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How To Clear Your Money Blocks

Get Out Of Survival Mode and Start Living In Abundance + Alignment

Receive a money block clearing and a bonus worth $400!


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"After the money block meditation, I started to get calls and e-mails from clients. I’m booked from now till the end of summer. Thank you!!! I am so excited and in awe right now!" ~ Alva Eagle

Are you...

  • Struggling to get clients (and charging your worth)?
  • Worried if you should create a "plan B"?
  • Sacrificing your time comparing yourself to others?

You're NOT alone! Most transformational healers and coaches struggle to grow financially. In fact, many spiritual entrepreneurs have second jobs just to "pay the bills".

How can you be sure if following your heart's calling to help others will ever pay off?

You need a proven plan from someone who has successfully built a healing business and knows what it takes to align your soul and your business.


"Holy sh*t everything you just said hit home hard." ~ Sarah LaPointe

"Thank you for everything!! Amazing healing session! Can't wait to go deeper!!

I definitely need the accountability! 💜" ~ Paula H.

"Thank you. You are always amazing!"

~Andrea Roseli

In This Training You Will Discover...

The #1 mistake coaches and healers are making (that's costing you time and money)

How to create a safe space and get better results for your clients

How to overcome the 5 most common abundance blocks (so you can do what you love AND be successful)

😱 Results From The LIVE Money Block Clearing 🤯

Emily: "How did you feel BEFORE to AFTER the clearing?

(On a scale from 1-10. 1=terrible and 10=amazing)

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This Training Is FOR YOU If You're Ready To:



"Loved the session thank you." ~ Stephanie Ostrander

"So grateful for all your time, and your wonderful gifts you share xx❤️🥰🙏" ~ Rachel Egan

"I want to listen to that money block clearing everyday!" ~ Nicole Gaucher

It's Time To STOP Second-guessing Your Soul's Calling!

In This Training You Will Discover How To...

  • Strengthen your intuition in your business
  • Create confidence in raising your prices
  • Allow you to trust you're on the right path

Plus you'll learn my Proven Process to start living in abundance and alignment!

Hi, I’m Emily!

As a highly sought-after intuitive healer and entrepreneur, I understand the importance of business and soul alignment.

I’m hosting this LIVE training to help fellow transformational healers, coaches, and spiritual leaders stop second-guessing their soul purpose to help others.

I too was once a victim to stress, anxiety, and depression. It took me finally hitting rock bottom and asking my guides for help when my life and business completely turned around.

I’d been a “broke healer” for over a decade when I finally stopped hiding my natural intuitive gifts away, I came out of my spiritual closet and within a year 10X’d my business and went on to build a 7 figure business from a place of ease and flow, rather than pushing and burnout.

What I’ve come to realize is your energy alignment is what makes the biggest difference in your business and finances! Once you’re aligned you can truly tap into unlimited amounts of joy, freedom, expression, love and abundance.

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