TBT How To Handle Money Blocks & Understanding Your Worth with Heather Doran

In today’s throwback Thursday episode, we’re happy to bring you one of our old episodes, episode 93.

Today Emily speaks to Heather Doran about how to handle money blocks and understanding your worth.

Heather is a professional accountant with a passion for teaching and loves teaching entrepreneurs how to make more money and keep more money in their business. She has a unique intuitive talent that helps business owners understand how the energy of money works. As a Business Finance Coach and Consultant, Heather’s passionate about helping her clients change their relationship with money.

In this episode, you will discover why identifying your money blocks is just a piece of the puzzle and just not the whole answer, it’s not enough to clear the block you also need to do the work and overcome your liming beliefs around money.

If you want to have bigger breakthroughs and more results in your business, it all starts by understanding that your business is the catalyst for all of your internal growth. You can’t separate your business from your mindset and spirituality; it’s all woven in together.

Also, take note; at the very end, we give you a challenge you won’t want to miss because it involves actually manifesting more money!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • How Heather discovered meditation and the importance of getting a few minutes of meditation every day.
  • The journey that allowed Heather to start a business that combines: finance and mindset expertise.
  • Why people who struggle the most are the ones that are not taking the time to tune in to their intuition.
  • The importance of understanding your relationship with money in order to clear your clear money blocks.
  • How to use your intuition when looking at your business numbers.
  • The role of mindset when you talk to yourself about money.
  • Why, when you raise your prices, you raise your level and open up to a whole new window of opportunity.
  • Why you should not make decisions based on circumstances, but instead ask yourself the question: How can I make this happen?
  • Why you need to follow your fear and see where it leads you is because nothing is as scary as you think.
  • Why your business is the catalyst for all of your internal growth.
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