Intuition Month – Ego Versus Intuition

People frequently ask me questions about being able to tell the difference between their ego and their intuition.

Not only that, but they want to know how to stop second-guessing their intuition and how to tell if they’re on the wrong path.

I’m so excited to talk about it in this episode of the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast.

Because when you learn to build your “trust muscle,” doors open up to you as you receive that deep level of clarity.

Making decisions gets easier and it gives you more confidence!

If you haven’t signed up for Intuition Month yet, there is still time to get in on this exciting way to grow your intuition muscle in a community of light-minded individuals.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [1.52] Why I love these challenges and why community events are important for the collective consciousness.
  • [3.05] What you need to know about ego (it isn’t bad!)
  • [5.04] When your ego is freaking out it’s evidence of your growth.
  • [5.37] The three ways that ego shows up.
  • [7.40] When we do things that are new it’s stretching us, it’s creating a new us.
  • [9.13] Intuition, how you can decipher it from your ego.
  • [12.40] The bedrock foundation for increasing your trust in your intuition.
  • [13.13] Your new normal if you want to be more intuitive. You have to be crystal clear!
  • [14.13] Learn what causes the difficulty with trusting your intuition.
  • [16.50] When you trust your intuition, you will always be led to the right next step.

Welcome back to the Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast Episode Number 408.

I’m really psyched about this episode because I know a lot of people ask me, how can I tell the difference between my ego versus my intuition? How do I develop this knowing this trust? Because I always second-guess myself. I’m always doubting myself or, you know, I’ll get a great hit and then, you know, later I’ll see like, Oh, I should have done it that way. I knew it and I made the wrong choice or I feel like I’m on the wrong path.

So I’m going to answer all of these questions as well as telling you how you can actually develop trust and build this intuitive muscle. Because ultimately, as entrepreneurs, when you can build this level of deep trust, it’s going to carry over into every area of your life, including your business.

So it makes it so much easier to be able to use your intuition to make faster decisions. Use your intuition to create pricing. Use your intuition to attract soulmate clients and so many more things.

So we’re going to talk about all that in this week’s episode. Plus, at the very end of it, I’m going to share some ways that we can hang out together. It’s invitation for how we can get to know each other, build community, and actually literally get to hug each other in person. I’m excited about it. I hope you are too.

So let’s dove into it. And also welcome, I know there’s a lot of new listeners around here who have joined the Intuition Month Challenge and therefore have started listening to the podcast or started following me on social media. So warm welcome to anybody who is new here. It’s so great to get to spread my message and to make such a positive impact on the world.

So, you know, part of what Intuition Month is about is creating community and not just any community, creating community with the intention of raising the level of consciousness, not only raising the level of consciousness within yourself, but on the planet.

And so as we’re doing this together, as we’re collecting our energies and focusing on listening to our intuition together, it raises this energy and this collective consciousness is something that’s palpable and expands and it trickles out not just from ourselves, but into our families, into our communities, into our online spaces, and to our, you know, actual in-person room. So, you know, you’re helping yourself, but you’re also spreading that love. So thank you so much.

For those of you who have signed up, if you have yet to sign up, you can always do that. It’s completely free at – all one word. If you go to my website it will pop up. We will also have it linked to the show notes below.

So we’re going to talk about ego. What is ego?

So ego gets a bad rap because it’s like, Oh, that’s all ego. You don’t want to listen to your ego. And ego is bad. It’s not true. Ego isn’t bad. And I want to basically stand up for ego here. My arm around ego be like, hey, you’re not a bad person.

So think about it this way, and my guides showed me this beautiful image to help me understand it. My guides speak to me in metaphors a lot of times.

So if you imagine you’re inside an apartment on a 50 floor, 50th floor building. Right? You’re on the 50th floor of a building there we go. And you have a beautiful open glass slider door and it’s open and there’s a baby crawling towards it, and could potentially crawl over that lip onto the balcony and harm itself fatally.

So your ego is that desperate mother on the inside of the house, or parent who is saying, no, no, no, don’t go to the edge. Don’t go to the edge. Impending doom like this is not okay. And so what your ego is going to do is going to throw anything it can to stop that innocent baby from its possible death, because that’s what it feels like to the ego. Everything is changing. It’s not safe. Things are being mixed up. And I want to throw everything I can.

