How To Stop Negative Self-Talk And Have A Breakthrough With Rabab Tantawy

From not believing in herself to painting this nine-story mural on a building in Dubai, you can’t help but be inspired by Rabab Tantawy’s story.

And the best part? She believes we’re all capable of living our passion and purpose.

In this podcast episode, we talk about Rabab’s journey, the leaps of faith she took, the times she dug deeper to believe in herself, and the courage to follow her intuition that at the time “didn’t make sense” to her.

She boils it down to one thing that we can all do to have these breakthroughs and I hope it helps you take that next step if you are stuck and keep going if you’re on the path.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [1.58] Rabab, our connection, and her insane breakthroughs.
  • [4.16] Intuition and how it didn’t make sense.
  • [7.01] Camera shy, no clear path… how saying “yes” can shift things for you.
  • [8.58] Taking Risks! We’re talking bright neon colors and feminine figures in Dubai.
  • [17.33] You really have to put in the work (it’s all about showing up!).
  • [25.49] The stories we tell ourselves that hold us back.
  • [33.15] How being open led to an incredible opportunity for Rabab and inspired other women to do the same.
  • [41.02] Even sharing your failures has meaning.
  • [54.30] The importance of looking back and reflecting on what got you here.
  • [57.00] The low that comes after the high, integration, and the shadow side.
  • [1.11.13] The pride of seeing wishes fulfilled (and the ugly crying!).

Resources to take you deeper:

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:

I invite you to reflect back over the years at everything that got you to where you are now. Did you learn what to do (or what not to do?). Take a few minutes to journal on it and see how the path is lining up and leading you. You can also take inventory to see where you want to see changes. It’s powerful to do the “look back”!

About Rabab


Rabab is an Intuitive Artist. She doesn’t work with preliminary sketches. She uses the canvas as support for direct download. There’s no expectation for a final product. Working with a multitude of mediums she created a playful approach to the otherwise serious concepts that ground her work. Her biggest focus is on union, community, and heritage.

You can find Rabab here:

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