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Soul Book Editing™ & Energy Work Session:


If you’re ready to get UNSTUCK, get more clarity, clients, confidence and CASH? Soul Book Editing™ and Energy Work Sessions are the easiest and fastest way to get rid of blocks holding you back so that you can get more of what supports you. Especially incredible for entrepreneurs ready for miraculous breakthroughs! Clients can’t stop talking about how incredible these sessions have been for them. Visit my TESTIMONIALS page hear what my clients are saying.

Want to know what a Soul Book Editing™ session is like? You can view live sessions HERE and HERE.


Soul Book Editing Session & Energy Work

Prepare for your session by just relaxing. You can think of a specific area in your life where you’d like clarity or somewhere you feel stuck. You may also think of a specific question where you’d like to begin.

I don’t need the whole history of what’s happened to you to get you here, I just need to know where to begin the session. The energy will take us where we need to go!

At the time of your appointment please use the UberConference Line below:


Conference Number: 401-283-4001
PIN: 21472
You can also login online: www.uberconference.com/emilyaarons


You can take a few deep breaths and just relax during the session. Feel free to ask question, interject with information or confirmation. During the session, I take notes at the beginning to see where you’d like to start, then I close my eyes for the remainder of the session and allow my intuition, guides, and angels to guide me.

**You’ll receive a google form to fill out and a replay link of our call after the session has ended.


Please understand you have just received a massive amount of energy work. Self-care is a MUST to allow your system to integrate all of the energy. This could make you feel very tired or very energized. Make sure to listen to your body and not overdo it! Here’s a list of easy self-care items:

  • Drink lots of water!
  • Epsom Salt Bath
  • Walk barefoot
  • Eat foods that will nourish your system: PLEASE ASK the food as you’re grabbing it “does thisnourish my body and energy system right now?”
  • Take a walk in nature
  • Rest, take a nap
  • Lay on the floor or a bed with your feet up the wall
  • Eat grounding foods like root vegetables: Potatoes, beets, carrots
  • Move your body – gentle yoga or simple stretches that feel goodThank you for your allowing me this opportunity to connect with you on a deeper level! ~Emily AaronsPlease feel free to contact me anytime after your session with questions or anything that comes up!
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