The good news is that your ego knows everything about you. Just like a mother would know it’s baby. And so, you know, Mom, I clap, clap their hands or throw a vase or just scream and or something to get the baby’s attention to make it stop. So just think of your own ego as that same lovingly. Like it has love in its intent. But when things change from the status quo, your ego is going to have a fit.

And so one of the things that I love to give people as just like to be a little more kind to yourself, is when your ego is screaming at you and flaring and making a mess and just throwing like all the worst stuff at you. It’s evidence of your growth. It’s evidence of your ascension.

If things were just status quo when you were not growing, you’re not doing your spiritual work, everything was the same. Your ego wouldn’t say boo. Okay?

So the fact that your ego is going crazy isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually evidence of your growth and ascension. So like high five yourself, whew, you did it!

Ego is showing up because you’re growing. So let’s talk about it because just because, you know, that doesn’t make it easier to deal with. So I’m going to give you three examples of how ego shows up.
– Ego is loud, like I just mentioned.
– It is a critical meanie, right? It’s like the inner mean girl in your head says the worst stuff, right?

Back to that baby crawl into the ledge? Because that ego is going to say all of the worst stuff to get your attention, to make you stop.

And good news. The ego’s inside of you, so your ego knows you better than anybody else. So your ego is going to flash images of doomsday. Your ego is going to flash image images of remember that last time you tried to do that big thing and you fell and you had a belly flop? Oh, that was embarrassing, wasn’t it? You’re the worst. You’re on the wrong path. And look, all the bad things that happened to you.

It’s going to show you images and thoughts and make you flood your body with emotions and sensations as if you’re in a bad negative situation. Like your body is going to go through these possibly stress hormones that are flooded in your system. So it’s loud, it’s critical and it’s negative. So negative meaning like it’s it’s like that’s not going to be good. You’re going to suck at that. Who’s going to listen to you anyway?

And I’m just going to personally raise my hand here and be like, hey, I also deal with this now, like literally the time of this recording, which is the end of August.

I was starting to sit down to record some of my certification course, the Integrated Energy Alignment Certification, and every time I sat down to open up a new module, ego was like, who do you think you are? You don’t have anything to say. You don’t know what you’re doing, you know, you can’t even talk about that.

And then I would sit down and I would just like take some deep breath and I would just start, you know, writing and putting my notes together.

And next thing I know, I’m presenting this incredible module for multiple modules for, you know, a long period of time with a lot of information.

And so then I got in the flow and I was like, Oh yeah, I actually do kind of know what I’m doing. I’ve been doing this for 23 years. It’s just new to me.

And so when we’re doing things that are new to us, it stretches us energetically and energy moves before form so energetically we’re being like like stretched into a new version of ourselves.

And oftentimes that’s not somebody we’ve never met before. They’re unrecognizable. We can’t recognize them, we don’t know them. And so it can be very scary that we’re stepping into that. And so all those little neurons in our brain are like unsafe danger or can’t do this, don’t do it. We are literally becoming a new person.

And so when we’re creating these new neural, these new little, like, I’m totally drawing a blank on these new neural synapses in our brain. We’re creating these new grooves in our brain that they’ve never been there before. And so, of course, it’s hard. It’s difficult. It’s just like bushwhacking, right?

Like the beautiful paths that we walk on in the woods that are, like, completely smooth. And lots of people been like, that’s nice and all. But we’re actually going the way that there’s like there’s overgrown brush, right? Or bushwhack and, and we’re trying to like figure it out.

And so for those of us who are brave enough. To step up and to aspire to more, to want to lead, to want to help others, to want to do good in the world we’re bushwhacking, man. For some reason, we signed up for this. Right?

And there’s a calling inside of us that says, you got to do this. Even though it’s hard, even though it’s painful, even though it’s scary, we have to do it like it’s our soul’s mission. And so, again, ego is loud, critical and negative.

And on the converse side. Intuition is soft. Intuition speaks in whispers, which is why we have to get quiet so that we can listen. Right. We have to stop.

Our ego will keep us in perpetual motion. Our left brain will be like doo doo doo. We had to do to do it, to be worthy, we have to go if to produce we to go very masculine.

Intuition can be soft and subtle and we have to really be quiet to be able to listen.

The intuition is also very supportive. And so whenever you get that intuitive hit, you’re not having like the ego is like, like the worst stuff ever, like coming at you. It’s like, imagine you want a stage in front of thousands of people. All of them lit up, tears streaming down their face. Their life has changed. And that impact that you created in their life has shifted something so monumental in them that they then can live their best life. Feel that in your body.

