Ep 66: How Sex Can Help You Become Powerful In Your Business with Lauren Brim, PhD



Lauren Brim is a doctor of human sexuality who is changing the conversation we have about sex.

She’s the author of five books, including “The New Rules of Sex” and she is founder and creator of the Adult Play Mat and the make up and apparel brand, Turned On.

Lauren has worked in the healing arts for over a decade and began to specialize in women’s sexual health after training to be a midwife and witnessing that health care providers weren’t speaking with women about sex.

In this episode, we talk about how sex enriches our lives, how our bodies relate to our businesses and what is possible for us if we let our sexual energy be free.

Lauren shares how her own pain and frustration pushed her to research and share her story.

We live in a society where sexuality is so suppressed and as women, we are taught not to talk about this.

This changes how we are in the world, our relationships, how we relate with money and how much money we are able to make and receive.


Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • How sex can help you become powerful in your business.
  • What is sexual energy and how it influences your results as an entrepreneur.
  • How sex enriches our lives, our physical health, and our spiritual and emotional health.
  • How Lauren’s frustration after training to be a midwife led her to research and to write her book: The new rules of sex.
  • What is sexual liberation? And what is your life going to look like when you achieve it?
  • Why it’s so important to be able to embrace who you are without feeling any shame.
  • Why no fantasy is bad or wrong.
  • How to bring intimacy into your relationship and your business.


Shareable Quotes

  • “We don’t spend 15 years on the planet and then suddenly start having a sexual relationship.” – Lauren Brim
  • “Is it safe to be that powerful, to have that desire, to be that sexual woman when the world is constantly telling you: I don’t know if I can love you if you are that sexual or have that much desire, and you have this belief deep down that something must be wrong with you.” – Lauren Brim
  • “They are powerful women, leaders in the arena, they are not actually afraid of failing. They are actually afraid of how powerful they are.” – Emily Aarons
  • “We don’t need to use language to communicate; we have power over our own bodies.” – Lauren Brim


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