From Building A Top Ad Agency To Burnout And Creating A Life Your Love With Andrew Hubbard

Sometimes we can look successful on the outside. It can seem like we’re doing great, our businesses are thriving, but… on the inside, the stress is quickly leading to burnout!

This is what happened with my guest Andrew Hubbard. He started his own ad agency, built it to seven figures, but found he couldn’t “turn off” work. By the time he had kids, he knew he wasn’t present like he wanted to be because he was always thinking about work.

Something had to change!

In today’s podcast, Andrew and I discuss how to create a life where you’re more present while still running a business and we also discuss the changes in Facebook ads with the IOS changes and the future of marketing.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [1.09] How Andrew got into his line of work, became successful, but it led to burnout.
  • [5.33] How a YouTube channel with barely any views took off!
  • [10.22] A more in-depth look at burnout when it looks like you’re successful on the outside.
  • [15.01] Andrew’s revelation that he wanted to be more present (looking at worst-case scenario).
  • [27.45] IOS changes and the impact on Facebook Ads.
  • [31.03] How we can innovate and do things differently as marketers.
  • [31.03] How we can innovate and do things differently as marketers.
  • [47.35] Being reminded of who I am on a soul level.
  • [49.16] What’s different for Andrew now that he doesn’t regret.

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:


Try Andrew’s 7-Step Guide and see how it works for you. He’s designed this to create more ease in your biz and I think you’re going to love it! His style is easy to follow and apply.

About Andrew

Andrew Hubbard is an entrepreneur and Facebook advertising expert. As a former agency owner, he now specializes in helping online businesses grow by teaching them how to leverage the power of smart Facebook advertising and digital marketing strategies.

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