The 12-Month Phoenix Mentorship is a hybrid of my powerful 1-1 coaching and Soul Book Editing and energy healing, psychic business strategy, accountability, as well as masterclasses with industry experts.



The Phoenix Mentorship is a sacred space for breakthroughs to occur internally and externally. It’s support like you dream about, this is a sisterhood and a family. Each member plays an integral role to allow for massive growth and transformation. This program attracts incredible women that are able to lift you up when you’re down, and to cheer you on when you’re fully in your power and killing it! There’s not a single program out there that provides 1:1 deep energetic healing support along with a group mastermind-like atmosphere.


MY PROMISE: Provide the necessary support for you to take your business from stuck to scaling.

WHO I’M LOOKING FOR: Entrepreneurs who are ready to take massive actions to create the life and business they desire. They’re willing to step out of their comfort zone, find their unique voice and step into their power.

After submitting your application, I will review it and if I feel you'd be a good fit for the program, I will arrange a 20 minute discovery call.




  • Shift your energy to empowered mindset to move past fears, doubts, and self-sabotage so that you can align with your soulmate clients, easy sales, and incredible opportunities.
  • Clear energy blocks from lifetimes keeping you playing small and safe
  • Learn how to balance your energy and raise your vibration so you can create the business and life you love.


  • Get crystal clear on your soul purpose and set goals so you can take aligned, focused actions to bring results.
  • Use strategy to scale your business fast with inspired action and let go of perfectionism
  • Create a soulful strategy that will allow you to raise your prices and create high-end offers.


  • Stay accountable to your purpose and commitment so you can eliminate worrying, over-analyzing, and looking for validation from others that distract you away from the path.
  • Get courage and inspiration to finally own your power so you can become a recognized influencer in your field and live the life of your wildest dreams.
  • Weekly progress reporting

The full program will kick-off April 2018!

Thank you for your time and energy! I hope to chat with you soon!



You will receive the following monthly:

  • (1) Soul Book Editing
  • (2) Group Coaching Calls
  • Expert guest workshops Topics: Online Marketing, Goal Setting, Systems and Processes, Energy Color in Biz, Etc.
  • Angelic Channelling from your guides and Psychic Biz Strategy
  • Email and text access to me daily
  • Private Facebook Group for support, accountability, and ad hoc trainings 
  • Private Voxer Group for daily support


  • Kick-off VIP DAY - In-person/virtual event to take apart your business and put it all back together, set intentions and goals, align with your power, and connect in-person/virtual if needed!
  • (3) VIP DAYS - In-person/virtual check-in to make sure you're still in full alignment with goals and pivot or challenge yourself as needed
  • Access to my new course and membership Business Made Simple FB Group
  • Monthly Meditation and Energy Clearing
  • Full access to ALL of my meditation library and upcoming workshops
  • Access to my list of experts: Facebook Ads, Website creation, Branding design, etc.


"Emily's Monthly Intensive program is kick ass! If you are looking to start your own business, or revamp your existing one, she is the person to help you do it. She offers her expertise in coaching, intuition, and the healing arts, and guides you to manifest your dreams into reality. She is the answers to your prayers!"

~Rosa Lograsso-Patti

"A few months ago I just was feeling stuck and frustrated with not making the money i wanted to make and having a schedule that kept me busy (which was good) but totally out of aligment for me. Through Emily's work, we released the blocks that were preveting me from preforming at my highest level. I have worked with her though 1:1 coaching, soul book work, meditation sessions, and a retreat and have to say every dime has been more than worth it. Trusting and having the confidence that what I provide people comes at a high value was a big breakthrough for me. *cue beyonce girls run the world song*?Through this work I was able to secure a new job that will have me earning TRIPLE my income. Also, money aside, this new job and everything involved is exactly what I've been searching for and is in perfect alignment. I truly believe in the magic and power of this work that Emily provides. She is nothing short of incredible."

~Sarah Fellah

"Emily had the ability to help me dig deep and visualize what I was really after with my business. I have further work to do, but I have a vision of what I want and I'm working towards it. It was also helpful to see others striving for their dreams with intensity."

~Laurie Baines

"I truly owe it to Emily Aarons and the work I've been doing with her for all the progress and massive shifts in my personal life and business. The meditations and Soul Book Editing have played a huge part! It is really something soooo Deep and reaches areas I didn't even know needed to be reached, it's given me the ability to make amazing change, for me, and having more clarity, it was one of the best things that I did for myself! She truly has a Gift, I am completely full of gratitude for all she has done for me! #soulbookeditinggamechanger"

~Randee Eldridge

Emily Aarons