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Business Made Simple

Now Open For Monthly Enrollment!

I’m offering a select group of healers the opportunity to participate as founding members of my NEW signature program.

Before I launch this course and membership, I want to make sure I have the RIGHT group of motivated people, like you, going through the program with me… AND GETTING REAL RESULTS.

*THIS IS THE LAST TIME I teach this course LIVE with individualized psychic business coaching!!!

Once the course is completed, it will be entirely self-study, and the price will increase significantly.

You see, I started my healing practice just after I graduated high school. Then opened my first wellness center in college at the age of 22…but I was BROKE…and I stayed that way until I made significant shifts internally with my energy and mindset before I could REALLY find success…

Over the last year I’ve been able to 10X my business while HELPING PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD!

For the first time ever, I’m going to share exactly how I went from broke healer to 6-figure business owner in less than a year.


Healers (of all kinds, massage, acupuncture, personal trainers, coaches, reiki healers, etc) who are READY to take action.

I’m looking for people who I can have the most impact on. MUST have a great attitude and energy and are relentless in their pursuit for accomplishing everything they desire in their business!

Frankly, there are way too many incredible healers out there who can barely make their rent, let alone reach people outside their four walls…​

This membership is not only AFFORDABLE, it’s MASSIVELY VALUABLE if you’re ready to find your voice, step into your power, and serve and in a way you’ve only dreamed of!

My promise:

To help healers get OUT of just the brick and mortar and into the ONLINE space so they can help more people, fill their schedule, and increase their prices.

Here are some of the Modules from Busines Made Simple:


MODULE 1: Creating and cultivating a presence (online and in-person), Scheduling like a pro (get fully booked), Setting boundaries, Protecting your personal energy a vibrant workspace, Meeting your soulmate client

MODULE 2: Creating an offer, Surveying, Intuition, Cultivating community, Engagement

MODULE 3: Facebook Page Creation, Facebook Group Creation, Filling the Group, Adding Value, Community Engagement

MODULE 4: Personal space, Creating a Safe Container, How To Prioritize Social Media, Facebook LIVE before/during/after, Selling on FB LIVE, 

MODULE 5: Protecting your personal energy as well as holding a container for vibrant energy in your workspace, Intention setting, clearing between clients, Money Mindset, Meditation

MODULE 6: Opt-ins, Leadpages, Sales Funnels, Email automation, Soulmate Client attraction

MODULE 7: Scaling, Increasing Prices, Affiliates, Branches of Your Business, Tracking, Facebook Ads Strategy, Crystal Grids in Your Biz

MODULE 8: Advanced strategy, Instagram, Diversification of products and services, Hosting Retreats, Group Coaching, Course Creation, Email Marketing

Check out the scheduled Masterclasses that you’ll have access to as a member of Busines Made Simple:

  • JANUARY: Taxes & Bookkeeping with Heather Doran
  • FEBRUARY: Websites with Liz Lee
  • FEB BONUS: Intuition Class with Emily Aarons – Learn to receive and interpret messages from your guides!
  • MARCH: Color, Energy & Your Biz with Johanna Gardner
  • APRIL: Branding: Creating Your Visual Vibe with Chris Beltran
  • MAY: Astrology in Your Biz with Kim Woods
  • JUNE: Facebook Ads Strategy with Emily Hirsh
  • JULY: Social Media Marketing Strategy with Deb Laflamme
  • and so much more ALL YEAR LONG!!!

Once you have enrolled in Business Made Simple, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all of the next steps!


For more information, please contact Emily at [email protected].