3 Tips to Energetically Close Out 2022 and Make Room for an Amazing 2023

3 Tips to Energetically Close Out 2022 and Make Room for an Amazing 2023

3 Tips to Energetically Close Out 2022

and Make Room for an Amazing 2023


This is the last podcast of 2022! I’m so excited to share what I learned with you about completely trusting your intuition, plus 3 things you can do to energetically close out 2022 making room for an amazing 2023.

Some of you who have been listening for a while may remember that around this time last year I completely shut down a launch. My 2022 included starting the new year sick which forced me to really lean into my intuition to rebuild my business from the ground up.

The way I was running my business was not sustainable and the intensity with which I was operating was not in alignment with my nervous system.

There will be times when your intuition does NOT make sense. I hope my story helps to inspire you to follow your inner compass and also take the time to review your year with the 3 tips I’m sharing to see what has gone well.

When you have clarity it’s what makes your messaging more magical! It’s what allows your soul clients to grow with you and support their emerging needs as they evolve alongside you.


Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • The hard decision to walk away from a thriving business model.
  • Can you have complete trust in your intuition?
  • The meditation download that shifted things immediately.
  • How clarity came through the darkest moments.
  • Your soul mate clients evolve with you and ask you to go deeper.
  • Creating a sustainable business that doesn’t lead to burnout.
  • How to stop and take inventory of your nervous system.
  • 3 Tips to energetically close out 2022 and make room for an amazing 2023.

Welcome back to the Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast. I’m your host, Emily Aarons, and this is episode number 418.
And the reason I wanted to leave this episode to be the very last one is because I wanted to paint a full spectrum sort of hindsight view of my whole year. And I wanted to give you some ways that you can do the same thing in yourself and in your business as well.

Part of why I wanted to do this episode in this way is so that we can start to validate ourselves and our own intuition. Because I know a lot of people are here because, you know, you want to be able to tap into your spiritual side in your business, you want to unlock your intuition, and you want to use that to help you grow your business in a really soulful way.
And so I love doing episodes like this where I can pull back the curtain so that you can kind of see how my brain is working and see what I’m doing in my business that you can start to do the same thing.

So I’m going to dove into a little bit of a story and then I’m going to finish up the episode with 3 very simple action steps. Okay, so first and foremost, the time of this recording is December 2022, and I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what’s happened this year. And if you’ve been a podcast listener for a while, you may recall last fall of 2021, I had a launch that was going actually quite well. I was putting out a challenge that was meant to help you to create an email list. And the reason why I created that challenge was to help people understand that was sort of the foundational part of beginning that business growth so that people could see that they could accomplish that. And then the next step was to invite people into my Align & Activate Mastermind.

Well, what happened was at that time I was realizing something was feeling off and I couldn’t quite identify what it was. And I really enjoyed doing the Mastermind, something I had been doing for a couple of years and had been successful at filling it really easily. Most of the calls that I had with folks who were interested were really just simple and straightforward, and people were ready to go. And I did a great job of attracting people who were at that stage in their business who were ready for that mastermind.

But something felt off to me. And when I finally identified, I was no longer in alignment with that offer. It took a lot of kind of energy and dedication to kind of understand why.
And sometimes when we’re in that place in our business, where logically we can’t find why, because logically it would tell me, okay, well, if you continue with this launch, it’s going to result in a large amount of revenue, which, by the way, for me last year it would have helped me to hit $1 million in a calendar year.

And for me, that was a huge goal of mine, you know, so my ego was like, why would you stop now? You’re going to hit that number and everything is going to be great. And from that monetary standpoint, it was a great choice and it was an easy choice. Like I said, it didn’t take a lot of energy and effort to launch and to fill it and to move on and start holding that space for folks. But something inside of me, my intuition and my alignment were saying, no, no, no, no. And so I went with that.

And that is truly what I want to impart on you, is that sometimes energy is speaking loudly, your emotions, your feelings, your body. And I’m not talking about fear that’s driving me to stop doing it. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about it was very clear it was out of alignment with what I needed to do at that time. So it took a lot of energy to talk to my team about it, to kind of pump the brakes, to cancel the launch and to re-organize myself, my team at that point and at the end of last year that also resulted in and shifting my team members around and that was a really huge thing.

So I was both not doing a huge program that I had been doing for a couple of years. I changed my team members around and I was heading into the New Year in 2022 without so much as a plan because that had really been my plan and I was kind of like, Ah, I’m here, I’m here for it. I don’t know exactly what’s happening, but I feel like I can use this time and energy that I now have back and use it towards something else. And I’m not exactly sure what that is.