Like if you’re listening to us right now, you have felt that, you have seen that you’ve experienced some level of that, and that’s inside of you. It’s embedded, it’s an imprint.

And so when we have those loving, supportive, soft images, it’s so positive. So that’s the third thing. Intuition is it’s positive, it’s not negative.

And so when you can feel sense and know from a deeper level the impact you’re here to make, the work you’re here to do, it is expansive.

So think of ego as more constructive. It’s trying to hold you at status quo, where things are and it’s manageable, intuition is expansive.

And that’s where it can get scary. You can be so expansive, you’re like, I don’t know who that person is in the future. That seems scary. Unlimited abundance. What? Who’s that? Not me. You know, things are be – are easy. What? My life has always been in chaos. And I’ve been living in this trauma loop for the rest, for my whole life. So it’s like we see we have this like this dissonance. It’s not a resonance. It’s this dissonance of like, I don’t want to do that.

And so when we’re in that stage, we’re out of alignment. So to get into alignment and develop this trust, cause that’s why we want to do it, right?

Like, that’s nice to have that vision, but like, how do I actually develop this trust in that vision to actually put it into play?

And so, again, this is why we’re doing Intuition Month. It’s to create this soul-level intimacy.

So instead of just like giving you like a pill, like, here, take this red pill, you’ll open up your intuition and you’ll totally be fine.
That would be like taking a drink out of a water hose and, like, that’s not going to help anybody. So the thing about intuition, it’s like you have to develop that trust over time.

It is not an instant fix.

As much as I could throw some really super sexy marketing and I have because I believe in this, you can trust your intuition in 30 days or less. That is a fact.

Because if you are doing this work and these five simple habits every single day consistently you will develop and strengthen this soul-level intimacy with your higher self. It is a fact. It has been also scientifically proven.

So the things that I’m talking about through intuition. But these simple habits are the bedrock to your success.

We’re talking about, you know, the people who are super successful. They’re already into like biohacking, right? They’re doing red light therapy. They’re doing I.V. infusions, they’re doing cold, you know, immersions. They’re doing all kinds of crazy, like supplementation, all sorts of, like, incredible. Like, we’re not there yet, but we can be right now.

It started like level one. Level one is meditate, drink, water, move your body, go outside and eat foods that are as close to nature as possible, whole foods. And this is not a diet. This is a lifestyle to build your intuition. This is your new normal.

If you want to be intuitive and you truly are here to make an impact, it’s time to prioritize yourself, your needs. And in order to get intuitive regularly, you have to be clear. And these five simple habits are going to get you super duper crystal clear.

So, part of creating this soul-level intimacy is to create honest communication. You need to develop honest communication, and this deep connection, all of these habits will do that.

So if you’re searching for that soul-level intimacy, wanting to be able to trust your intuition and no longer doubt yourself, you want to trust those instincts, feel guided on your path. Signs when it’s time to shift or pivot, you’ll know exactly what’s coming your way and you’re going to awaken your soul’s calling. That is what Intuition Month is all about. So again, you can sign up if you haven’t signed up,

But this takes time. There’s not a quick fix, instant anything when it comes to developing your intuitive abilities and your deep connections with your higher self. You have to create that relationship in that language.

So also let’s look at the trust factor. The trust factor is showing up for you because if you have difficulty trusting your intuition, most likely you’re also having difficulty trusting other people. Trust in other people starts first with trusting yourself. So if you’re doubting yourself constantly and you’re down to other people, how are you supposed to grow a business?

How are you supposed to make an impact? Like if you’re just like always looking over your shoulder, you’re never this, you’re never that, you’re second-guessing yourself. It’s like, stop. You can, you really can, second guess yourself I believe, too, is also a habit. Not trusting in yourself and not trusting other people is a habit.

And so if you want to shift that habit and really focus on how you can be of service, trusting yourself is paramount.

So when we can do these five simple habits every day and really take care of ourselves, put ourselves first, you develop that trust.

And then little by little, your those little whispers of your intuition, that soft-spoken voice, it starts to become more consistent instead of just like once in a while you get this, like, big head.

It’s like a daily trickle. It’s like a slow drip, that’s I just heard. My guidance say it’s like a slow drip instead of your coffee being like instant, like you just mix the coffee and there you go.

Like also we know most instant coffee kind of sucks, but a slow drip is like not it’s so good. So think of this like a slow drip. So every single day you’ve got this slow drip going on.

