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From Sedona With Love

I don't typically write on a Saturday, but I honestly couldn't wait to share this life-changing energy with you! I just came back from Sedona where I spent 4 amazing days with the current members of The Phoenix Mentorship. This retreat was designed to be a close to...

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Psychic Biz Coaching

Psychic Biz Coaching + Social Media Strategy Part 2

???????? Deb Laflamme and I want to help you uplevel your shiz for your biz! Maybe you struggle with knowing what you offer and how to use social media to get it out to the RIGHT audience - your dream client - we can help your biz grow - we can help you! ??????? We...

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Psychic Biz Coaching + Social Media Strategy

Join us for an AWESOME collaboration with Deb Laflamme of For The Love Of Your Biz! Links mentioned: Deb Linsky Laflamme​ FREE GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SocialPostIdeaswithDebLaflamme Deb's AWESOME Membership: http://ftloyb.com/loveyourbiz-membership/...

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News and Events

Em & Deb’s VIP Day!

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Hello! Deb and I have been working hard on putting together a FULL DAY that will help you transform your business. There are only 8 spots available in-person but we're also making it available to be a "fly on the wall" by attending virtually....

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Soul Book Editing

Money Block Clearing

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Facebook Live Videos

Vlog #1 The Power of Your Light

This morning in meditation, I felt a strong "nudge" to do a video blog (aka Vlog) - my guides basically sat me down and had me pull a card, feel the energy, and give a message. Maybe you wanna know "will this be a new "thing" you do?" I don't know. What I DO know, is...

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