So I want to pause there because at that point I was fully functioning on faith and intuition and my body’s alignment of saying, no, that’s not it.
And I actually don’t know what the next puzzle pieces yet. So I want to just highlight that for you, because you might be in a similar situation ending your year or during the year at some point where the nudges are kind of undeniable. But you’re like, well, so what’s the next step?

And for a lot of folks, you need to know what that next step is in order to feel safe and secure and confident in that next move. And so for me, I didn’t have that next move. I didn’t have the next play. I didn’t know exactly what that was going to look like for about a month or so. And so when everything shut down, I actually went through quite a significant grieving process with grieving the loss of team members, with grieving the loss of this program, and all of a sudden realizing how much energy I had personally dedicated to holding space and holding this large container for so many people for so long, it didn’t occur to me how much I was doing until I stopped.

And so all this energy was like, oh, my gosh, I didn’t even it didn’t even dawn on me what I was doing and how much energy was being dedicated to this. And so there were so many internal things happening. And then in January, I got sick, I got COVID. It shut me down for a couple of weeks, basically. And on the last day that I was like at my rock bottom, so exhausted, just couldn’t get out of my own way. And I reached out to one of my team members at the time, and I was like, listen, I’m in a dark place. Like, I know this is not your job to uplift me, but I’m just in a heavy, dark place and I’m scared and I just don’t even know what I’m doing. And she kind of gave me a little bit of, you know, you always figured out it’s going to be okay. And I know it’s part of it is just because you’re not feeling well. And the next day I woke up and I did two meditations. They are now on my website for free because they were that impactful for me. I wanted to give them as a resource for other people.

So I created this two-part meditation series called The Abundance Power Duo. I listen to these exact meditations. You can get them on my website for free, just head over to emilyaaron.com, opt-in and then they’ll be sent to you. But I did these two meditations back to back, something that drew me in to do these two back to back.

And it was almost like somebody just opened up this new part inside of me that was ready to receive. And so what I received was quite literally and I know it sounds crazy, but I got all of the details for my IEA certification, the Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner training. And up until that point, I had thought about, you know, training people in my in this like modality that I do, but I really didn’t understand like what my certification would be.

And what I realized that was like, oh my gosh, it’s been in front of me this entire time. But I didn’t realize it. And I got literally the entire format, the details, and I got the how it’s going to function. And I got like all of it in one meditation session and I wrote down furiously, I got it all cleared, and I was able to put enough information together to be able to offer it. In the summertime, I took my first group through the certification. I created 20 modules plus so much back stuff that I worked on it with my team member Amanda, that she helped me to facilitate the group to get the back end, to get all the paperwork, to get all the criteria together that they had to pass in every single week. Every single detail was put together.
And so here we are at the end of 2022. It is clear to me now that the reason last fall, at the end of the season, coming into the December season, why I had to stop doing everything I was doing. It’s because this program, the IEA certification needed to come through me. And I wouldn’t have the time, nor would I have the ability, the capacity energetically, because I was holding so much space for other people and other projects. And I was busy, busy, busy, busy, busy doing so many things.

I actually didn’t have the ability, the capacity, the bandwidth, the team members to be able to put this through all the way at the best of my abilities. And so my soul, my spirit said, no, shut it down. This needs to come through. And it needs to come through now. And so while I didn’t actually know that that was coming, I had the faith inside of me that said, you know, something is pulling me in this direction. I’m just going to go with it. And so now that that program, the IEA certification has come through me, everything else is starting to become crystal clear.

Everything that I’ve done in my business in the last six years, up until this exact point, is it’s like light bulbs are turning on like, oh, my gosh, this is why this was created. This is why that was created. There’s a perfect, clear ascension path from point A to point B to C to D to E, and now it all makes sense. Whereas before this certification I had some wonderful programs and products and services and everything was good.

But now with this in place, it gives me all the pieces of the puzzle in the place that they need to go. And that makes it clear for myself or my team and my community. So now I can see clearly that what I had been doing up until this point was very good. And I’m not going to say what I did was crap because it wasn’t. It was awesome and it was the best of my abilities.
But I also know myself and I know for the last few years, even in running different programs like that mastermind that I was running and even in running other programs like my Phenix Mentorship, I knew there was this part of me that wanted to be really taken seriously as a healer and as a business coach.

But instead of really leaning into the healer side of myself, I was leaning more into the business side of myself. And so I was sort of doing myself a disservice. I wasn’t able to fully serve to my highest potential until the IEA certification came out, and I really identified how much knowledge I have. And I know it sounds very arrogant and it’s not meant to be arrogant, but I’ve been doing energy healing for 23 years. That’s more than half of my life. And I had gotten to the point where it was so natural and it was so easy and so effortless to read energy, to feel energy, to clear energy for individuals and thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of people simultaneously. It became so easy for me. I took it for granted.

