How To Scale Your Business During Economic Downturn With Kelly Roach

How To Scale Your Business During Economic Downturn With Kelly Roach

How To Scale Your Business During Economic Downturn

With Kelly Roach

I invited Kelly Roach on the podcast because she embodies this idea of “the four-season CEO” and has helped so many entrepreneurs scale their businesses and reclaim their time – no matter what the economic climate is.

Understanding your business’s seasons is what allows you to connect to your intuition and pivot when needed, which is the beauty of being an entrepreneur!

In this episode, we discuss not only what is happening economically, but also go in-depth about how tuning into your intuition is there to guide you through it.

If you’ve been receiving those intuitive whispers then this is that extra confirmation that your instincts and intuition have been correct!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • [1.51] The challenge of growing and becoming for Kelly and her beliefs about being “off track”.
  • [2.52] Kelly’s journey to create financial freedom.
  • [7.23] What happens to entrepreneurs during a recession (hint: the greatest opportunities can happen).
  • [10.44] When dynamics change in our economy there isn’t less opportunity, there’s more!
  • [11.11] The “four-season” CEO and how our businesses go in stages.
  • [14.14] “Is everyone cut out to be a business owner?” The question I ask Kelly.
  • [17.47] During the life cycle of being an entrepreneur, you will encounter the cyclical nature of the business. Knowing how to stick it out (or figure out if it’s not for you).
  • [23.03] At what point in the cycle do you listen to your intuition?
  • [25.05] Strategies you can implement for this economic cycle we’re entering.

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:


This is a great time to stop and think about at which point do you listen to your intuition? Is it when it’s a whisper? Or do you wait until it gets really loud? Using the daily reboot meditation from the Mastery and Ascension Membership is the perfect way to take a minute to tune in to your intuition each day so it doesn’t have to knock you over the head!

About Kelly

Business strategist Kelly Roach transforms overworked entrepreneurs into seven-figure CEOs by teaching them how to leverage timeless business principles, employed by billion-dollar corporations, with the most powerful online marketing speed and agility strategies of today.

You can find Kelly here:

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