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Just in case you missed any, or want to listen again, here are the conversations we had in December:

**Ep 92 AIYB Monday Forecast
**Ep 93 How To Handle Money Blocks & Understanding Your Worth with Heather Doran
**Ep 94 Meditation to Release Imposter Syndrome
Ep 95 AIYB Monday Forecast
**Ep 96 How to Launch the Intuitive Way with Lindsay Maloney
Ep 97 Oracle Card Meditation – Taking Responsibility
Ep 98 AIYB Monday Forecast
Ep 99 The Margin To Magically Be You
Ep 100 100 Hitting Big Goals Meditation
Ep 101 AIYB Monday Forecast
Ep 102 Takeaways From Being In a High-Level Mastermind for the Last Three Years
Ep 103 Easy Cord Clearing Meditation
Ep 104 AIYB Monday Forecast
Ep 105 Everyday Ways to Create Abundance in Your Life

**The starred episodes were the four most downloaded this month.

What a month! It means so much to us that you are listening.

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