And so what Spirit was saying was, listen, you’re doing the world and yourself a disservice by ignoring this part of you that is so, so talented and an expert, and there’s nobody better. And so what you need to do is actually lead with the healing and merge the business. And what IEA does, is it allow me to do both of those things. But what it’s really specifically done for me and I didn’t quite know this going into it, I didn’t expect it. But what the IEA certification has done is helped me to realize that my ideal soulmate client has evolved with me. And not only that, it’s asking me, my soulmate client is asking me to go deeper with them.

And so that instead of speaking to female entrepreneurs as a wide net, I’m speaking to coaches and healers, this deep, narrow niche of transformational practitioners.
And so you might be one of those transformational practitioners or you might be on the fringe, or you might not even consider yourself a transformational practitioner in the traditional sense, but you’re wanting to use your intuition.

And so when I can deepen my message of saying I’m here to really help transformational practitioners, coaches, healers, therapists, to help those people to build a profitable business, everything starts to tighten up. And when it tightens up, it becomes clear. And it wouldn’t have become so clear had I not been able to shut down all of the different pieces to get this clarity. And also, now that I have this clarity, now, my message is more potent, more magical.

Everything that I have touched, whether it be the Business and Soul Alignment Experience that I created last January and now I’m going to be rolling out again this coming year in 2023.
Q1, I’m going to be hosting the Business & Soul Alignment at least three times that I’m fully planning. That’s a free event, and it’s helping you to understand how you are aligned or not aligned in your business. We’ll have the link in the show notes if you want to check out the next upcoming date that is directly in alignment with Mastery & Ascension and Mastery & Ascension is directly in alignment with IEA, and IEA is directly in alignment with the PHOENIX Mentorship, because part of what happened with the Phoenix Mentorship this year is I realized that I needed to come back so that I could help those at the top who’ve hit that level of success.

But in order to hit that six-figure or seven-figure mark in their business, you’ve had to sacrifice yourself, your health, your relationships. And in doing so, that pulled you out of alignment.
So Phoenix is really, truly meant to be that rising from the ashes so that you can serve with full vitality, with full alignment, serving From that place of ease of alignment that is how you catapult your business forward. And so for me, it was like, oh, my gosh, mind blown. Everything is making sense. And it felt like relief. Right? And it also helped me to understand that I have been praying for how to create not just an aligned business, but a sustainable business. And that’s where traditional business mentors have let me down, where they had talked about launching, about hustling, about pushing, about working harder and grinding it out. And for me, it got me results.

However, at the cost of my own health and sanity, because after a big push and a big launch, I could not function for about a week or two, depending on how much I had exerted.
And what I kept telling my team members year after year. And I felt like I was, you know, just like complaining, which was like, this is not sustainable. These launches require me and my energy. And if it’s not on me and my energy, it falls flat.

And what that tells me is that this is not a way to create sustainability year after year unless I have to put all of this effort out into the world. And it’s not that I don’t want to put that out there in that way. It’s that that intensity and that level of which I put it out there did not work for my system.

And so you might also look back at your system and say, hmm, that resonates. Maybe there are some parts that are off with me and your nervous system is calling out.
And so some of the things that I want to share with you here, I want to share the three tips for how you can do this as well. But I want you to take inventory of your nervous system right now. We all are under tremendous stress, anxiety, strain, depression. We’re carrying on a load of stuff, whether it be just from this year or beyond. And it starts to express itself. And again, this is how I realized the Phoenix mentorship steps in. It has been able to help process this and to get you back to your natural state of alignment. So notice how stress and strain have been expressing themselves right when we have ongoing, never-ending unrelenting stress as business owners. It takes a toll, right? It physiologically starts to affect you where your adrenals are releasing cortisol in your body. They’re going through fight or flight. And you have this response happening all the time, right? It’s firing. It’s firing, it’s firing, it’s firing.

And when your body doesn’t have that place to go, oh, wait, everything is safe. I’m safe. I’m not being chased by a lion in a tiger. I can calm down my nervous system. I can start to release some happy hormones and all is well. But then we wake up the next day, or we get an email or we get a message or we get whatever is happening. It is firing us up again and it’s activating us in a whole another level. And the other part, which is sort of subtle, is that during those launches that I mentioned that take a lot of energy from all of us, not only are they unsustainable, but they are also moderately or severely traumatic. So why don’t you just feel that for a second? Do I have any residual trauma from recent or past launches? That trauma stays in our cells, in our body. And so the next time we go to do the thing, our body is like, oh, oh, oh, alert, alert. And so what that energy can do is actually sabotage your launch. You know, it can take you down from having success from, like, a clean slate. Right?

