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I remember feeling like a loser and an outcast…crying my eyes out

I remember feeling like a loser and an outcast…crying my eyes out

When I was 12 years old I moved 3,000 miles away from my home in Palo Alto, California to a very small town North of Boston with my Dad and older brother. I felt more alone and isolated than ever in my life…also I was FREAKING 12~ basically the worst year of ANYONE’S life entering adolescence.

I managed to create a $400 phone bill for my dad because I was calling my friends almost daily to give myself a break from balling my eyes out.

  • I had no friends
  • I was growing boobs (sounds great, but it was actually embarrassing)
  • My father was always at work and never home
  • I was without a parent, family, or even an adult mentor, since my mom and I didn’t speak then (now she’s my BFF)
  • I was called horrific names in school by the (jealous) girls because of my body
  • I also started questioning my purpose in life and what I was meant to do…also it’s where my interest in alternative healing started…

I honestly didn’t even come back out of my shell until after high school when I attended Massage School. During the time, I learned about energy work. It was like the crazy shit in my life started to make sense all of a sudden. I also felt like I had a TRIBE where I belonged.

Fast forward about 17 years and NOW I’m more ME than I’ve ever been in my life. I realize HOW IMPORTANT it is to feel like I BELONG. I realize I need to feel like I’m part of a COMMUNITY of like-minded people. I can’t waste my time and energy on people who “don’t get me”.

Have I struggled to fit in?…YES

Have I felt like a loser?…..YES

Do I still get worried if people will like me?…NO, BIG FAT NO!….here’s why…

Something over the last year has shifted PROFOUNDLY in me. I don’t care about what everyone is thinking about me because I know that it doesn’t matter. I’ve managed to release my emotional blocks so that I can step into my power and serve.

I also know that I’m here to ATTRACT MY TRIBE, and by default, repulse people who aren’t my people.


My mindset and energy has transformed….

…towards money, success, healing, being openly OUT as a HEALER, a psychic, a business coach, and as a LEADER…

….guess what?

NOW, I’m serving at a higher level, making more money, helping more people than ever before.

If you’d like to learn more about HOW YOU CAN SHIFT YOUR MINDSET AND ENERGY I’d LOVE to teach you.

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You’re here for a reason, and you have a special gift. It’s time to quit struggling so much and get yourself UN-STUCK and on the road to creating the life and business of your dreams!



P.S. If you’d like to chat more about how to go from STUCK to scaling your business in 6-months or less…hit reply. We can set up a time to talk about my upcoming Mentorship Program starting in September.

6-Week Soul Book Healing For Entrepreneurs

6-Week Soul Book Healing For Entrepreneurs

The 6-Week Soul Book(TM) Healing Program are pre-recorded sessions designed to give you healing as often as you need it. One session may be all you need, but as you grow, you may find yourself needing a “boost”. Which is exactly why I’ve created this program…so you can them use anytime…long after the 6-weeks!


Soul Book Editing (TM) is my most profound work because it’s the easiest and fastest way to get rid of blocks holding you back so that you can get more of what supports you in all areas of your life and business.

You’ll receive profound source healing as often as you need it. Upon receiving this healing you will release all energetic blocks from this lifetime and all lifetimes so that you can step into your power and serve. You’ll feel more energized, focused, supported, inspired, creative, and fully aligned to your soul purpose.


What would your business look like if you were the BEST at what you do in the world?

How would that make you FEEL?

What if you could FEEL that amazing and inspired every single day?

THIS is how I went from being just barely making a living, to creating over 203% increase in sales in less than 6 months!


What I discovered was that the answer wasn’t OUT THERE somewhere, it was IN HERE. Soul Book Healing has helped me an COUNTLESS clients get into their divine alignment, serve at their highest level, and MASSIVELY scale their business!


It’s not a magic pill its ALIGNMENT + ACTION + ACCOUNTABILITY!


You can decide what FEELS best for where you are and where you plan to go. If you’re ready for massive growth and UPLEVEL choose which one will support you the most on that path. 



{Select Recordings}

  1. Past life persecution
  2. Visibility
  3. Putting offers out to the public
  4. Opening up to receiving higher income
  5. Raising vibration during a launch
  6. Energetic Upleveling Integration
  7. Confidence Booster
  8. EFT Tapping for Facebook LIVE

6-Week Soul Book Healing

{All Recordings}

  1. Past life persecution
  2. Visibility
  3. Putting offers out to the public
  4. Opening up to receiving higher income
  5. Raising vibration during a launch
  6. Energetic Upleveling Integration
  7. Confidence Booster
  8. EFT Tapping for Facebook LIVE

6-Week Soul Book Healing VIP + LIVE Group Coaching

{All Recordings +}

Will get all of the recordings PLUS:

  • Weekly psychic business coaching
  • Specific aligned strategy for your business
  • Introduction to specific guides and angels
  • Private Facebook group
  • Contact with me throughout the 6-weeks for any help creating and selling your offers

VIP Limited to 6

BONUS: LIFETIME ACCESS will be given to the first 10! You’ll get all of my newest Soul Book healings without paying extra!

