TBT Anniversary Special- Money Block + Money Container Exercise

We’re back again with another throwback episode. We’re happy to bring you back our 1st-anniversary special, episode 144!

Emily was honored to say this is our ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY episode! We’re crossing 100K downloads and she’s so proud of her team for helping make this podcast so successful!

Thank you to all of YOU, our listeners for joining me week after week and for sharing episodes with your friends, leaving us iTunes reviews, and tagging Emily in your IG stories.

In this episode, Emily covers our top downloads all have to do with MONEY, she shares tips on how to unlock money, and at the end, she takes listeners through a guided visualization to expand their money container! Tune in and tag her in your IG stories @emilyaarons.

3 Tips to Unlock Money to Come In:


  • Take low-hanging fruit and make an offer- what do people ask you about all the time? Can you teach them something?
  • Quick 24-hour discount on a digital product.
  • Give or donate items to charity.

About Emily


Emily Aarons is a business alignment coach who helps entrepreneurs use their intuition to grow their business.

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