Or even going into it, you have that fear alert response and that energy gets put out there into the world like that. So we have to understand energy happens before form. And so if you’re looking to have this monumental launch, your energy has to be on point. If you’re going through a stress or a trauma response going into it and throughout it and afterward, that energy is being put into and then then you’re attracting those types of people that are going to perpetuate that kind of energy as well. Maybe it’s a customer who doesn’t pay or they’re perpetually late or they ghost you or whatever is a negative response and they, you know, whatever. So there are all these different faculties that have to get looked at when we think about our alignment and our well-being.

And so this is also part of what I teach in the Business & Soul Alignment Experience is that our body and our physiology are not at all separate from our energetic blueprint. So our seven main chakras that run through our body are in exact alignment specifically with our endocrine system. And so when I talk about, okay, your, your adrenals are releasing cortisol, well that is a direct alignment to your third chakra that is about trust, discernment and what you’re putting out there in the world. Okay?

And so our health and vitality are being affected. So if you’re losing sleep, if you’re gaining weight, if you have skin conditions, you’re losing hair, you have a lowered sex drive, constant irritability. These are all symptoms of your energy system being out of alignment. And I have a feeling that everybody listening is going through this at some degree, which is why we need to have that deep reset.

So I’m going to proceed with three different tips.
So, Number 1, I want you to acknowledge where you were at this point last year, just like I just said I did. And what were you experiencing? So think about it.
Like, what was I putting out there? What was I thinking about putting out there? What was I planning for? What was happening within my health, my family, my spiritual practices, and my business? And just be with that. Okay?

Step Number 2.
I want you to process all the decisions that you made that made an impact throughout the year. So, you know, we have 12 months to reflect on what were the big decisions that really made a blip on the radar. So when I just shared my story, I share the story of when at the end of last year, November, December, when I had that decision that caused me to make a deep change that resulted in these different things happening and aligning for me throughout this year, 2022. So there were other big decisions I made as well, like creating the Business and Soul Alignment Experience. There was other decisions that have been made along the way as well, but I just wanted to share that one. I don’t want to spend all this time talking about myself. So just process the decisions that were really memorable that made a blip on the radar. Okay? Not like, oh, I changed my email provider. Not like that. Okay, maybe that may actually. No, I take that back. Maybe it is changing your email provider.

Number 3, is I want you to validate yourself. And affirm yourself. And what do I mean by that is when I look back at December of last year and like I just shared my story, I actually didn’t know what my next step was. I didn’t know the direction. And it’s only in hindsight that I can look back at my entire year and go, Oh, that’s why I had to shut down my very highly profitable mastermind. That would have led to that big increase in revenue. Oh, it’s so that I could create this certification, which would align all the other parts of my business, which would give me clarity, which would give my customers clarity, which would deepen my work, which allow me to make a bigger impact. Oh, I didn’t know that. It actually wasn’t until even like about a month ago when I was working with my team and talking about strategy and going through the customer value journey of saying, How do they find me? What is the next steps? How do they work with me? And what is that next, obvious next step to get them into like, you know, the higher level? What are the steps that people need to take to reach this next top level? And it was like, oh, my gosh, it’s right there.

The certification is the clarity I needed. And I didn’t know that it existed until it was there. And so validating myself of going, I listened to myself. I didn’t question myself, at least not for very long. And I want to affirm that when I listen to my instincts and my intuition and my alignment, when it’s saying something is off, alert, things have to change. They have to change.
I listen to that and I allowed myself to make adjustments and I wouldn’t even call it a pivot because it really wasn’t. But I allowed myself to take the right actions that got me into the next phase of clarity and the next phase and the next phase and allowed me then to deepen work within my membership.

We cleaned it up. We do a ton of amazing work as a team. It allowed me to attract new team members that could help with my vision and catapult me. And actually my team member, Amanda came through that. When I attracted Amanda, I realized, Oh my gosh, you’re exactly the right person with exactly the right skillset. But just I’m not quite ready yet. And when she when I was ready and she did come on board, she helped me to take my vision for the certification into reality. She helped me to bring it into manifest. And I even told her when I hired her, I said, listen, you know, if this all goes well, you know, I think that we have a bright future together and let’s just sort of see how it goes.  And I’m happy to say that she’s stepping in at a higher level now as the COO in the company and helping me to sort of copilot this business into that next stratosphere.

