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“Absolutely nail on head healing that was SO very much needed. Feeling the integration happening as I type 24 hours later.”

Laura Husson
Founder of Business Beyond Belief

“I came into it feeling utterly at wits end not knowing where to turn in my business and after my session, I left with a clear purpose and renewed energy! I got this! Thank you!”

Aileen Crespi

“I LOVED my session with Emily. She gently navigated us to my core blocks and issues around expanding my business for 2017 and beyond. Her intuitive skills were amazing and so spot on. I loved how she listened to the words between my words to help me assess and get really clear on my specific plans: pricing, strategy and products to focus on. The entire session felt right on point and I am ready to book my next session.”

Elena Lipson

“Seeing Emily today was the most AMAZING experience I’ve had for quite some time now. She is incredibly passionate about what she does and really and truly has a gift. Emily has opened up a new energy path I didn’t believe I could do myself and I’m so thankful for it.”

Makenzie Evangelisto
Aspiring Nutritional Therapist

“Emily helped me identify what was holding me back, in my personal and work life, touching on things that proved to me she has an amazing ability to really pinpoint what needs to be done, how long it will take and I felt a rush of positive energy and truly felt different by the editing, my day was so energetic, couldn’t stop smiling all day, fell like a huge weight was removed from my chest! Thank you so much Emily! Looking forward to the next 5 months!”

Marlene Prates
Intuitive Healer

“This was such a beautiful experience. My editing session with Emily was so informative and touching. I was thinking things before she would say them. I felt so aligned with Emily. The session has stayed with me all week. I’m so grateful for all the insight and gift I received from source and my guides during the session. Thank you Emily for guiding me on this beautiful session and editing my soul-book! I can’t say enough great things.”

Michelle Creasi

“Today I had my first Soul Book editing with Emily Aarons. She is awesome and I have seen her before for other work and thoroughly enjoyed trying a Soul Book editing session today for the first time! She is a true and gifted healer!”

Courtney Little
CN, Owner of NWHS

“I am still trying to find words to explain how amazing of an experience this was! It’s so relieving to be able to walk away with so much clarity, inspiration, motivation and have your ideas all come together. Make sure to have a notebook to write down your notes! She also provides a copy of the recorded session which is great to compare with your notes what stands out the first time vs. the second time. Emily is so caring and detail oriented she did soul editing for a my business and found a relationship block that was affecting my business and life. She edited that block to not interfere with my success in my career and my business and I cannot thank her enough. The energy I am telling you! It was amazing how all the dots connected! I was told to journal all my thoughts every morning and I have failed to do so (past 2 days) and I have had such major headaches and neck pains. Briefly checking in with Emily today and decided to go ahead and journal my thoughts and after 2 pages of notes in just 15 minutes the major headache and neck pain is gone! I highly recommend her! In fact I have 2 friends who have now booked with her! YOU ARE AMAZING EMILY!”

Vanessa Farino
Founder, Boston Executive Assistants

“I’m sure most start out unsure of what is to happen. All I can say in this moment is POWERFUL! I was doubtful of a phone session but I felt warmth in my heart and before we even spoke of it in my belly – turned out it was my third chakra and it was a visceral reaction. Emily provided me with insights that miraculously matched dormant ideas I have had. It was encouraging and electrifying! Stay tuned world!”

Kristen Cunningham

“I was very intrigued and excited to try a new healing modality. I didn’t know what exactly to expect from a soul editing session. I’m very happy I tried it. Emily offers a very gentle loving approach to healing. I could feel her deep connection with my soul and spirit guides. Just two days since my session, I feel a shift in consciousness and I sit in my body in a new expansive space. I feel refreshed and ready to move forward on my spiritual life path. Thank you Emily for sharing your spiritual gifts and talents with the world.”

Amy Swinarski, aka Angel Amy
Angelic Channel/Intuitive Healer

“Working with Emily was amazing and life-changing. She is indeed the real deal. I had the privilege of working with her for a Soul book Session. Prior to our call I was blocked heavily, sleeping all the time and walking around with a seriously heavy weight on my shoulders. Emily was able to edit past hurts, pains and truly redirect my energy and provide healing. Emily didn’t try to sell me or force me. I am a true believer in her work and recommend working with her 1 on 1. You won’t regret it.”

