Intuition Month Challenge Part 2

Habits! Have you looked at yours lately?

 It’s good to bring your conscious attention to your daily habits to see if they’re working for you or not.

Because your energy attracts more of that same energy.

So, if you’re doing things that aren’t working for you, you’re attracting more of the same!

It’s like if you have a great workout and you’re feeling really good. That carries through your day too.

I share more about how to focus your attention on your current habits and create new ones that will allow you to be a clear vessel for your intuition.

I’m also going to take you through this step-by-step in Intuition Month. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so HERE

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • [1.54] The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.
  • [3.09] How “too busy” can get in the way of your goals.
  • [4.16] What to pay attention to first thing in the morning. The way you start your day sets the tone!
  • [5.08] There’s always a choice.
  • [5.57] You need to be clear with your intuition. If your filter is all “gunked up” you can’t trust it.
  • [7.03] Intuition month is creating a bedrock for success.
  • [8.00] What is the challenge? I explain.
  • [9.07] You’ll notice week after week, how much better you will feel. Doors start opening for you!
  • [10.34] Habit stacking to prevent overwhelm and see big results.

Hey everybody, welcome back to the Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast.

I’m Emily Arons, and this is kind of a part two sort of as we’re talking about Intuition Month that’s coming up this September. I am so excited for it. I hope you get to sign up to join me. It’s completely free, so please bring your friends.

I’m going to be talking about that a little bit more. But before I do, I wanted to share this really great review that I just saw on iTunes. It’s by Jamie Lee.
She says, One day I was looking for a new podcast to listen to for my long commutes to and from work. I came across Emily’s podcast and something inside me was telling me to give it a try, and I did. I immediately fell in love with the podcast. and Emily. Sinc I just started listening, I listened every day. Emily’s positive vibes are contagious. After a long day, I know her podcast will pick me up. I loved her weekly forecasts so much that I bought her Oracle deck for myself. I’m also a member of her Mastery & Ascension Membership. I can’t get enough.

Thank you so much, Jamie. I really appreciate that. Thank you for that shout-out. I love these messages. Certainly, if you have been an avid listener or a new listener and you’ve been enjoying yourself, please tell a friend. Share it. Of course, a podcast review is always something that warms my heart and I read every single one, so thank you so much for that.

Let’s dove into habits. We all know about habits, right? We’ve talked about, you know, building conscious habits and unconscious habits. Meaning every single day when you get up and you live your life, you are doing the things that you do probably every single day without fail. Sometimes we get things mixed up, but everything that you do is something that you’re in the habit of doing. And the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

So sometimes, you know, let’s I’m going to throw my husband under the bus for a second. You know, he has this little corner where he keeps his junk. He keeps his junk there.
And every now and then, I just go, you got to clean up the stuff. He’s like, Oh, it’s just this one spot. Well, it’s not just this one spot. The way he does one thing is the way he does everything. He has junk spots in a lot of places, okay? So we know that about us.

I know that I can be guilty of, you know, like my drawers. Like, I go through phases where everything is, like, immaculate and clean, and then all of a sudden you don’t want to open the door. Everything is is is a mess.

So what I want to say is, it’s good to bring your attention, your conscious attention to your daily habits, and to see if they’re working for you or not. So I know for me, I’ve got two young kids and this is the season of life that I’m in. If I want alone time. It’s kind of hard to get unless I’m getting up before my kids are staying up late after they’ve gone to bed. And the latter is not truly an option for me. I’m such a morning person that trying not to sleep at night is not usually helpful for me.

So what I’ve noticed is that, the sun kind of wakes me up, or sometimes actually my spirit team wakes me up and I usually get woken up in the ballpark of like 5 a.m., 5:30 a.m. – not every day, but a lot of days. And there’s part of me that says like, uh, I don’t want to get up this early. I want to sleep some more. But then there’s another part of me that’s like, well, no one’s bothering you. You can make the most of it and have that space that you don’t get any other time. Because when I am, when I’m up and I’m with my kids, we have a routine. And then once they gone to school and daycare, then I have my work routine. And then when the work routine is over, I have my kid routine again. And so there’s not a lot of whitespace for me. And it’s so easy to make the excuse that I just don’t have half the time.