And so I think back a year ago, I had to let go of team members that were no longer in alignment. That didn’t help me to help me feel embraced and that follow my intuition and my instincts was the right move that I realized, oh, my gosh, she is the evidence. Amanda is the evidence of me listening and attracting what is serving me at my highest level.
And so I want to just close with this and maybe just a final tip, which is. When we’re in the midst of it. We don’t feel clear. We don’t have discernment. We don’t have this, like, unmistakable confidence sometimes. And that’s why using your intuition every single day, it builds these muscles. And so we’re doing these little subtle exercises literally every single day.

When you sit and meditate for one minute, when you pull some Oracle cards, when you’re question yourself, when you clear your space before you start your workday, when you listen to your body’s signals of saying, I need to slow down, I need to rest, or this doesn’t feel so good anymore. When we are listening to these messages every single day, then when it’s time for like the big decisions. We don’t have to question, even if the plan isn’t crystal clear, spelled out all the steps A through Z. So I want you just to reflect on the times where you were sitting in self-doubt and indecision and that you perpetuated making a decision for, and you asked everybody else for their opinion.

What do you think? What do you think? Instead of really going inside and being able to be the director of your own life. Based on your highest sales blueprint.
So I’m making an a dedication and a promise to you right now here on the podcast that from here on for this podcast going into 2023, what you can expect to hear from me and from my guests is this level of depth to help you to trust your intuition. Different skill sets, different tools, and different people in different areas, different businesses, different walks of life, different life experiences to share their stories of alignment, because this is called right Aligned & Unstoppable.

And so we’re going to be sharing these stories. We’re going to give you tools so that you can build this up, too. And so I would love to be able to work with you in some capacity this year.
And so the things that are coming up, like I’ve mentioned a few times, the Business & Soul Alignment Experience, well, first I should start this. We’re kicking off the new year, January 1st with the Kama Cleanse. I’m going to open up the doors to Mastery & Ascension for a few days during that time. In Mastery & Ascension, we are going to do a little reset of the New Year, and we’re going to give you some ways that you can deepen your intuition practice, deepen your meditation practice. And it’s going to be just like a very simple four week. Let’s go a little deeper and let’s catapult us into that next level of intuition in alignment.

January, February and March, I’ll be doing the Business & Soul Alignment Experience. In April, for those who are in the Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training, we’re doing an in-person retreat training and really a really deep session. In May I’ll be leading the Phoenix mentorship on our retreat here in Massachusetts, and then sometime in May or early June will be reopening the doors to the IEA certification. And that certification has a few different levels, whether it’s that beginner initiation level where you’re just starting to get those first four modules understanding energy, understanding intuition, spiritual tools. That’s an amazing place to start and at the same time will be open up the doors to those who want to go into the certification.

And the certification is the first and only energy-based training with a profit guarantee. And so what I’m saying is that I’m giving you literally all the tools, the energetic healing tools, the business foundational tools and all these things combined. How you do this specifically, right? We’re doing this unicorn thing, right, the business as well as the energy. And I’m teaching you how to facilitate in your own business and part of the program you are actually required to charge for sessions. So you are literally making money even before you’re certified and I’m handing you clients month after month. It is an incredible program my students have gone through, have just blown me away with their abilities.

And if you’ve enjoyed any of my group healing sessions, they are doing these now. If you’ve enjoyed any of my meditations, they’re doing these now. If you’ve enjoyed my in-person events or virtual events now they’re doing so. Everything that I do, I’m literally teaching my students how to do this through the IEA certification and the final IEA tier is the retreat part as well. So we’re kind of putting these all together. This year is going to be so clear, so intentional with these different things.

And I really would love to hear from you as a podcast listener. What are you struggling with when it comes to growing your business? What are you struggling with when it comes to enhancing your intuition? Do you want to learn more about spiritual tools? Do you want me to define some of these things? I’m talking about a little bit more? What areas get you lit up?
What areas do you struggle the most with, you know, that are just like, oh man, bookkeeping, keeping my record straight. Like there could be things like that too. So I’d love to hear more from you, and especially if there is a particular guest that you would love for me to interview, just let me know. Hit Reply.

And as always, your reviews on iTunes and other platforms like even Facebook really mean the world to me. So as my year closes here, my wish as this last podcast episode is for you to leave a 5 stars review or just a kind review over on iTunes. Let me know how you feel about this podcast. Why would you recommend it? What do you get the most out of it for?

And if you’re watching this video, you can leave comments below with your positive reviews as well as podcast episode suggestions. If you would like me to talk to a guest or about a particular topic. Anyway, thank you for being here. Happy New Year and lots love to you.



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