Ahfeeyah Thomas
Author, Speaker and Success Coach for Women. CEO, Founder and Creative Director at Lady Corporate Inc.

“Emily is an empathic healer who is passionate about helping her clients. She provides a unique combination of massage, craniosacral, polarity, and crystal work – all in one session. This integrated combination allows healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Whether you are seeking relief from physical tension, in need of energy work, or both, I highly recommend Emily.” 


Karen C.

“I sustained a serious back injury years ago while doing yoga and have lived in fear of reinjuring myself. Reintroducing yoga into my world was a bit terrifying for me. I can think of no better teacher to help assuage my fears than Emily Aarons. Her sense of humor and personal warmth radiate from her practice. She’s calm but assertive and gentle yet motivating–hard duplicities to balance. She does it with aplomb. I would recommend Emily to any level of yoga enthusiast and particularly to those new to yoga.” 

Todd K.

“I have had awesome results from Emily’s massage treatments. Being a wife & mother of 3 comes with responsibilities & stress. She is great at what she does and really targets all areas especially the ones in need. I have been going to her for a couple of months and plan on keeping this part of my routine forever. I can’t imagine how or why I didn’t do this for body, mind & spirit before.” 

Tina F.

“Emily is a truly gifted massage therapist.  She’s able to quickly grasp any challenge you’re experiencing and customizes your massage for gentle, deep healing.  She helps you to feel better physically and also to achieve breakthroughs in your personal goals. I feel very fortunate to have found her!”

Jill K.

Emily is such an enthusiastic yoga instructor. I have been taking her classes for the past year and look forward for what she has in store every time! She takes the time to break down poses when needed, and all of her classes are geared towards any level. If you are more advanced in your practice, or just beginning Emily is sure to cue different variations of postures. You can tell she has a pure love for yoga and wants all of her students to have that same love. More often times than not she will say during a class when all students are concentrating on their poses to smile “its just yoga”. This keeps the classes fun and light, while you are challenging yourself to your edge.”

Mallory M.

“Emily is a terrific yoga instructor, always pleasant, upbeat, and motivating. She gets to know her students on a personal level, no matter how large the class.

She’s great at breaking down poses and providing modifications for beginners or those with injuries. Her encouraging nature has greatly helped me build my practice into what it is today.

Her outdoor series in the summer was the best! There’s no better place to do tree pose than among the trees!”

Jen T.

“I’m so lucky that mine and Emily’s paths have crossed. I feel like I was supposed to meet her, I had never done yoga before and now I’m hooked because of her, it has changed me. From classes there, to yoga by the lake over the summer, I’ve followed Emily everywhere she goes. I love learning new yoga poses with Emily’s guidance and can only hope to one day be as strong as her. She makes me feel at ease, plays great music, and even gets a few laughs in.

I have never had a massage like the ones Emily gives. She listened to my needs and was kind and gentle to my injuries. She incorporated polarity therapy and crystals which me feel like I’ve never had before. It brought out some emotions and tears and relief that I didn’t know I had in me! Even now, several weeks later, I can still feel the emotions and can’t wait to experience it again.

I’m proud to have Emily on my team as an amazing yoga teacher, therapist, and friend!”

Maura B.

“I have had several reflexology sessions with Emily.  Leaving, it was if I was walking on clouds!  It has been very therapeutic for me, relieving pain from bursitis in my hip.  Amazingly, it relieved the pain I was having.  If you want a little bit of heaven, you should book an appointment with Emily.”

Geri D.

“An investment in time with Emily Aarons is an investment in yourself, your health and overall well-being that is unmatched. I’ve known Emily for 10 years and have trusted her caring for me through her quality body and energy work ever since.

Her positiveness is contagious, her personality infectious and her ability to intuitively and effectively address what ails you will leave you feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to get back in the race. Her work is the closest thing you will find to the fountain of youth.”

Jeff W.

November to Remember Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Emily Aarons in several capacities over the years and watched amazed as she has developed a strong clientele for both yoga and massage. Those that have attended a class taught by Emily will immediately notice the warmth and bright energy she brings to her students. This past summer, Emily taught several yoga classes for us on our roof deck and most recently our company has hired Emily to teach a Fall Yoga series for our employees.

It is enlightening to bring yoga to the workplace, and our employees are certainly appreciative as well.”

Kel, LogMeIn, Boston


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