How NOT To Measure Success

How NOT To Measure Success

How NOT To Measure Success

Truthfully, we’ve all been fed certain stories about what success is and it’s almost always sold to us as the multiple six-figure launches, or six-figure, leisure lifestyle.

I want you to stop for a minute and question this. Is this the only measure of success? Are the people making these claims including profit or just sales? Because those are two different measures.

Comparing yourself to claims that may or may not be true can leave you feeling unsuccessful, stuck, broke, or feeling like a failure. (I’m sharing what I’ve discovered!)

Whether you are new in your entrepreneurial business, or you’ve been at it for some time, if money is the only thing you’re measuring success on you’re missing out on something larger.

There are other, important ways of measuring your success and creating more abundance AND alignment in your life and business!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [1.58] When you’re only focused on money, if you haven’t made multiple six-figures does that mean you’re not successful?
  • [3.32] The cost of the “million-dollar” launch that isn’t typically included in what people “brought in”. (Profit versus sales!)
  • [5.52] We can see these vanity metrics as these false gods. It’s a small part of the picture and often doesn’t take into account the bottom line.
  • [7.13] People who are saying they are multi-six figure entrepreneurs often let the truth out in their masterminds… (I’m spilling it!)
  • [9.06] What to think about before you invest in a mentor, program, or coach.
  • [13.18] A real-life example of a situation I had with a client and how to look at what you are doing differently.
  • [16.56] No more cop-outs. It’s time to make that money!!!
  • [19.15] Journal prompts to help you measure your success differently.
  • [23.34] Getting aligned to your core values. What is it for you?

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:


What are your core values? What does success look like to you? Let me know in the comments or my DM’s @emilyaarons.

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