Things are too crazy, things are too busy, and we all know those excuses are just B.S. And they stop us from achieving what we truly want and what we truly desire. And I know all of you who are listening are also entrepreneurs. And so, you know, we need to understand how to call B.S. on ourselves. So, what I want to do is bring your attention to some habits. So when you wake up in the morning, what do you do? How are you thinking? How are you feeling?

A lot of times when I’m under a lot of stress, I wake up with feelings of stress, anxiety, and I can feel it in my body and its tightness that happens and my mind starts to go. It is a data shocking, I know, even for me, right? But that’s the truth. When I’m stressed out, I start my day and it’s like, hulala! And especially even at 5 a.m. when people have left me alone and I, it’s just I’m by myself with my thoughts. And I get that tension and that anxiety and I can choose to keep letting it run me and run my day. Or I can choose a habit that serves me.

And so a lot of times we don’t make that choice. We don’t think there is a choice to be made. We wake up with feelings of anxiety and stress and overwhelm, and we just let that run our day. Now is not to blame you or shame you or anything like that, but it’s just to have that realization that there’s always a choice. I always have a choice. You always have a choice. We might not be able to change 100% of the circumstances that we live in, but we can change how we react and how we feel about them.

And so part of what I want to introduce with the Intuition Month Challenge is to give you the opportunity to make these conscious choices, to feel better on a daily basis so that you have these tools to manage your stress level and to be able to plug into your higher self and to listen to your intuition. And instead of having those days are like, you know what? I sometimes have these waves of intuition, but then there’s days I don’t know if I can trust it. Well, the reason why you don’t know if you can trust it is because your filters all ganged up.

And let me explain when I talk about intuition, you guys know, you probably heard me say this. You need to be clear, clear space, clear energy, so that any information that comes through you is through a clear filter.

So I have a glass of water here. If I were to put a coffee filter with coffee in it and pour hot water through it, this water would turn brown. And so that’s what we’re usually looking through our day through, right? We’re looking through this filter. It’s like foggy and ganged up versus clear.

And so what I want to do over the next 30 days is clear your filter. Let’s take and reset that whole filter so that everything that starts to come through you is clear and aligned. And so that you can have that distinction and go, okay, I’m having these feelings. I can make this choice to go down this road or go down this road. I know how I have these tools now. I can process these feelings and these emotions. I’m more better equipped so I can handle this. And then I can look at this life that I’m trying to create and head that direction. And that’s what Intuition Month is all about.

It’s creating this bedrock for success. And so the unconscious habits show up. Like, I wake up in a bad mood. I feel terrible in my body, I feel terrible in my body. So then I eat the things that keep making me feel terrible in my body. And because I feel terrible, my body and I have so many strong stressors going on, I don’t make the time to go out for a walk and to exercise, and to eat healthily. I’m in this energy and that energy perpetuates more of that energy.

So you know that feeling when you’ve maybe like worked out and you feel so good. Like, I feel like having something super healthy now because you’re in that light and energy and so you attract more of the foods that support that energy. This is what I’m talking about.

And so what I’m asking you to do is open up the possibility for having a container that is clear aligned and balanced for 30 days, maybe more, to do five simple daily things:

  • To drink water.
  • To move your body.
  • To get out of nature.
  • To do meditation.
  • To eat whole foods.

Not hard, right? Not hard, not complicated. It’s very simple. But to be able to open up your intuition, this is what has to happen. Because what can happen throughout Intuition Week when I was doing Intuition Week is that we have an amazing week together. You’re getting these intuitive messages, you’re connecting with new people, you’re doing these new practices. You’re like, Oh yeah, I can do this, and the week is over.

