Healing Abundance Wounds

In This Meditation:

You’ll experience deep energy shifts that will clear your money blocks and unlock streams of wealth.
You’ll get to experience what members of Mastery & Ascension get every single month.
Remember, these aren’t simply meditations; they’re source-channeled energy healings. Be sure to follow the aftercare instructions.

As you’re working on your meditation practice, I wanted to share something I think you’re going to LOVE…

Clear Your Money Blocks Deep Healing

The Clear Your Money Blocks Deep Healing is incredibly powerful at releasing both common money blocks as well as past life trauma and deep ancestral wounds.

Additionally, as you listen, you will get clear messages from your spirit guides, angels, and higher self that will help you move forward in your highest alignment.


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What people are saying

5 Stars Review
Geared to coaches, healers, and leaders!
After the money block meditation, I started to get calls and e-mails from clients. I’m booked from now till the end of summer. Thank you!!! I am so excited and in awe right now!
Alva E.
5 Stars Review
OMG this is amazing!
I want to listen to this money block clearing every day!
Nicole G.
5 Stars Review
Holy sh*t!
Everything you just said hit home hard
Sarah L.