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Am I on the RIGHT path?

Am I on the RIGHT path?

​Call me a sap, but it makes me well up a bit when I think of how grateful I am to get to do what I love.

Just this morning, my husband was upset that he has a job that’s not his passion…

He’s not alone!

So many people feel unhappy and unfulfilled with their J.O.B. (just over broke).

Just last week Dawn asked “How did you know you were on the right path? Where does that information come from? Why do some people get clarification and those that really want it never seem to get it?”

If you don’t mind, I’d love to answer ALL of Dawn’s Q’s but let me explain ONE thing…


Allow me to further explain…

Q1: How did you know you were on the right path?

A: I didn’t (insert gasp gif). No, seriously. I had no clue. I’d been doing energy work and massage for 15 years saying to myself “I just KNOW I’m meant to do more, to make more money, and to help more people.” The only problem, was I never realized it meant I needed to BE more than who I was at the time. I needed to serve at my highest level and open up to receive the Universal “bread crumbs”. I was spread so thin teaching yoga, doing massage treatments, and worrying about money!

The #1 thing that shifted in me to allow me to start making more of an impact was when I started playing with ways to GIVE more than I got. I used Facebook LIVE to GIVE readings, to channel, to just share wisdom, and to offer meditations and clearings. GIVE to your community, even if its just your immediate friends and family! (Simple math: Give + give + give + give + give = Get $!)

Once I began to GIVE so much, people started asking me if they could work with me deeper. It turned out, MOST of these people were female entrepreneurs…alas I found my niche and how I all I wanted to do was serve them at my highest level.

Q2: Where does that information come from?

A: Imagine I told you to drive cross-country right NOW. All you’d really need to know how to do is punch in the address into your GPS! You wouldn’t say to be “but HOWWWW?” You’d start up the ignition with a smile on your face and hit the road! You don’t need to know exactly what roads you’re going to drive, until you’re there! If the sun goes down, you’ll use your headlights! You don’t need to see the entire road, just what’s in front of you.

Is this making sense? Do you get my analogy?

Let me spell it out for ya, simply waking up alive and connecting with the Universe/God/Your guides (aka your GPS) and TRUSTING that you’re on the right path, and if there’s a detour you’ll be re-routed! You’re never “off” your path.

You’re the co-creator of your life.

My tip? Each and every day, ask your guides and the Universe: HOW CAN I SERVE AT MY HIGHEST LEVEL TODAY?

Q3: Why do some people get clarification and those that really want it never seem to get it?

A: You ever go car shopping, then after you leave the dealership all you see on the road is THAT car? If your mindset is “I never know if I’m on my path” you’ll be right. If your mindset is “I trust that each and every day I’m serving my highest purpose on my path” you’ll be right again! So which one do you want?

(Side note/joke from my guides…last week I had to get up in the middle of the night to take care of my son, and while I was trying to fall back to sleep my guides gave me this gem….”Whether you think you will, or you think you won’t, you’ll be right. Unless it’s a fart, then you always will.”)  LOL

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This meditation connects you on an energetic level to your ideal clients and also allows you to feel gratitude for this bond…”it’s pure magic!”

Hope you enjoyed this Q&A Blog! Please let me know what you think in the comments below! Would you like to see me answering MORE questions like this in the future?

All my love,



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Vlog #4 Energy Talk: Resistance & Resonance

Vlog #4 Energy Talk: Resistance & Resonance

Maybe this sounds silly, but I’m a little shocked at how my guides keep giving me regular Vlog​ content…

I guess they want me vlogging! HAHA!

Today’s topic was about resistance…

We even gave her a name “Rachel Resistance”…

…and how “she” shows up when we’re doing our best to GROW and expand!

You can fast forward to the end when I give my top 3 tips on how to bust through any resistance getting in the way of you BECOMING who you’re destined to be!

As alway, please feel free to leave a comment or just say hi so I know you were there!

Thanks, have an awesome week!


Money Block Clearing

Money Block Clearing

Last night I led a Money Block clearing and it was by FAR my most popular video to date…and for good reason!

Here’s what people have been saying:

“When I tuned into your session tonight it completely unblocked what I was holding and I had a complete break through. Thank you thank you thank you!!”

“Emily, tonight was a profound experience for me because you’re incredibly tuned in. Thank you for reminding me to believe in miracles and bringing me back home. I absolutely adore you.”

“I felt called to message you, that energy clearing was POWERFUL! I was thinking “I’m not enough” just before you said it, and then when you said its affecting my third eye opening I knew you were talking to me because I have felt that recently. I have a natural gifts but they are halted due to a silly belief that I’m not worthy and I’m not enough. I am SO HAPPY I found you! So much gratitude coming your way! Thank you for doing what you do.”

There were over 80 LIVE viewers at one time, it has 54 shares, and 2.1K views…and it hasn’t even been 24-hours!

Simply COMMENT BELOW if you’d like to share your own experience with this clearing and how it made you feel. Please feel free to share with a friend who may need a little money block clearing too!


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Vlog #2 What to do when the universe pushes back

Vlog #2 What to do when the universe pushes back

Hey there gorgeous!
As you know, I’m definitely NOT one to complain but for the last 10 days my physical body has felt like hot death.

I seldom get sick, and girl, this was like the relentless flu from hell!

I just created THIS VIDEO BLOG to talk about how to handle when the Universe pushes back on your plans!

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to leave a comment!

P.S. If you feel like watching here’s the link to Vlog #1: The power of your light, here ya go!

Vlog #1 The Power of Your Light

Vlog #1 The Power of Your Light

This morning in meditation, I felt a strong “nudge” to do a video blog (aka Vlog) – my guides basically sat me down and had me pull a card, feel the energy, and give a message.

Maybe you wanna know “will this be a new “thing” you do?”

I don’t know.

What I DO know, is that I was called to take inspired action and I did.

There’s something special about just doing it and not feeling weighed down by “what’s next”, or “does this mean I HAVE to do this every week?”, or “someone else is already doing this”….

I nearly did the video in my jammies with a shadow of yesterday’s mascara under my eyes…

I showered since my weekly Phoenix Mentorship call was coming up!

My intention was simple, as always, be the light so that others can shine their light too. If this Vlog helps inspire ONE person, it was worth it!

My gift to you, VLOG #1: THE POWER OF YOUR LIGHT

Please feel free to leave a comment on the page or hit REPLY and let me know if this resonates with ya!


All my love,

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