Then you’re like, Oh, shoot, I’m back to my regular life. Well, we know it takes 21 days to form a habit, right? So that’s something to help you do.
I want to help you bring this level of consciousness to your day to actively choose this higher vibration, to actively make these choices, to stay hydrated, to eat well, to allow this filter that might be junked up and filled with film, to just clean it out so that you can be here and serve and receive messages.

And every single Friday I will do an Instagram live with another type of energy healing or meditation that’s going to help you plug into your intuition. And you’ll notice a week after week of doing these very simple practices how much better you’re going to feel.

You’re going to start to notice how much more intuitive you become. You’ll start to notice that while you get these little hits all the time, these little synchronicities are happening all the time.
Suddenly, like doors start opening for you. People start coming into your energy field, whether it’s a client or a new friend or a contact. And you’ll notice that as this month progresses together, stuff just starts working. It starts feeling lighter, starts feeling better, and it’s like you’re, you’re working on all cylinders, like everything is working in your direction.

And so Intuition Month is free. I’d love for you to join to sign up. Bring some friends with you. I would love for you to bring some friends with you and ultimately this is all about you.

And so I’m going to hold the container, which is what I do best. Hold the container for your success. And I want to hold the container so that you can start to notice these new shifts in your consciousness that start to have a quantum impact on your intuition and also on your business, on your bottom line. So I’d love to have you join me.

The other fun thing we’re going to do during Intuition Month is a thing called habit stacking, and so we’re going to be building on the things that we’re already doing just a little bit extra on top of thing you’re already doing. So it’s not like, okay, now you have to go run a marathon today. No, if you’re already drinking water, let’s make that water even more beneficial to your health. We’re going to start doing those kinds of things. I’m going to be sharing powerful, inspirational quotes with you all month long. And truly, that’s what it’s all about. It’s about holding the container and just keeping you focused.

And the best part of Intuition Month, I think, is that every single Saturday you’re going to have the opportunity to do the 4Rs, which is about rest. It’s about reflecting back on the week. How did you do? Did you say true every single day? Did you fall off? Did you feel a little bit funky? It’s about resetting, because that’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to reset every set, or even if you fell off, you know, one day or a couple of different things you didn’t quite do. You get to reset every Saturday. That’s that conscious choice, making the conscious choice to still do it, even if it wasn’t 100%. Maybe you were 90% there. And then reboot.

And reboot as you may or may not know, Reboot is my meditation that clears your energy field and so you can just press play and go about your day. I actually listened to it yesterday while I was working. You can listen to it while you’re driving. It’s not that you have to be totally quiet. You can listen to it while you’re getting ready for the day and it’s going to reset your entire system. So, every single week we’re going to be raising the bar vibration, raising up our energy, resetting every single week. So, you’ll notice as we build throughout the month, you’re going to feel better and better and better.

So, I’d love for you to join me. Again, it starts September 1st through the 30th. If you just found out about it and it’s September 5th, you can still join. We can do it again. And you know, this is an experiment for me. I want to really hear from you to see how it felt for you. And I want to hear your results. So, this is definitely a social experiment. I want you to use the #intuitionmonth and share what’s going on with you, how you’re feeling, share your results so that we can celebrate you and bring more of that. And then we’re going to surprise at the end of it all. So, making sure that you keep yourself accountable so that maybe you can win some prizes. It’s my pleasure to do this work and to hold this space for you and to see your success as well.

And thank you for listening to the podcast. Thank you again for the reviews. Make sure that you share this, tag a friend. Let them know what’s up and how you want to create some healthier habits for yourself.

Right now, take a screenshot. And tell me in your Instagram stories what is one healthy habit that you are really wanting to start? And maybe you’ll stack that habit into Intuition Month. Maybe you’re wanting to learn a new language. Maybe you’re wanting to start cooking your food from home or go to farmer’s markets.I don’t know, maybe you want to start journaling. Let me know and I will send you the link as well to Intuition Month so you can join us there.

Lots of love to you. Thank you so much for being here.

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