds are we’re growing plants, we have a backyard farm. And actually just yesterday and today, three baby chicks hatched! And so, you know, we want to jump in and intervene and help these baby chicks to strive and to live their best life. But also, nature has a way of having like, order. And so part of what the message is today, is around there’s like a divine order, and it’s all organized perfectly. You’re thinking that it’s not happening fast enough or the way that you want is all an illusion.

And so the more that we can kind of let go of that, let go of the illusions of how things are supposed to be, let go of like what we think of ourselves, like measuring up to other people. Let all that go and be here. Be present. The quickest way to what you’re wanting to manifest is within. So again, manifestation, overthinking. We got to get over, get out of your head, back into your heart, and then branding. So don’t dismiss. Don’t put it down.

How amazing of a person, of a human and of a soul, you truly are. And I want you to celebrate that. Celebrate these little, little milestones as much as you possibly can, okay?
So would anybody care to have a card? Because I have one right here on top. I’ll show you one right here on top. And it’s going to go to a lucky winner. So I’d like you to guess the number. Use your intuition. Guess the number 1 to 44. Put it in the comments here, and I will pick somebody from this audience to be chosen.

Again, if you would like to join me during Intuition Month, it started in just a few weeks. It’s totally free and you’ll get to be part of my space for an entire month. I know it sounds like a lot, but you can also take it just one week at a time. Challenge yourself to do these five habits every single day for just a week, and every Saturday we reset. So let’s say you didn’t go 100% the way you wanted it. Well, don’t worry about it. We’ll just reset. Okay?

All right, let’s see our number. I have our number. I’m going to turn back to the audience and see if anybody has chosen it yet. Oh, some close guesses, but I see one right here. That’s the closest without going over. Where? Who? Brett Ten, you are the lucky winner. Okay, the card number is 9 and the card is planted out. It’s time to get more serious. We all need a little dose of this is like a spirit dope slap to say like. It’s like in addition to this, like, reading for all of us is saying, okay, great.

Now we know what you want to manifest. You’re getting out of your head and you’re focusing on how you can serve in the world just as you are your authentic self. This is saying, get serious. It’s saying like, don’t just keep it as an idea floating around, put pen to paper and get it done. Like, what is step one? What is step two? What is my goal?

(You said eight. I didn’t see it eight. I guess you’ll have to get one too, aren’t you? And don’t have an eight on here, my bad. I didn’t see it. But you’ll get a card to spiritual it.)
(We’re good. Did you say it to where? All my comments. Oh, well, apparently I’m not seeing comments.)

I’m self-publishing in children’s book. I was hoping for a sign. Here is your sign. Get more serious. And so, like, be relentless with getting this book out there, making sure that it’s not about you, it’s about them. Think about the children whose lives will be changed through reading your book. Okay? That’s what you need to focus on. And if they don’t get this book, what is their life going to be like in a few years, five years, ten years, 20 years from now? You need to have that. Okay.

So spiritual mediums, stuff, you get soulmate clients, your dream clients are in your heart. So it’s time to really tap into that. I happen to have an amazing meditation called Attracting Soulmate Clients with Ease and it’s 8 minutes long. It’s inside of my membership and literally, you listen to it and then people find you. It’s amazing. So thank you.

There was one other person who did it, right? I don’t see the other eight. Did something else say 8 here? I hope so. All right. Everybody wants a card. I know, but we’re only going to do just a couple.

Clear your energy. Stop, drop and realign to your highest. This is saying it’s time to clear your energy.

Also, fun fact when you join Intuition Month, I have an upgrade. It’s only 9.99 and you will get access to my reboot meditation. It will clear your entire energy feel. All you have to do is press play and it will do all the work for you. You’ll have 30 days of access to that meditation, plus some other incredible goodies. It’s well worth the $9. I used to sell it for 18. So 9 bucks, you get it for an entire 30-day period. Actually, you get it for longer because you’ll have access until the end of August. So if you get it, if you join now and do the upgrade, you literally get like twice as much time with it. All right month join now we get started. September 1st is when we dove into the challenge. I truly hope you can all join me. I would absolutely love that. After the session is over, find me on Instagram. Make sure you follow me and share this message with somebody you love so that they can stay in their highest alignment for the rest of this month too.

Thank you so much for being here and being part of the space. I hope we get to raise our consciousness together throughout Intuition Month and beyond. This is the first time I’ve ever done it in this capacity, so I would love for as many people to join me as possible. So if you have a few friends who are into spiritual stuff and want to enhance their intuition tell them to join along, you can say it’s kind of like Whole30, but for your intuition, super awesome, right? Sounds good.

All right. Thank you guys for being here. Lots of love to you.

August 2022 Energy Forecast:

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