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Business Made Simple

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Once a year, I offer a select group of healers the opportunity to join my signature program and get my weekly coaching support.

However, I always want to make sure I have the RIGHT group of motivated people, like you, going through the program with me… AND GETTING REAL RESULTS.

You see, I started my healing practice just after I graduated high school. Then opened my first wellness center in college at the age of 22…but I was BROKE…and I stayed that way until I made significant shifts both internally (with my energy and mindset) and externally with proven business strategies before I could REALLY find success…

It was only 2017 when I was able to 10X my business revenue from the previous year, and in 2018 I more than doubled that (while also pregnant) and I want to show you exactly what I did so you can find that volume of success too!

I’m going to share exactly how I went from broke healer to multi 6-figure business owner in less than a year.


Lightworkers of all kinds. Meaning, you’re here to shine your light so that others can shine theirs too!

Specifically: Massage, acupuncture, personal trainers, hair stylists, coaches, life coaches, etc) who are READY to take massive aligned action.

People who are ready to try new strategies, ask for help when needed, and offer support to the BMS community.

People who are eager to put the course to work, apply their knowledge, be accountable for their learning, and open to growth.

You MUST have a great attitude and energy and are relentless in your pursuit for accomplishing everything you desire in your business!


People who don’t do any work and expect their business to grow overnight.

People who prefer to struggle in silence and don’t ask for help.

People who don’t put aside time and energy to do anything new in their business.

People who adopt a victim mentality making everyone else the problem for why their business isn’t successful.

Frankly, there are way too many incredible healers out there who can barely make their rent, let alone reach people outside their four walls…​

This membership is not only AFFORDABLE, it’s MASSIVELY VALUABLE if you’re ready to find your voice, step into your power, and serve and in a way you’ve only dreamed of!


  • 8 Modules released weekly (outlined below) to help you build your business and soulfully scale ($2000 value)
  • 8 weeks of weekly group Zoom coaching calls with Emily ($8000 value)
  • Private Members only Facebook Group for access to Emily, questions, on the spot coaching and support (Priceless!)
  • Group accountability (Priceless!)
  • Bonus Masterclass Trainings (over $1400 value)

Total value $11,200


Pay-in-full (most savings)

6-Monthly Payments 

My promise:

To help lightworkers get OUT of just the brick and mortar and into the ONLINE space so they can help more people, fill their schedule, and increase their prices.

Here are some of the Modules from Business Made Simple:

MODULE 1: Creating and cultivating a presence (online and in-person), Scheduling like a pro (get fully booked), Setting boundaries, Protecting your personal energy a vibrant workspace, Meeting your soulmate client

MODULE 2: Creating an offer, Surveying, Intuition, Cultivating community, Engagement

MODULE 3: Facebook Page Creation, Facebook Group Creation, Filling the Group, Adding Value, Community Engagement

MODULE 4: Personal space, Creating a Safe Container, How To Prioritize Social Media, Facebook LIVE before/during/after, Selling on FB LIVE, 

MODULE 5: Protecting your personal energy as well as holding a container for vibrant energy in your workspace, Intention setting, clearing between clients, Money Mindset, Meditation

MODULE 6: Opt-ins, Leadpages, Sales Funnels, Email automation, Soulmate Client attraction

MODULE 7: Scaling, Increasing Prices, Affiliates, Branches of Your Business, Tracking, Facebook Ads Strategy, Crystal Grids in Your Biz

MODULE 8: Advanced strategy, Instagram, Diversification of products and services, Hosting Retreats, Group Coaching, Course Creation, Email Marketing

BONUS Masterclasses you’ll have exclusive access to as a member of Business Made Simple (over $1400 value):

  • Taxes & Bookkeeping with Heather Doran
  • Websites with Liz Lee
  • 5 Day Challenge Content and Email Swipe Files
  • Color, Energy & Your Biz with Johanna Gardner
  • Branding: Creating Your Visual Vibe with Chris Beltran
  • Astrology in Your Biz with Kim Woods
  • Facebook Ads Strategy with Emily Hirsh
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy with Deb Laflamme
  • Business Alchemy with Tracy Gaudet
  • Creating Memberships with Britt Seva
  • And so much more being added ongoing!!!

The biggest thing I have learned from Emily Aarons since I joined BMS is being consistent and coming from a place of service every single day.

I have done that since the beginning of January. I didn’t bring in any income in Jan, but in Feb I have sold 3 Akashic record readings and 1 Three month program…that’s 4 new clients in 1 month. I can NOT remember the last time that has happened…and Feb is not over yet!

I am having FUN in my business again and things are flowing!

Thank you Emily! 

Colleen S

So last week after doing the money block meditation, my emotions went crazy and I had physical symptoms as well, which all had to do with a HUGE expansion I was having.
I reached out to Emily about all these doubts I was having in myself, that is one of my biggest struggles, as was being willing to receive.
She challenged me to book 5 people in a week, I am one of those that loves a challenge, so I of course, said challenge accepted, I was determined not to salesy or feel icky about it, I posted a simple post and then just did my readings, spoke from my heart and was open and honest just like normal. I ended up booking those 5 new clients in 4 days.
I wouldn’t be where I am without your help Emily as well as this course and the ladies in it! Everyone is incredibly supportive which I LOVE!! 

Nikki M

FB Live scares the hell out of me. I’ve never even posted a video of me, so I thought I’d start there. Today I created a video and posted it to my page and to my closed group. I was so nervous I forgot everything I wanted to say and had to stop 4 minutes in because I started crying!! I could’ve deleted it and tried again but something in me said “just do it, they need to see this side of you”.


Once you have enrolled in Business Made Simple, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all of the next steps! 2019 LIVE Class kicks off Friday, January 4, 2019. 


For more information, please contact Emily at [email protected].