EP04: Manifesting Made Simple with Gemma Benad

In our 4th episode of the Aligned & Unstoppable podcast, Emily talks with the Manifesting Mum herself, Gemma Benad. Residing in Australia, Gemma is a passionate mentor and unwavering believer in the power of the Universe. Listen in and learn how to create unlimited abundance and get anything you desire! Gemma shares ways to make manifesting easy and approachable. Emily and Gemma swap funny stories about how they’ve made manifesting easy and hard on themselves plus some simple hacks to allow everyone to see they can do it too.

Episode Highlights:

  • Last year Gemma heard an internal voice that told her to be “The Manifesting Mum” & she began a 120-day manifesting journey.
  • Within a week of starting this journey, she started her first podcast and she now has 30 episodes and 10,000 downloads
  • Gemma has been studying Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer
  • She coaches others in Rapid Manifesting – letting go of struggles that have held them back & imprinting themselves w/ new beliefs that propel them into the life they dream of
  • Gemma experienced loss at an early point in life; she lost her mom at age 10 & she stopped dreaming because she believed the Universe was punishing her
  • She was in her late teens and early 20s when she discovered the life-changing teachings of Tony Robbins & Louise Hay
  • In her early 30s, Gemma first began to manifest because she was sick of living life trapped in the pain of her childhood.
  • Conscious Manifestation happens through our Thoughts which create our Emotions which dictate our Actions.
  • One element of manifesting that people bypass is the Universal Law of Action: We must take physical action for there to be a physical outcome.
  • Most people are stuck in 2 places when it comes to manifesting:
    • Self-Belief/Self-Worth
    • Alignment
  • When you begin to manifest it has to be with confidence, faith and clarity
  • Alignment is connecting with an energy that is greater than your currently living in and stepping into the best version of yourself
  • Many people are stuck because they are living other people’s beliefs & living based off of the imprints they had when they were young children
  • Be open to How and When the Universe will respond to your thoughts
  • We must reset ourselves to our natural state of joy, happiness, peace, abundance, and general well-being
  • Focus on your emotional, mental and physical alignment (higher vibrational energies) and not necessarily on what to align with.
  • Love, gratitude, joy and peace are what you should choose to focus on
  • Trust in your inner vision and take action on it
  • We all deserve to live the life we are called to live; we just need to give ourselves permission.
  • Gemma offers a free resource on her website: 7 Days of Manifesting Inspiration

3 Key Points:

  1. We are all born creators; as humans, it is our superpower to be able to create our own life
  2. Things are imprinted on us from the moment we are conceived, so we need to unlearn what we’ve learned to manifest the life you want
  3. Our job is to get aligned and the rest (how, when and why) is up to the Universe

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We are all born creators, it is our superpower as humans to create our own life” – Gemma Benad
  • “Unless you can help someone transform you shouldn’t be in the coaching business” – Jim Fortin
  • “Manifestation is a pull, a desire for something more in your life. It’s something that’s so powerful that it just pulls you and calls you to be something more” – Gemma Benad
  • “You will never dream into the potential of your life because the closer that we move to our dreams the more they expand!” – Gemma Benad
  • “Make the decision to believe that your old story is no longer your story” – Emily Aarons
  • “God is my Supply” – Gemma Benad
  • “Never look up at someone, never look down on someone, but always look at each other straight in the eye” – Gemma Benad’s dad
  • “We all desire to be connected but we all think we aren’t connected” – Gemma Benad

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