Payment plans are available upon request.






I will email you a NEW Soul Book Healing Recording every week starting June 26th. The last two weeks, you’ll get (2) recordings sent.

If you choose SINGLES: You will need to specify via email which one(s) you want.


Best week ever!

Best week ever!

I’m having the best week ever!

I’m actually a little overwhelmed and in awe with how my week has been going. I’ve been receiving beautiful testimonials DAILY about my Soul Book work and how it’s changing people’s lives INSTANTLY. If you’ve worked with me at all, you know I completely TRUST that clients will receive exactly what they require for each session with me. Whether you schedule for massage, coaching, energy work or meditation, I view myself as a channel to deliver whatever my clients require for healing…not what I “think” they need. As I follow the energy, THAT’S when you get the best results.

That being said, this work is like nothing I’ve ever offered before. Soul Book Editing readings are so accurate, so powerful, and so profound.

I’m taking 5 more clients at the introductory rate of $97. These spots have filled FAST. If you’re interested in booking please simply hit reply or email me at [email protected].

I’m so grateful to be part of your healing journey.
THANK YOU for sharing your feedback!

You better sit down…
Here’s what clients are saying about Soul Book Editing & Energy Work Sessions:

“GREAT session! She nailed it, confirming some aspects I had suspected, and giving me tons of insight and direction.” ~Lisa D

“Emily gave me a powerful session, from the get go! She was totally tuned into my vibe wen the call connected. I am in the midst of a powerful shift, a true change, a real manifesting of my intentions and dreams. Emily connected right in and we edited out the last bit of “I am the weak link” BOOM gone. I also got clear, wise insight on a potential partnership in learning and got total direction with visual confirmation not once but twice. Emily received Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz as a messenger to me. “Glinda the Good Witch” are the exact same words I use to describe the angel who works with me all the time. Also, a lotus flower appeared to Emily when discussing my business ideas. I am not really a lotus flower kind of girl. BUT, yesterday I was given one as a confirmation symbol on those same ideas. SO, complete serendipity.” ~ Theresa K

“I was so amazed by my soul book editing, it was eye opening, emotional, and gave me a better outlook to my career path and how I should travel it! I highly recommend doing this!” Randee E.

“My experience with Emily was amazing ! She is very thorough and whatever guidance she got was very accurate . I knew of soul book sessions but not soul book editing. I’ve had pain in my neck for 14 years now and since the soul book editing I am pain free. I am Definately a believer and absolutely would spread the word how amazing Emily is! Thank you!” ~Vita L.

“I am always blown away with everything we do in our sessions, but this soul book reading really topped everything else. This is a huge calling for you as you already know and I can’t wait to watch it all unfold!” ~Alisha G

“Emily was absolutely amazing in our soul book editing session. She released blocks that I had been feeling around low self-esteem for lifetimes. I feel like I have a whole new lease on life now! I can’t put into words how much better I feel and how much she truly helped me. I am so grateful to her. She has definitely found her purpose and gift.” ~Jennifer D.

“Let’s start off by saying I didn’t even know what I was signing up for. When I got Emily’s call for our session, I quickly scrambled to grab headphones and thought I could continue doing some work online while she talked. Ha, joke’s on me. The session evolved on so many levels, I can’t even put into words. Emily might just be the most intuitive person I have NEVER met. Believe it, her energy session with me was over the phone and I was shocked with everything she could read off of my energy. I went through so many emotions during this almost an hour long session (she had set it up for 25 minutes but felt like I needed to keep going and she did!) – and every single emotion I felt, she voiced without even being in the same room with me. Her energy reading was spectacular – it was like talking to a best friend. I recommend Emily’s sessions to anyone wondering – even if you are not and think this is “too out there”, do it. It will change your outlook on life. I hope to continue working with her after this session!” ~Marnely M.

If you’re ready to get clarity, confidence, more clients and cash…I can help!

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Other ways you can work with me…

  1. In-Person Meditation Group: $22, Tuesday, January 24th 7pm Register here!
  2. “Monthly Energy THEME” Group: $44 Starts February 1: Soul Mates, Self-Love and Deeper Connections Join HERE! First 5 to join get to add a friend FREE!  If you feel called to open up to more spiritual growth, this group is a great way to get a monthly dose of motivation and connection to keep you pumped and in the flow of universal energy.
This ONLINE Group meets via private Facebook group. You’ll get:
– (1) monthly teaching about energy based on the monthly theme
– (1) weekly group angel card reading
– (1) weekly guided meditation
– 1 month in my crystal healing grid
It’s still January so…GO BE SELFISH and take care of YOU!
Lots of love,