Hike & Cold Immersion

at Lake Gardner, Amesbury, Ma

Please join me, Emily Aarons for a weekly hike and cold immersion at Lake Gardner, Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Time: Saturdays at 9:00am (Starting Saturday, September 23rd)

Where: 79 High Street, Amesbury

You Need: Towel and change of cozy clothes for after the water.

HOW TO DRESS: Please wear your bathing suit under your clothing. We will go for a short but vertical hike. Afterwards, we will gather at the base of the hill at the sandy beach, take off outer layers of clothing and take a chilly dip in the lake.

You’re welcome to go at your own pace, more experienced people might go fully in. Maximum time in the water will be 2 minutes.

After the water, you’ll need a TOWEL to dry off. Then change into dry clothes. I prefer a bath robe or large sweatshirt and sweatpants.

To prepare for cold immersion I highly recommend starting at HOME with a cold shower for 10 seconds, then 20, then 30. Start with extremities and then go fully under water for up to a minute. This will help you adjust and BREATHE.

If for any reason I need to cancel, I will notify you by email. You will be able to use the $5 as a credit towards the next week’s event.

Thank you!


[email protected]

More Resources:

The Wim Hof Method of breathing will be used. You can read more about the numerous health benefits prior, but they include (but are not limited to): boost of mood, decreased stress, improved sleep, and feeling like a major badass! Get the book “The Way Of The Iceman”.


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