The Meaning of Auras and How to See Them

Let’s talk auras, shall we?

Aura’s are one of those topics that you can get really into and explore in-depth… and if you feel inspired to do that, I’m all for it.

But in this podcast episode, I’m sharing an overview of auras at a higher level and letting you know what to watch out for if you are a highly sensitive person, you’re empathic, a coach, or out on social media.

Being able to see your aura and have an awareness about your aura and keep it clear, is a great jumping-off point if you’re just starting to think about this.

If you’ve been doing energy healing for a while, I encourage you to listen too because you’d be surprised what you might pick up on.

And of course, as with every podcast episode, I’m giving you some of my free resources to support your beautiful energy field because keeping a clear container is so important! (see “Resources to take you deeper” below).

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Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • How to see auras.
  • Auras open and expand at different times depending on what we’re feeling.
  • Highly sensitive people benefit from knowing more about their “open auras”.
  • What you need to know about your aura if you’re a coach or on social media.
  • Keep a clear container!
  • Auras are fluid, they’re always changing.
  • There are so many people out there who can tell you about your aura (I share some of the methods).
  • Practice with people who are open to play, give, and receive… not everyone.
  • People who pick up on energy easily, need to create boundaries for their abilities.

Shareable Quotes:

  • “Your aura expands and contracts depending on your mood”. Emily Aarons
  • “Intuition is a muscle that you can learn”. Emily Aarons
  • “Let yourself play with learning about auras”. Emily Aarons
  • “People can sense energy”. Emily Aarons

Resources to take you deeper:

About Emily

Emily Aarons is a business alignment coach who helps entrepreneurs use their intuition to grow their business.

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