And so it doesn’t it’s not like an on-off switch where you’re suddenly intuitive and you’re suddenly not into it. It’s always – it’s a constant.

And so I’ll use myself as an example. We like intuition speaks to me, not just about my business, not just about myself, not just about these like big things, but about like the dumbest, most seemingly insignificant things.

So sometimes it’s like with my kids, like, make sure to bring this thing or make sure to do this thing. And it’s like seemingly silly, but for some reason, it needs to happen that way. And then you start to listen all the time. You get these nudges all the time, and so it’s like you’re just picking up on stuff.

And I’m not saying picking up on stuff like you can read people’s energy and know people’s story. Like, I’m not about that. I don’t want to know that. And frankly, it’s none of my business, so I’m not open and available for that, so I don’t pick up on it.

But things that have to do with me and my family, it always shows up.

And so, you know, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re like, you know, I’m struggling with social media. I’m struggling with booking clients. I don’t have a reserve of people who are waiting to book sessions with me.

I don’t have, you know, consistent people buying my stuff. That’s the evidence that you are out of alignment and not trusting yourself. Because when your trust in yourself, your inner knowing, your higher self, will guide you to the right next moves – always.

And especially as we head into this end of the year and there’s all this talk about recession and all this nonsense. It’s like these embedded thoughts, these thoughts of fear are getting embedded in people. It’s like an implant.

And so we can choose to see that and adopt that story for ourselves and go into full of fear and panic, just like when COVID happened, you know?

And that can be your story, that can be your narrative, and that can be where your energy takes you. You can also realize that intuitively you’ll be guided just like your GPS is going to reroute you. Your intuition will reroute you to your highest and best timeline; always, always.

But only if you’re trusting in it, only if you’re plugged in. And so we have to always make that choice each and every day.

And that’s why these five habits are critical, because even if I’m in like my own past trauma loops, even if I have listened to some, you know, news that somebody shared with me, even if I’ve got into fear, motor scarcity and my energy is all wackadoo.

So I go outside, I take my walk, I eat good foods, I hydrate. And all of those things I meditate and all those things that I do for myself. It’s like, snap. It gets me right back to my higher self, back into my truth.

And for the next four months, I know it’s going to be imperative that we are leading and living from our healed version of our higher self, not from our wounded healers. Okay?

So, let’s take a deep breath there. Understand how important it is to do this work. If you haven’t already signed up for Intuition Month, please do it. Join me. It’s never too late. I mean, literally, it’s never too late. You can start it next month for all I care.

But just make that commitment for this new normal to show up for you. You know that there’s a part of you that’s like calling to serve at a higher level. Now you have to just put your feet on the pavement and do the damn thing.

So I know I told you at the beginning of the podcast that there is going to be ways that we can actually be in person with each other coming up very soon.

So there’s a few things I’m going to mention right now. I’ll have it linked in the show notes, some of the things I have a waitlist for, and some of the things we are taking spaces now. So again, look at the show notes to get the links and to sign up.

So we already talked about Intuition Month. I also have an In-person/Online Intuitive Leadership Series coming. So if you live in Massachusetts or in the New England area and you want to come hang out with me on Saturdays throughout the end of October and early November, that leadership series is going to be on sale now, so you can reserve your tickets there. Very low price.

I surveyed my audience. People said what they wanted. They said how much they want to pay for it. They said when they’re available.

So that’s literally, I’m literally creating it based on what your needs were. And they’re very reasonable. The series of the classes is, I think there I have to double check on the prices, but they’re very reasonable, I just say that.

The next event I have is my in-person Plum Island, Massachusetts retreat at the end of October, October 23rd through 25th. Again, this is in-person. It’s limited to ten people. So it’s very, very small.

Oh, and for that in-person Leadership Series, I’m limiting it to 25 people in person, but online is unlimited.

So back to the retreat. So the retreat is all about healing. It’s about raising your level of confidence. And you’re going to be with like-minded entrepreneurs who are here on their spiritual journey, too.

And you’ll be able to spend that time with me, get some amazing chef-prepared meals and some really cool experiences.

Plus will be near my hometown, so most likely you’ll be able to see like my farm and stuff.

And then the final thing I have coming up is called the INITIATION, that is my Integrative Energy Alignment Certification Program.

It’s the first module. And so I broke it out as the first module solely because I know there’s lots of coaches, healers and aspiring coaches and healers who are out there who are wanting to use their intuition, protect your energy for clients, as well as create long-lasting results for your clients. And that first module is like everything.

It’s also going to be the pre-requisite to pass that so that you can be part of the certification program that I’ll be running in January online and in April as an in-person five day immersive experience. So again, in-person stuff, I’m really feeling called to it, as you can tell.

And what I’m realizing, well, what I realized really quickly within that first module is that the difference between this program and this certification versus an online course that you can study you modality or take a business course or whatever online is.

Most people are used to online programs that you like, you buy it, and no one ever looks back and like checks in on you. This is the absolute opposite.

My certification in this first module, the initiation, we are holding your hand. We are getting you to the finish line.

So you have modules that have to be completed, quizzes that have to be completed, practice sessions that have to be completed. And I’m literally teaching you from day one how to have a successful business.

Half of the Integrated Energy Alignment Certification Program is all spiritual based, energy based healing, and the second half is all business skills.

How to have an actual business, and how to monetize the business. Because truly, I was that broke healer. And if it weren’t for my own ability to shift out of that mode and that paradigm, I wouldn’t be here today as a very successful healer and helping to lead others in growing their businesses as well.

And so that’s a really big difference, is that I’m shifting a paradigm out of that broke model of spiritual leader, spiritual teachers.

If you do tarot card readers or you use your intuition or your creative or artistic type or your coach, and you’re just trying to figure out how to do the thing.

This is truly focused on business building.

So, you know, I realize, too, it’s not for everybody.

You know, if you are thinking you want to sign up for a course, but like you might not get to it ever. And somebody says, oh, you have lifetime access. And of course you’re like, sure, I’ll just do it whenever, 97% of people don’t. That’s the stat – it truly is sad. And I think that’s also sucky as a course creator because you put so much of your love into creating these beautiful courses and nobody actually does.

So, my – I call it the IEA Integrated Energy Alignment Certification like this is absolutely not that this is a new paradigm for people who are very serious and who are very dedicated and very committed, not only to being of service in their craft, but to having that exchange in the world and making a living. This is a whole new avenue. This is not like a side gig. This is you’ll have a lucrative business.

And literally, I am handing you people to work on his practice sessions and who will pay you for sessions throughout it so you make your money back really fast.

I’m really proud of it, in case you can’t tell. I’m sure I’ll be doing some more podcasts on this topic of shifting the paradigm out of broke healer into a wealthy coach, a wealthy healer. So that’s everything in a nutshell.

I wanted to share that with you again. I would love for you to join me in Intuition Month or any of these things that I’ve mentioned will have it all linked up in the show notes.

Thank you so much for being here.

As my dedicated listeners or as my new listeners, every minute that we get to spend together means the world to me.

And even though sometimes folks know me so well through my podcast, but I don’t get to know you so much. So one of the best ways for me to get to know you, my listeners, is when you take a screenshot, if you tagging me in your Instagram stories or even just send me a DM, if you’re not much of like a posting kind of person, even if you just send me a DM on Instagram and just say, hey, Emily, I was listening to this episode and really meant a lot to me.

I really love your podcast.

I just think you’re like a nice person.

For me, it’s everything and that is that energetic exchange of me delivering this amazing free content week after week for you to say like, hey, it meant something to me that is like an energetic thumbs up for me. And it’s like, oh, makes my whole day.

So reach out, and make sure that we build that connection.

And I hope that you can sign up for some of these in-person or virtual events with me and help build this community. I’m really excited about it.

And at the end of Intuition Month, I will be inviting people into my community, Mastering & Ascension. So if you’ve been wanting to join Mastery & Ascension for a while, but the doors have been closed at the end of Intuition Month, we’ll be opening the doors again, but just for a few days. So if you do want to join, this would be a great time.

It’s the last time I’m going to be opening the doors this year and I’d help you to take the next step and join us.

It is an amazing community and I have to brag for a second, is in looking at optimizing my community and making it even better. We’ve shifted some things around to make it even more interactive, make it more intentional. Instead of doing Facebook Live, I’m doing Zoom calls.

We have a private podcast, which is incredible, so I don’t have to download anything. It’s just on your phone automatically on your devices, and we are just making it even better.
Plus, M&A people will be getting discounts for all those events that I just mentioned as well. So another benefit of being in M&A.

All right. You guys have a great rest of your day. Lots of love. I hope to see you in Intuition Month and beyond.

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It’s not too late to join Intuition Month! Let me share with you the practices and tools that will help you connect to your intuition. You’ll be part of a large community which makes it so much more powerful.


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